Aug 242020

As you know everyone’s idiotic freak outs over COVID has had an over-spray to the RNC Convention. Only 6 people are present carrying all 162 delegate votes. They are:

Martha House, Jessica Patterson, Howard Hakes, Shawn Steel, Harmeet Dhillon, Mario Rodriguez.

We’ve written about all of them. When I met House she was a long time moderate activist from San Bernardino (she lives in LA County Now), Jessica is CAGOP Chair and automatic, Hakes is a big donor and insider manipulator (think Cal Plan, New Majority, etc), Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon are elected National Committee-members and Mario Rodriguez has been a Grow Elect and Trailblazers board member for years.

Those six people will cast all the votes for the largest RNC Delegation in 2020.

Matt Klemin Update: The arrogant, abrasive $152,000 a year (that we know of, his real salary is alleged to be double this) Senate Caucus strategist was fired. He sent out a petulant resignation email, but insider info I received for about 18 hours before his email went out indicated he was terminated. I am not 100% sure the reason, but $152,000 is an absurd amount to pay someone whose strategic brilliance lost SD 12, 14 and 34 in 2018. The Senate Caucus is also broke, having emptied themselves on SD23. (Not to mention $200K on Grow Elect wonder child Jesus Andrade in SD05 who got hammered by an old white guy in the Primary. That nominee was immediately abandoned)

I’ve gotten several calls about Klemin, none have had anything nice to say about the man. That is actually pretty sad. Given my one conversation with him, I suggest he use some of his bloated severance and ghastly government benefits to seek therapy for his attitude.

Klemin’s wife, Rebecca Luby is receiving rave reviews as is Molly Parnell. Both appear to be having considerable success fundraising for the party. Regardless of how I feel about their establishment connections or participation in the insider games – they are both doing their job and doing it well. Unlike others sucking down 6 figure salaries for losing and wrecking the party – at least these two appear to be worth their paychecks.

Now contrast Matt Klemin’s blunders with the Assembly side. Nithin Matthew, George Andrews and the crew over there husbanded their resources and they actually have a lot of money to spend defending targeted incumbents. For example, Cap and Trade vote Jordan Cunningham D-San Luis Obsipo is going to need an intervention as his hatred of the President is separating him from his base. (AD35) Stephen Choi, more than Janet Nguyen and Phillip Chen will need a lot of help. I’ve been told that Nguyen is being fully supported despite the anger over her successful primary challenge to the corrupt Tyler Diep (AD72)

Do they help Diane Dixon AD74? Or is she still on the abandoned list?

I’ve been told by several that Kelly Seyarto (AD67) and Laurie Davies (AD73) have been getting supported with paying off primary campaign debt and raising enough money to not be vulnerable to a surprise challenger in 2022. It is just that the CAGOP (not Assembly Leadership) are ignoring both of them.

Nithin, George and the others in the Assembly crew deserve credit for the correct decisions they have made. The choice to not spend their money on primaries is one I totally agree with. The AD38 criticism is directed at CAGOP types meddling – not the Assembly Leadership who have rightly allowed that race to work itself out as the result is known (A Republican Assemblymember).

This gets me to the aforementioned idiots running the CAGOP. The specific people I am referring to as idiots are those involved in lynching Mike Cargile. I have theories that range from Scott Winn, a jilted consultant Cargile did not hire (remember, we burned Winn for a direct role in lunching Ted Howze CA10), Jeff Randle wanting to control convention delegates by trying to reduce Cargile’s Margin and paranoid staff that are hunting down Q-anon supporters.

Well these people all look like fools – one, they told us we needed Republicans in every race to make the democrats spend money so they would have less to chase targeted races. So Mike Cargile is doing just that – the Communist Sympathizer Norma Torres (who hails from the birthplace of MS-13) attacked Cargile in the mail:

Think about how much more money Torres would have to spend if the CAGOP had not helped her out by lynching Mike Cargile! But hey! Jeff Randle got to cut a few delegates off of the 2021 pool so that he can control an outcome re-electing Jessica Patterson in advance of abusing the CAGOP to promote Kevin Faulconer for Governor in 2022!

Endgame folks. Track the movements of the CAGOP insiders – it is all about Kevin Faulconer for Governor. Trump-Hater Meg 2.0 without the money or the resume.

Aug 232020

Meet Rhodesia Ransom. She is an extreme left wing #ANTIFA #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE activist. She is also in a runoff for County Supervisor.

