Aug 312020

Take a look at Jessica Patterson’s facebook page. As of this morning, there was not much from the RNC on it.

Notice the face-saving shout outs to #CA25 Congressman Mike Garcia whose endorsement she scuttled in the 2020 Primary

Some people have bristled at the notion that Jessica Patterson is a #NEVERTRUMPER. I have laid out ample proof. It is in light of that evidence that I am adding the way she handled the RNC to the list that her disdain for the President is still palpable. There were no photos of the President, his family or the like on her pages. I waited a couple of days on purpose to say anything.

If you contrast this to other people that went to the RNC from Califonria, there are all kinds of photos of Team Trump/Pence.

Even Mario Rodriguez has photos with himself and VP Pence. (notably, not the President from what I can see). Howard Hakes, plenty of stuff. Shawn Steel, Martha House and Harmeet Dhillon?  tons of photos and stuff.

Speaking of Never Trumpers – Kevin Faulconer is at least honest about it and unlike Jessica Patterson’s crew did not hire a social media expert and internet reputation manager to scrub his stuff.

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I took a look at Faulconer’s Campaign Finance Records just to see if I would find any obvious evidence of the collusion of CAGOP Leadership and his erstwhile campaign for governor.

Source Data Linked Here.

Have a look at who is getting paid by Kevin Faulconer:

Golden State Strategies – this is Molly Parnell, who is doing an excellent job of fundraising for the CAGOP

Matter Strategies, LLC – alleged to be owned/run by Matt Klemin. If it turns out to not be him, I will be real money it is another well-known GOP operative. I will pull their records from the CASOS office to confirm who the members of the LLC are.

Public Square Partners, LLC – this is David Stafford Reade. He is Jessica Patterson’s campaign manager and goes back two decades with the whole crew. (Note: Reade works for Trump currently)

Ground Link, Inc – A political Canvasser connected to Duane Dichara via several local elections. I will pull their filings from the Secretary of State to see who the principals are. They have a lot of job solicitations for left-leaning / never trump Republican candidates campaigns in San Diego

Axiom Strategies – Duane Dichara (who is a Trump supporter since the escalator)

Bell, McAndrews and Hiltack, LLP – the law firm most GOP candidates retain + the long standing law firm that the CAGOP employs.

It looks like Whitman 2.0 is coming to California in 2022. It also looks like the leadership of the CAGOP have the deck chairs arranged on the deck of the titanic for said disaster.

Keep watching what they are doing – everything (candidate lynchings, excluding people from committees, ignoring county chairs, etc) is being done for a purpose. Jessica Patterson’s re-election in 2021 is a key part of arranging everything for Kevin Faulconer.

Nothing these people are doing is illegal, in my opinion it is an unethical abuse of the California Republican Party structure to benefit one candidate they are all receiving an income from. And, most of the abusers are trump-haters too.

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  2 Responses to “CAGOP Update: CAGOP Consultants Cashing in on Kevin Faulconer 2022 Gov Campaign Already and Where are the RNC Photos, Madam Chairwoman?”

  1. Intrepid Blogger, thanks for continuing to peal back the layers of the onion.

  2. Very interesting. Is there a realistic candidate in the wings to boot her out of the state GOP leadership? In-spite of the damage she’s done, it’s obvious many CA Republicans want someone who will back Trump and other candidates she doesn’t support.

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