Sep 102020

So we know, at least I know that Neil Pople is a far-left candidate for Council. He was 10 years ago as well. Similar to now, he is a marginal also-ran. Now, note his social media presence and the presence of both Alvords all over it. He is also packing a load of far left, mask wearing, shutdown loving, never manage forest, defund the police liberals as endorsers.

Let’s have a closer look. Pople’s page is replete with all the leftist stuff, masks, lockdowns, defund the police and Team Alvord Roseville Police as well.

So, there is Scott Alvord leveraging a volunteer social media page to spread #BLM rhetoric. Here is also Neil Pople doing the same.

We now know that George Floyd was higher than a kite when he died and had a long criminal history. That does not stop Scott Alvord from pandering to the extreme left – so much so that he is out and proud defending a deadbeat dad for City Council in another district. Why let facts get in the way of a good politically motivated riot that spread out of control (only in democrat cities with weak DA’s imagine that)?

IT is long been rumored among Roseville insiders that Scott has craved more votes on the City Council. The things we are seeing happen in the last few weeks suggest there is a pattern and a team at work here. This has to be the only logical explanation for why the Vice President of a large family services agency (Scott’s wife) and Scott himself are defending a deadbeat dad some 3 years behind on his Child Support:

And there you have it. Defending LaMills Garrett and ignoring the fact he is behind 3 years on Child Support. Bad look for Scott Alvord.

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Yes, Scott the whole story on LaMills Garrett is coming out soon and it will not look good for you – or the crazed democrats you are leading (one of whom may well have filed the bogus complaint against Tracy Mendonsa’s business) in to battle here. While your intrepid blogger never accused Scott of filing the complaint against Tracy Mendonsa’s business – I wrote that if it was him he was going to get hammered – it is highly likely that the frenzied rhetoric and the extreme and violent tactics that are mainstream in the left precipitated the abuse of government.

And here is another one of Scott’s Democrat Party Crew in all their glory. This was a private facebook message send to Tracy Mendonsa’s Roseville City Council Campaign, note his opponent is LaMills Garrett, the deadbeat dad:

Team Alvord Roseville Police: The Thin Blue Line flag is used by Neo-Nazi Groups. This sounds a lot like LaMills Garrett.

The problem for Team Alvord is that I have multiple people that send me stuff. Tracy Mendonsa is not one of them. It appears that Alvord is content to let Roseville degrade in to a measure of chaos to get what he wants at the ballot box, control of the Roseville City Council to reshape it in his own image.

Mr. Alvord is having a coming out party as the liberal democrat we all know he is. His carefully crafted, but easily shattered image as some sort of moderate pro-business democrat is being exposed as a fraud. There is more underneath the carefully crafted veneer we will be talking about soon…

To be continued.

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