Here is where it gets interesting. She just stuck her hand out for $616,000 of the County’s Money – while still on the ballot.

San Joaquin schools are shut down and are staying shut down because they are run by leftists who are doing their duty to try and keep everyone depressed long enough to re-elect Mayor Tubbs and his extreme Stockton candidate slate. Now just how does Ms. Ransom expect to deliver said services while her fellow left-wing democrats have the SJ USD under lockdown?

Well that’s one question – the other is the propriety of a Supervisor Candidate asking the existing board to walk her in to a financial conflict of interest if elected is another.

Rhodesia gets a nice stipend + free health insurance and a free cell phone from the City of Tracy for infesting their City Council. Check. Looks like we need to add professional grifter to the list.

The “Charity” she works for lists several members of her family on its’ Board of Directors. Was this charity set up for the benefit of Rhodesia’s family? Having seen several Non-Profits in my time as an insurance agent, I have worked with Non-Profits that were essentially family businesses.

It is certainly poor judgement along with wanting to eviscerate public safety, supporting property destroying riots while sticking one’s hand out for $616,000 of government contracts.

Can you trust Rhodesia Ransom? What she did is indeed legal, there is no law against applying for a County Grant. It is however a huge ethical issue – made even worse by the presence of her family all over the reports of the Charity. It is also a huge political issue because of all the free stuff she is currently getting from government, while supporting anarchists, and asking for more at the same time. Apparently she feels entitled.

A check of the IRS Form 990’s show clearly in 2017 and 2018 Rhodesia Ransom’s salary as executive director of this organization. 2017 IRS 990 2018 IRS 990 $52,000 then $60,000.

Why does Rhodesia Ransom think it looks good or looks ethical to seek $616,000 from the county government entity she is seeking election to? Taking a page out of Sacramento Public Employee Union tactics?

A Check of the 990’s shows significant payroll $99K in 2017 and $200K+ in 2018 – how many of Rhodesia Ransom’s family are on payroll at this organization? Is this grant being sought to also pay her families’ salaries?

Ransom’s overreaction to simple questions about her organization, it’s management and the propriety of seeking a large grant while on the ballot for the grantor suggests there is something she is hiding. This is a grotesque unforced error on her part (if it is even unforced, she may feel entitled and not be capable of seeing the appearance of corruption) and may well cost her the election (beyond her support for riots and gutting the police department).

Aug 192020

I still remember being a target of the Meg Whitman for Governor crew. They really did not like me hammering her on the redcountyblog system (it is long since defunct as it’s founder was a complete fraud and ended up in a ton of legal trouble). A couple of media stories later, your intrepid blogger discovered that the Meg Whitman team paid Red County $30K for advertising 4 days before I was thrown off the platform. After I was expelled from the platform, Right On Daily was born. It is my own site and is beholden to no one, I bet they wish they would have left me alone.

Getting attacked by Jeff Randle and David Reade publicly in the form of planted media articles from 2010-2011 launched my career as an opposition political operative. Many other victims of them have not been so lucky. I write these posts as a warning about who these people are, they are as lethal as you think your intrepid blogger is. Make sure you are prepared when you deal with them and know that eveyone in politics has an agenda and connections of their own.

For those of you newer to the CAGOP political game, let’s take a look at the $150 Million Train Wreck Meg Whitman for Governor. She spoke at the DNC Convention, and also endorsed Clinton in 2016. Her staff and consultants? Just wait – the names are all familiar and once you know the who and why, you will understand why Jessica Patterson and the oligarchy of controlled failure have been tagged as trump-haters by your intrepid blogger.

If you click on the link – just notice the blurry array of consultants on the Whitman Payroll.

We will go in alpha order

Luis Alvarado – currently working with the Lincoln Project, currently subject of a Complaint for being a CAGOP Delegate openly campaigning for Biden. This connection to Jessica Patterson and others suggests a reason why the complaint is being stuffed.

Hector Barajas – a career staffer and current/former CRP Employee.

Frances Barraza – a Trump-Hater and staffer for Mayor Kevin Faulconer (in our opinion the CAGOP leadership and consultants are lining everything up for a governor run for Faulconer in 2022)

Russ Bogh – Albeit a small reimbursement, his Cousin’s Wife Rocilicie Ochoa-Bogh is the $3Million Dollar Woman in SD-23 (small world, isn’t it?) Bogh was an assembyman then and helped Meg Whitman nail down a lot of endorsements and money early.

