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It is the opinion of this blogger that William “Bill” Brough is a sociopath. He has no shame and no conscience. This is the only plausible explanation for his insolence and his consistent responses to more exposure of his behavior.

The Sheriff of Orange County needs to Revoke Bill Brough’s CCW Permit asap. I am being told by more than one person who was a source for info about Brough that they fear what Bill Brough will do with the gun he carries.


When dismantling a candidate, injecting humor in the to Demolition is something I try to do. It is near impossible to think of Bill Brough in any sort of humorous manner. It is now my opinion that in addition to being a sociopath, Bill Brough is a serial sexual predator. The man has no shame and no comprehension of his own behavior.

What I know about Bill Brough, before talking to yet another victim today is:

A woman known to me but requesting anonymity told me that she was sexually assaulted by Brough over 30 years ago when they were in high school.
He is alleged to have contacted and harassed Lisa Bartlett in 2011
He is alleged to have pressed his erection against a lobbyist/staffer who he later outed in a fit of retaliation
He was PROVEN to have propositioned a then-capitol staffer for sex in exchange for political influence. (Why he is not being prosecuted for corruption is beyond me) – this woman was also outed in an act of retaliation and that was also noted in the same report
He is alleged to have made crude and sexually charged statements to a local realtor and countless others

In addition, I was made aware of at least 6 more complaints related to Bill Brough’s sexual misconduct that were sent to the “working committee” in the legislature.

Too Damn Hot Sale

Brough is known to use his capitol office to throw parties (as of today, he still has the office despite being stripped of his committee assignments). Brough is known to be a heavy drinker and binge drinker.

We’ve written extensively about Brough paying Bar Tabs, family dining, groceries, alcohol purchases, cell phone bills and vacations tabs out of his campaign funds. He even bought cigars, a humidor and a “Burbon Barrell” custom portable bar with his campaign money.

We’ve also documented the insanely weak leadership of Marie Waldron who was more worried about Brough being upset and having to deal with him through the end of his term than she was about getting the scourge cleared out of the legislature.

We’ve also documented the insolence and intransigence of the 80-year-old Pat Bates who continues to defend Brough. Pat Bates is currently carrying legislation on his behalf because of her own ego and desire to never have to admit fault. Perhaps Bates will carry legislation on behalf of sexual assault victims?

Perhaps Pat Bates and Marie Waldron will resign in shame after reading today’s addition to the victim list of the man they defended and refuse to hold accountable.

On Friday 5-29-2020, I spoke to a woman that I know through a variety of means. She outlined an incident that I believe is a description of her being raped by Bill Brough.

The victim was clear with the date, time and place of the attack. I was told by the victim that she has text messages, photos of her injuries from the assault and ample evidence that she told several people at the time it happened. This is similar to the pattern of the other women that came forward. They could prove that they reached out to people within hours of the incident.

The details of the rape are extremely graphic. Brough is alleged to have assaulted this victim in her car, penetrated her anally and injured her in multiple places while holding her down. Brough is an above-average sized man so it is easy to assume that he probably was more than 100 lbs heavier than his victim which explains the physical injuries the victim suffered.

The victim went to a legislative Chief of Staff who advised her against filing a complaint or going to the DA. The victim’s attorney who has the evidence I detailed above was also advising the victim against filing a police report. It appears that this legislative Chief of Staff (who I know well, but I am withholding the identity of to protect the anonymity of the victim) lied to other people saying the victim did not want to come forward while calling people describing this incident. I had to connect the dots as I’ve heard many stories about Brough, including this one, but today I have spoken to this victim and have all the details.

The victim was told her career in Sacramento would be over if she reported the rape by Bill Brough.

It is clear to me that the victim was frozen in place as the culture of the legislature then was to ignore complaints and retaliate against people that complained about sexual misconduct. This victim was also financially vulnerable at the time, which made her a bigger target.

It is my opinin that Bill Brough should be prosecuted. Since Brough is no longer in a position to retaliate against anyone, any of his victims should feel safer now. There have to be a lot of them.

If what I was told this morning (5-29-2020) is true, Bill Brough raped (not just simply harassed or sexually battered) a second woman that I know of. If both Women whose sexual assaults at the hands of Bill Brough over 30 years apart are telling me the truth, we have a serial sexual predator on our hands when you add in the other incidents and his sociopathic behavior. Given that other stories about Brough have been corroborated and this victim’s story had been told previously by others – I believe them all.

We have a documented pattern, with ample proof of Brough’s behavior.

Meantime – your intrepid blogger had to deal with Republican Leaders calling our expose’ on Bill Brough “a political hit job”. Even though Brough has been stripped of his committee assignments – he still has his cush office.

If you have been a victim of Bill Brough – please reach out to aaron@rightondaily.com, you can remain anonymous. I am not letting up on him until he is in prison for what I believe he has done.

To be continued…

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  One Response to “CONTENT WARNING #AD73 Update: Add Another Victim to the List Regarding Bill Brough. This Story Of Straight Out Sexual Assault is the Worst Yet.”

  1. If you are a victim whether recent or in distant past, you are safe in confiding your experience with Aaron Park. His efforts are genuine in his belief that corrupted behaviors and actions have no place in our Government. Just think about the Trauma you may be experiencing.
    Think of how the domination of this trauma has changed you or limited you in your life. There are two things consider.
    Either “Just live with this trauma; or give yourself what you deserve; speak about it,” and expose him once and for all.
    My personal experience working as a crime victim advocate for over 30 years has demonstrated to me that so many women and men hesitate to disclose Criminal abuse because of shame and embarrassment attached to it.
    Fear of retaliation, bias, judgement and Isolation only complicate the trauma of the experience. Individuals the commit these acts have success in advancing themselves to levels of power, and proudly march forward with the belief that they are untouchable.
    This blog can be a repository for your story. Let this blogger do the rest.

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