Sep 272020

Despite losing with only 1.2% of the vote in March. Deanna Lorraine still has internet trolls pushing her stuff out on facebook and she is still attempting to raise campaign money.

What has she been doing?

The first two sets of photos look 100% legitimate.

I can certainly understand why Tom Del Bacardi was interested in Deanna. I would love to see the reactions of the church leaders that had her speak to their congregations if they had done their research and seen these photos. These aren’t like 30 year old photos of your intrepid blogger doing a keg stand or smoking a joint. The above photo is recent. The next set may be a few years old.

I had people allege to me that Deanna likes to snort coke a lot. I can’t prove that, but it is not hard to find photos of her wasted or looking like a trollup.

Deanna is in the back of this photo with her hair flattened as it appears to be nearing the end of another wild evening of partying.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

This was shot during her run for congress when she took a break to go back to Florida and get wasted. My guess is that the campaign financed this, but it is difficult to prove given the limited information on campaign reports. About a week later she was at a forum talking about God, Family and Values. That was rich.

The last new photo I can not vouch for. It is made to appear as if she appeared in Playboy. The source is linked here. I scribbled out some nudity. The only photo that appears to be 100% legit sans confirmation is the portion on the left. If anyone has further proof Email please email and you can remain anonymous.

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  11 Responses to “CA-12 Update: More Photos of Never Was Candidate Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero. Unreal – and SHE IS STILL FUNDRAISING…”

  1. She now has her own show on InfoWars and is one of the biggest Q advocates in media. Someone else brought up the red outfit. She said it was it for a costume party.

  2. What happened to the September 26 post re BLM? I wanted to forward it to a friend.

    Blogger’s Note: I spoke to the organizer of the event who assured me that it was going to be peaceful and that any of the violence was just an unsubstantiated rumor. No matter how much I disagree with the guy he was very Ernest and sincere so I decided to do them solid and give them the benefit of the doubt

  3. She filed and qualified in the 2020 Presidential Primary for the San Francisco Republican Central Committee, District 19. There was no contest and she will be a appointed as a member in January 2021, assuming she still lives in San Francisco.

  4. She only rented in SF for a couple of months and left a long time ago. She’s
    a host on InfoWars and said she is running for Congress again in FL.

  5. She doesn’t live in San Francisco.
    Just the fact that she is going to campaign in Florida this time shows that the “I am running against Nancy” campaign was a total grift.

  6. Our intrepid blogger doing a keg stand…I’d pay a dollar to see that…LOL

    Great coverage on a skank.

  7. She posted a picture of herself giving a speech at a CAGOP convention. The podium clearly states CAGOP. “I’m trying to take my media operation to the next level and your contribution over at Patreon would help me immensely.” Fundraising smarts but does the State party allow this after the loss?

  8. Guys, i have met her…she simply is ‘not that hot’ (if hot at all?)…Good Candidate for ‘Ashley Madison’ website….Just being blunt!

  9. She used to post videos condoning and encouraging men to stalk women at malls and kiss random women in public. Says it all really.

    Oh and don’t forget to send her $200 so she can “make love great again” lol..

  10. Deanna is always asking for money, one way or another. She has had 3 gofundmes, countless “pay to join” dating groups, and dozens of fake services, as well as trying to get men to sign up for an exclusive dating site that never existed. She even claimed to be making “make love great again” t-shirts and caps so that people who bought them “stood out” haha.

    Everything she does is a premeditated scam.

  11. Pelosi has been living on the public trough for over 40 years while passing legislation that is anti-family and anti-American. She is now worth over 200 million dollars! This woman’s done a few slutty advertisements and she’s being condemned? Trump has a very sleazy history and his wife’s done nude photo shoots. Most people mature and change, but Nancy Pelosi’s worse than she ever was, at 79 years old.

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