Richard Costigan – Trump Hater, Lincoln Project Participant and Meg’s connection to Team Arnold.

Todd Cranney – is careful about his public profile, but was one of meg’s main hatchet people and a total insider. His Bio includes Romney and Bush.. Also there is this:

Note the date of the tweet

Duane Dichara (Then known as Revolvis Consulting) and DSR Enterprises. DSR is David Stafford Reade – I mention them both as they are the exceptions in this list of Trump-Haters. Dichara was an original Trumper and Reade, who worked with Meg and most of her crew on team Marco Rubio – is now working as a bundler for President Trump. (But, both are working to set things up for Faulconer 2022)

If you take the time to look up several of the consultants, you will be amazed to see how many mainline GOP Consultants there are that got some of Meg Whitman’s Money.

Green Faucet LLC, my favorite – the entity that owned the Red County Blog system. LOL

Kristen Hueter – made over $100K on the report. Worked with Grow Elect since its’ 2013 founding. (small world, huh?)

Latino Political Consulting, LLC (Think Grow Elect)

Jessica Patterson herself

Sarah Pompeii – Whitman and Romney and former CAGOP

Randle Communications – at the Center of Most everything CAGOP for 20 years. This is Jeff Randle and Mitch Zak’s Firm. Randle himself was paid $25K a month by Whitman separate from his firm.

Megan Range – long time CAGOP Staffer

Michael Saragosa – now a Placerville Councilmember, but part of the list of consultants associated with Grow Elect, etc. Has several anti-trump tweets still showing.

Lindsey Stetson – a current CAGOP Board member. Also reputed to be a never-trumper

Rob Stutzman – another Lincoln Project Booster. Stutz once ran Prop 22 the original defense of marriage amendment and since worked for McCain, Romney, Whitman, Arnold, etc.

Kathy Tavoularis – a complicated figure, but she was defeated by two votes by Greg Gandrud for CAGOP Treasurer in 2019. It was believed that Jessica’s Crew were helping her, and this is the reason why. Kathy is not a liberal nor a never trumper however. She makes the list as it demonstrates how small the political world is. Do enough research and you will connect everybody eventually.

Mitch Zak – also received $15,000 a month from Whitman.

As I googled several of the consultants – it is a who’s who of Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney and John McCain type of people. I even saw one of the lead consultants for the trump-hating Larry Hogan (Governor of MD).

So this is the reason for this post –

#1 Given the pedigree of this crew should we be surprised at all by what we are seeing? (candidate lynchings, racism against White Male Candidates, etc)

#2 Should anyone donate to much less have confidence in the CAGOP given that their staffers and consultants have a clear history of losing and antipathy towards the current President?

#3 Should anyone trust these people to do the right thing?

#4 Given these connections – is anyone surprised about the origin of groups like California Trailblazers and Grow Elect? (aka paychecks for insiders)

#5 It explains the current circumstances within the Party leadership – Ignoring County Chairs, Lynching nominees, trying to control delegates, forcing out the grassroots, loyalty tests and the like.

Given that Meg Whitman was on a national stage (TWICE) opposing President and Candidate Trump – you can easily draw the conclusion that did not happen in a vacuum and without support. Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and others have done nothing to disavow the actions of Whitman and others they are so closely tied to. How could they? Their employees and consultants and mostly like minded trump-haters!

No wonder why Jordan Cunnigham (AD-35) is receiving zero pushback for his open hostility towards the president and the local grassroots!

Bonus: Lynn Vakay was also on the payroll of Meg Whitman. Lynn would later become Lynn Haueter. Bob was a top operative in the Bill Thomas, later Kevin McCarthy crew. Bob Haueter, then the Chief of Staff for CA-25 Congressman Buck McKeon helped me run several drills within CRA. The point here is that Jessica Patterson has a relationship with AD-38 candidate Martinez-Valladares going back years and is yet another explanation for her disproportionate interest in AD-38 to the exclusion of others.

Politics is an extremely small world. When you sneeze 100 people catch a cold. (which would probably be called COVID now in order for a hospital to get stimulus money sigh)

Aug 192020

If you think for a second that Karm Bains would not be where he is without the influence of his father, think again:

I salute Didar Bains as an American success story, while questioning the qualifications of Karm Bains. Karm’s life has charted a radically different course. I also ask if Karm would have gotten the government appointments he did without his father’s financial largess to Brown and others in office?

Should the voters of Sutter County reward a fortunate son? Or, rather should there be some scrutiny?

