Sep 102020

When your intrepid blogger took up the case of the Western Placer Waste Management Authority, little did I know I’d literally set off a dumpster fire.

We got a lot of responses from a lot of people. Insiders believe it appears that solid fiscal management is going to reign. Quoting our first piece on this issue:

20 years ago was the last time the WPWMA went out to bid. At that time, they hired NORTEC waste to manage the Athens Ave Dump.

In the 20 years the facilities have been operated by Nortech, they have made no substantial investments in modernization or innovation. Put bluntly, the operation is outdated. After over 20 years of having one contractor running the waste and landfill operations (two separate contracts) it appears that even in the in the face of serious reservations on the part of Mayor Allard and Councilmember Bill Halldin, there seems to be a concerted effort to award a sole-source, no bid contact to the same provider.

Based on comments at WPWMA board meetings, it appears that this effort to keep a sole source contract is being fueled by secret negotiations with the current operator, Nortech.

John Allard and Bill Halldin have both led the charge to get the WPWMA to go out to an RFP (aka bid) for services. By accounts it now appears that all of the board members are on board with the concept of soliciting new bids for the 20 year old contract that was last bid in Y2K (remember that hysteria)?

I’ve also been told that Supervisors Bonnie Gore and Robert Weygant support doing due diligence as well after a lot of discussions related to the shortcomings of the current circumstances were vetted. As fiscal conservatives, both supervisors appear to be interested in significant technology upgrades and the like. This means that the message about the current provider’s obsolete technology has been received loud and clear.

If indeed the board of directors for the WPWMA chooses to go to an RFP (Request for Proposal, as in soliciting a bid) this will be a clear mandate for governmental transparency and a desire to explore alternatives to landfilling, which has been the status quo for entirely too long. Furthermore, the rate payers will be the over winners when then gain the opportunity to get state of the art services possibly at a lower cost.

As the board meeting is 9-17, we are thanking them in advance for doing the right thing.

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