Aug 272020

Get a good look at the privileged son who has been at the center of trouble for years.

Karm Bains is quite the character. In the course of doing research we’ve learned a couple of new things about him.

#1 Mr. Bains has been seen frequently by people imbibing at public functions. One example was a chamber of commerce function and another was on a taxpayer funded trip to Washington DC for Local Government known as Cap to Cap. Mr. Bains appears to be known as a heavy drinker. I am not sure of people knew that Bains has had legal trouble multiple times due to his drinking.

I can only surmise that the DUI’s and Alcohol Related incidents were expunged from his criminal record aided by cronies in local government.

#2 Mr. Bains has apparently attempted to bully people. Tamika Hamilton, running against Congressman Garamendi has had events in the area for her campaign. We’ve now been told by a couple of people that Bains was present at one event taking pictures of people in an attempt to intimidate donors to Hamilton. Note – Bains is a frequent donor to both Congressman LaMalfa and Garamendi. This appears to be a cost of doing business.

The information given to your intrepid blogger is confirmation of a profile I have been building of Mr. Bains. He is a privileged child who has lived a privileged life and he has a trail behind him that he has attempted to sanitize. Your intrepid blogger is on the case though.

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I would not care about 15 year old DUI’s except there are two, plus two more alcohol related incidents. There is also a life pattern of erratic behavior, temper and disturbances. He’s been sued for not honoring contracts and the like. Add to this that Bains is known for being a heavy drinker at public events now, it shows that his life pattern has not changed from his youth.

More to follow.

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  2 Responses to “Karm Bains Update: Despite 3 DUI’s he still drinks, despite long legal history he is still a bully. Can you trust this guy to be a stable leader?”

  1. I have known Karm Bains, on a professional level, for 14 years. Aside from that, I have watched and paid attention to the things that I see he stands for. I have always known him to speak of what is good for all, instead of what’s good for one party or the other.

    As for the personal items cited….for starters, that privileged life you speak of? How about the fact that he comes from an immigrant family who’s father worked his tail off to become something greater than his very humble beginnings. I believe that Mr. Bains has learned and displays the same work ethic that he was brought up with. For the (repeated, lest we forget that you said it) alcohol issues; we all have personal issues that do not deflect our ability to do our jobs.

    Always the professional; Karm Bains is definitely a good man for the job of County Supervisor.

    Blogger’s Note: Not mentioned, physical altercations, lawsuit judgements, the fact he still drinks and of course the recent stunts at political meetings.

  2. Are you kidding me? What is your response to the current leader in the White House. That man has more issues than a magazine.
    Are you picking on alarm because he is Indian?
    You can’t back one person unconditionally while looking the other way of his past transgressions and then take another man over the coals for his.

    Blogger’s Note: Trump > Biden for a variety of reasons and both have plenty of baggage. Now focus, Last I checked, Tej Maan is also of India Indian descent as well, so please give the default left wing racism canard a break and explain why you are good to go with Karm. Maybe you should split a 12-pack with Karm and ask him why.

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