Karm Bains re-registered NPP despite being a lifelong democrat. Why? Should the fact that Governor Brown Appointed Karm, then a democrat to a cush job in 2018 be an issue?

Karm Bains has several criminal convictions, DUI, Wet and Reckless and refusing to take a sobriety test.

The younger Bains has also been sued for not paying his bills.

There are other more recent events that suggest that Karm is always at the center of trouble that we will get in to in a bit. So, in case you missed it, here we go…

6/16/1994            Driving under the influence of alcohol with a prior             Misdemeanor   Dismissed

Driving under the influence of alcohol     Misdemeanor   Dismissed

Wet reckless (reckless driving where drugs or alcohol are involved)           Misdemeanor   Guilty

7/27/2000            Breach of Contract/Warranty      Civil        Settled

3/15/2001            Small claims $0 – $1500  Civil

6/30/2001            Driving under the influence of alcohol with a prior             Misdemeanor    Dismiss ed

Driving under the influence of alcohol     Misdemeanor    No contest

Sentence enhancement for over .15 BAC;              Enhancement    No contest

Driving a commercial vehicle under the influence of alcohol;         Misdemeanor    Dismissed

Violation of probation    Misdemeanor    Admitted violation of probation

Violation of probation    Misdemeanor    Admitted violation of probation

10/19/2001         Driving with suspended/revoked license for refusing chemical test            Misdemeanor   No contest

1/22/2002            Breach of Contract/Warranty      Civil        Settled

7/22/2002            Small Claims > 12 Claims Filed     Civil

Then there is this:

Take a look at his money:

You will find Meg Whitman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gentleman Jim Nielsen on the list. This explains the affinity of Jim Nielsen for this democrat. It appears that Mr. Bains learned well from his father to throw money around to local electeds.

A review of Federal Contributions shows that Karm and his father have thrown money around for years. Karm’s father contributed to Jerry McNerney  (COM-Stockton) in 2010 who beat Richard Pombo.

There are also donations from Father and Son to both John Garamendi (who threatened to kick Donald Trump Jr’s — on National TV) and Doug LaMalfa.

Now, we have a view of how Karm Bains landed those three endorsements.

Here is a legitimate question though – do we really know where Bains stands on anything? He’s played both sides of the political spectrum for so long it is impossible to know. This is why has appointment by Jerry Brown is informative.

Does Karm Bains support illegal immigrant labor? (He is set to inherit a 40,000 acre peach orchard)

Does Karm Bains agree with the national democrats on de-funding the police?

Does Karm Bains still drink? If so, why given the amount of trouble he’s had related to booze? Wouldn’t that suggest issues with his personal decision making?

Does his pattern of political donations suggest purchase of influence? Should we be concerned about someone this close to the swamp gaining political power of his own?

Karm Bains is in a runoff against Tej Mann for County Supervisor. A lot of people think Bains is the favorite – a lot of people should start asking a lot of questions before falling in line.

Now – let these questions percolate as we continue our expose on Sutter County’s Fortunate Son…

Aug 182020

This is a Real Clear Investigations article that was re-posted and expanded upon in Zero Hedge. As you know, we’ve been writing about the insider machinations of the CAGOP (NOTE: WE NEVER DO ANYTHING ANONYMOUSLY, Email, Blog or otherwise), which included CA-35 Candidate Mike Cargile being lynched by the CAGOP Leadership. There were three angles, 1 they used information in Media Matters as their excuse to lynch Cargile. #2 Cargile had interviewed CAGOP Insider Scott Winn and chose not to hire him (think retaliation) #3 Cargile is on the list of Q-Anon supporters (while the media ignores the far left extremists winning Dem Primaries).

I find this article fascinating and yet another reason why Jessica Patterson and her whole crew should be expelled from anything resembling political responsibility. They relied on the corrupt proven liars at media matters to run Mike Cargile off of the CAGOP Endorsement List.

Were David Brock’s Media Matters Illegal Hillary Matters?

by Tyler Durden

Thu, 08/13/2020 – 17:55


By Mark Hemingway of Real Clear Investigations

David Brock, the onetime anti-Clinton journalist turned Hillary Clinton ally and aggressive promoter of Democratic media narratives in recent decades, faces legal actions and disclosures portraying his organizations as working so closely with the Clinton campaign in 2016 that they broke the law.

