Jun 032020

It looks like the consultants and political leaders planning the run of Kristen Olsen for CA-XX (when CA-10 is redrawn in 2022) are going to have to put their plans on hold. Ted Howze has bounced back from the Jessica Patterson-Scott Winn led assassination attempt. (political assassination that is)

We had detailed how the CAGOP noticed a special meeting at 9:14 AM 5-20-2020, then they sent out an agenda at 4:15 PM the same day in advance of a 5:30PM vote that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson ramroded down. The board members did not have time to do due diligence and Ted Howze was not given a chance to defend himself or speak.

Then, your intrepid blogger was sent a copy of a magic letter.

What is key is that is was created by jilted consultant Scott Winn AFTER the CAGOP Board had voted to rescind the endorsement. (I got the letter on 5-22 which makes yesterday 5-21).

Two other key points – Rev Dwight Williams is the Chair of the SJGOP and he is very close to Scott Winn. (nothing wrong with that, it just matters politically) The SJGOP endorsed Scott Winn’s client and the SJGOP was never asked by the Howze campaign post-primary for an endorsement, yet here is this after-the-fact letter acting as if the SJGOP is asking the CAGOP to yank the endorsement.

Then this brings us to Joe Day, the Stanislaus GOP co-conspirator in the plot. He is the Chairman of the Stan GOP and was burnt red-handed participating in the attempted lynching of Ted Howze.

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He had called a special meeting of the Stan GOP to reconsider the endorsement of Ted Howze.

Under the Stan GOP rules, Joe Day can not vote as Chairman. (I guess only to break a tie) As such, the vote was unanimous. Also note, that unlike with the NRCC and the CAGOP – Ted was allowed to defend himself. When a string of one-at-a-time political decisions are made without the victim of them getting a chance to answer questions or defend themselves it is a classic political lynching.

This pattern will repeat itself. I’ve seen it all before – the people behind the CAGOP Curtain are lining up targets for their next paychecks.

Also – speaking of race relations. Not once has new GOP Nominee Kelly Seyarto (AD67) or Diane Dixon (AD74) been highlighted or mentioned in CAGOP communications I have been forwarded. (I have been removed from their list and get none of the emails) Just today another email with “Talking Points” was sanitized of any White Candidates in the featured races portion of it.

We have some great candidates on the General Election ballot that reflect the strength and diversity of our state.  These candidates include Michelle Park Steel (CA 48), Young Kim (CA 39), Suzette Valladares (AD 38) and Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (SD 23), among others. And of course, we need to get Congressman Mike Garcia re-elected to the 25th District.

So the CAGOP brain trust tries to lynch a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation. (Did you know Ted Howze spent part of his childhood on a reservation and is considered native American?) And they are ignoring CA-21 David Valadao and AD-74 Diane Dixon, the top two targeted races in California for their respective houses in their communications. 

Let’s see – 2020 CAGOP Priorities list:

  1. Promote Kevin Faulconer for Governor 2022
  2. Ignore President Trump
  3. Promote only 4 specific candidates with a courtesy mention of CA-25
  4. Ignore President Trump
  5. Ignore Kelly Seyarto AD-67, Diane Dixon AD-74, CA-21 David Valadao and CA-45 Greg Raths.
  6. Ignore President Trump
  7. Attempt to lynch Ted Howze CA-10, a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation
  8. Ignore President Trump
  9. Remind everyone that the “Chairwoman” is the first woman Chair of the CAGOP and the first Latina Chair of the CAGOP while ignoring White candidates for office
  10. Ignore President Trump
  11. Use people, even (GASP) that Orange Dude and Mike Garcia (that they didn’t endorse) to raise money to pay salaries.

Good Lord.

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