Jun 102020

We’ve written about Christian Dekker at length. It appears in the recent chaos, he (as in Dekker) reinserted himself in to the Temecula Sheriff’s Office (he had been stuck in the SW Jail). When Sergeants in Temecula weren’t telling him to pound sand, it appears one of his (Dekker’s) brilliant ideas was this:

Well it seems that Dekker was taking a break from drama to pose for the camera. Zach Hall (on the right) is another person we’ve featured. He was trying to play both sides in the 2018 Sheriff’s race, ultimately being outed for his duplicity.

I am sure both of these guys are going to be explaining themselves for a while over this photo opportunity. Yeesh. I would not be smiling standing to such a sign for a variety of reasons – especially with cultural marxists trying to undermine law enforcement all over the country.

In the meantime, allow your intrepid blogger to suggest the correct photo:

Sheriff Chad Bianco is going to be years trying to clean up the mess Stan Sniff left behind for him.

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  7 Responses to “Riverside Sheriff’s Office Update: The Ghosts of Stan Sniff, Christian Dekker and Zach Hall on Camera #PANDERFAIL”

  1. How does one go about sending info to you?

    Email aaron@rightondaily.com or asshole@rightondaily.com you’re choice and you can remain anonymous!

  2. Good to know

  3. At the last board meeting one of the supervisors accidentally referred to Bianco as Sheriff Sniff. It was messed up and hilarious at Same time. I bet he was pissed off even more and then having to wait there.. smh

  4. Idiots

  5. In my opinon, Decker is the poster child of incompetence. He’s like a reoccurring virus he keeps popping up on the lip of the dept for all the dept members to see.

    My first encounter with Decker was when he was put on “Time Out,” at SWDC, he was advised by the Release Deputy that he had mistakenly pulled the wrong inmate and the inmate in the release process was the wrong inmate.

    It was a simple error however, instead of fixing the issue, Decker told the Release Deputy to process the inmate, escort the inmate to the lobby and have Deputy Sheriffs waiting in the lobby guns drawn because the inmate will be a”Felonious Escape From Custody.”

    Sure enough, Decker signed off the release file, had deputies staged on the lobby and it all went down.

    When Decker was assigned to BCF, I watched him berate, scream and threaten one of the Tranport Bus drivers for the crime of driving in the “4 lane on the I-10,” the slow lane because in his words,”It is unlawful to operate a Commercial Vehicle in the right of an interstate.”

    In typical Decker form, he told the driver, “Consider this a warning, I wont call your Sgt.” As the driver was going to unload his inmates, Decker was on his phone, calling his supervisor.

  6. Bianco isn’t going to clean up anything, look at his track record. What has he really done since taking office? What has he done about Duffy? He talks a good game but don’t all two faced politicians.

  7. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a mass exodus of tenured staff because nothing really has changed.

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