The conservative Patriots Foundation alleges in a lawsuit being filed today in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that an improperly porous relationship among four Brock-founded organizations amounted to illegal coordination with the Clinton campaign in violation of Federal Election Commission regulations. The best known of the four groups is Media Matters for America, which highlights what it calls media bias from the right. The other three are the American Bridge 21st Century PAC; the American Bridge 21st Century Foundation; and the Correct the Record PAC.

Poland: Attack on freedom of the press

“American Bridge 21st Century PAC claimed that it was independent of the Clinton campaign so that it could make independent expenditures,” the Patriots Foundation said in a statement provided to RealClearInvestigations. “American Bridge is run by the same people who run Media Matters and Correct the Record, however, which we know coordinated with the Clinton campaign.

“They all work from the same offices,” the statement continued, “Brock was paid by all of them, American Bridge and Correct the Record shared at least 6 employees, and Correct the Record made in-kind contributions to American Bridge PAC. American Bridge’s supposedly independent activity was just as coordinated as Media Matters’ and Correct the Record’s activity – meaning that American Bridge’s [expenditures] were really excessive and illegal contributions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

Representatives for the organizations did not respond to requests for comment (Correct the Record is now inactive).  Nor did Brock himself or the Clinton campaign.

This past April, the Patriots Foundation filed an FEC complaint against Brock’s organizations. Since the agency hasn’t acted on it within a requisite 120 days, the Patriots Foundation is now suing the FEC as allowed under campaign finance laws. The Patriots Foundation also filed complaints with the IRS last spring regarding Media Matters and the American Bridge Foundation, but there is no legal remedy to force the IRS’s hand in court as with the FEC.

The tactics of Media Matters are generally acknowledged as politically aggressive in a way many see at odds with the organization’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status, which stipulates nonpartisanship. In 2008, The New York Times described Media Matters as a “nonprofit, highly partisan research organization.” The Patriots Foundation alleges that in 2016 Media Matters ceased merely appearing to be partisan — it acted openly as an arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign. A December 2016 report in the liberal-leaning magazine the New Republic, highlighted by the group, substantiates this assessment:

The organization [Media Matters] had long ceased to be a mere watchdog, having positioned itself at the center of a group of public relations and advocacy outfits whose mission was to help put Clinton in the White House. … In our numerous conversations with past Media Matters staff, there was a consensus that in the lead-up to Clinton’s announcement of her candidacy in 2015, the organization’s priority shifted away from the mission stated on its website — “comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation” — and towards running defense for Clinton. The former staffers we spoke to largely felt that this damaged Media Matters’ credibility and hurt the work it did in other areas. “The closer we got to the 2016 election the less it became about actually debunking conservative misinformation and more it became about just defending Hillary Clinton from every blogger in their mother’s basement,” one former staffer told us. This was, moreover, a repeat of what Media Matters did in 2008, when there was a rift between staffers and management over the favoring of Clinton in her race against then-Senator Barack Obama.

Media Matters staffers recounted internal fights over the group’s devotion to Clinton. Employees were ordered to critique NPR’s Terry Gross for asking Clinton some questions about why it took her so long to support same-sex marriage.

Terry Gross: The NPR interviewer drew Media Matters criticism for hard questions put to Hillary Clinton.

But the staff reportedly felt Gross’ questions were fair, and according to the New Republic, “nearly everyone we spoke to who worked there at the time felt that a similar article would not have been written about a different politician.” Media Matters’ research director, Jeremy Holden ended up writing the story because other staffers were unwilling to put their name on it. Holden did not respond to a request for comment.

Media Matters employees were also reportedly frustrated by the organization’s obsession with defending Clinton at the expense of other liberal causes. “Former staffers pointed out several stories that fell within Media Matters’ ambit that should have been better covered. … On the site, there are 1,468 posts tagged with ‘Hillary Clinton’ as opposed to just 26 tagged ‘Bernie Sanders,’” according to the New Republic.

In addition to media reports, internal communications at the Clinton campaign further reveal that it was treating Media Matters as a campaign surrogate and coordinating with the group.

campaign strategy memo released by WikiLeaks notes that the Clinton campaign reported using the Brock group to “muddy the waters” when it came to issues where Clinton was vulnerable by “working with MMFA to highlight examples of when the press won’t cover the same issues with Republicans.” Another email released by WikiLeaks has Clinton’s press secretary, Nick Merrill, planning to push back on a Vanity Fair story about Clinton campaign vice chair Huma Abedin, which hadn’t been published yet, saying, “We have MMFA, CtR, and core surrogates lined up, which we can expand on tomorrow.” Media Matters published a piece criticizing the Vanity Fair story the following day.

“CtR” in Merrill’s email refers to the Correct the Record PAC. The PAC has been dormant since the 2016 election cycle, but “coordinat[ed] directly with Clinton’s campaign,” Politico reported. The CTR PAC even took money directly from the Clinton campaign – during the 2016 election cycle CTR took in $8.5 million in donations, including a donation of $275,615 in 2015 from Hillary for America. From its inception, the PAC skirted rules that prevent such entities and campaigns from directly coordinating with campaigns by claiming all its activities were covered by an FEC exemption regarding public communications.

“Correct the Record believes it can avoid the coordination ban by relying on a 2006 Federal Election Commission regulation that declared that content posted online for free, such as blogs, is off limits from regulation,” notes a 2015 Washington Post report. “The ‘Internet exemption’ said that such free postings do not constitute campaign expenditures, allowing independent groups to consult with candidates about the content they post on their sites.” The Patriots Foundation FEC complaint strongly disputes that the operations of the CTR PAC were defensible under this interpretation, noting that the PAC spent money on polling and other activities that don’t constitute communications.

Organizationally, there also appears to have been not much separation between CTR and Brock’s other PAC, American Bridge. “During the 2016 election, Brock claimed that AB PAC remained independent of both the Clinton campaign and CTR PAC so that it could make independent expenditures in support of Clinton,” notes the Patriots Foundation FEC complaint. “However, he continued to collect a salary from both PACs, and disclosure reports show that the committees shared at least seven overlapping staff members at various times during 2016. Moreover, AB PAC reported making in-kind disbursements to CTR PAC in 2016.” (In addition to getting paid by both PACs, Brock drew a salary of $278,566 from Media Matters as well, 2017 tax records show.

Overall, the American Bridge Foundation was the largest donor to the AB PAC in the 2016 and 2018 election cycles. As a 501(c)4 nonprofit, the AB Foundation is not required to disclose its own donors. Other notable donors to the AB PAC include George Soros, who gave AB PAC $2 million between 2015 and 2016. Some of America’s biggest unions – the SEIU, AFL-CIO, NEA, AFT, and AFSCME – all made six-figure donations in the 2016 election cycle. And Win McCormack, the owner and publisher of the New Republic, gave $100,000 to the AB PAC five months before his publication ran the story on Media Matters’ troubles.

The Patriots Foundation alleges that the legally required separation between the groups did not exist. The two organizations shared staff, office space, and equipment, but the AB Foundation stated in IRS filings the “two entities have entered into a cost-sharing agreement to allocate shared overhead costs so that neither entity is financially supporting the activities of the other.”

But other audited financial statements from the AB Foundation note they did “not have a formal agreement relating to the allocation of expenses between the two entities” and “allocations were made based on management and budget estimates.” Those estimates varied wildly. The AB Foundation gave the PAC some $2.9 million “for salary, rent, and expenses” in 2015; $720,000 in 2016; $4.5 million in 2017; and $3.3 million in 2018. In many of those years, the AB Foundation also claimed to owe AB PAC more than it paid, also by varying amounts.

This is not the first time one of Brock’s organizations has been challenged for running afoul of FEC regulations. Last year, the Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint regarding the Correct the Record PAC’s claim that it could coordinate with the Clinton campaign under the public Internet communications exemption. FEC attorneys agreed with the Campaign Legal Center but the FEC, which has been understaffed during the Trump administration, only had four of six members on the commission. The complaint was dismissed when the two GOP commissioners sided with the CTR PAC, leaving the commission deadlocked. The Campaign Legal Center is still litigating the matter.

The Patriots Foundation complaint is different in that it addresses the coordination across all of the Brock organizations, as well as the allegations American Bridge PAC inaccurately reported the operational costs it shares with the American Bridge Foundation.

The Patriots Foundation told RealClearInvestigations it is not seeking remedies from the FEC beyond what was outlined in its original complaint. That complaint asks the FEC to “elicit admission of the violations from each of the respondents, conduct a robust investigation to determine the scope of the alleged violations, bar respondents from continuing violative activities, and collect civil penalties in amounts commensurate with the gravity of these serious ongoing violations.”

The IRS action filed by the Patriots Foundation seeks to revoke the tax-exempt status of Media Matters and the AB PAC, and calls for both to be compelled to pay applicable taxes while improperly operating as tax exempt, plus applicable financial penalties, while referring both to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.