May 142020

Note- Grass Valley is in Nevada County and is part of #CA01 where another liberal bay-area transplant is running for Congress against Doug LaMalfa.

I will bet that Brynne Kennedy knows where Mountain View and Palo Alto are!

Brynne Kennedy did a very thorough poll where she tested several attacks on Congressman Tom McClintock. She tried a few of them in a campaign email today. The following three items are quotes she highlighted in an attempt to make Tom McClintock Look Bad:

“In this pandemic, many elected officials have abandoned the practices of a free society and crossed some very bright lines that separate free Americans from those unfortunate to live under authoritarian regimes. Communist China pioneered the practices now inflicted on our own citizens.” — 4/28/20


“[Coronavirus relief] opens the door for anyone who wants to game the system.” — 3/16/2020


“[Social security] is the theft of youth’s earnings to pay for the avarice of the new establishment…(seniors) turned their lusting eyes upon it as another cornucopia of riches for lavishing benefits on themselves.”–8/29/79

So – given that one of the quotes is from 1979, when I was 8 years old, we know that Kennedy has spent a ton of money looking for stuff to attack Congressman McClintock on. It is also clear that democrats like Kennedy are on a psychotic rampage a la using Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Yearbooks from 1982.

It is also clear that Brynne Kennedy agrees with the economy-destroying lockdown that has decimated many people’s financial lives and otherwise. It is also clear that she has gotten her talking points from Nancy Pelosi about how China is blameless for everything they did to try and cover up the outbreak in their country that spread worldwide.

It is also clear that she is going to use quotes and items out-of-context in an attempt to make them mean something different similar to her fellow democrats in the legacy media.

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Saddle up folks – Brynne has tons of Bay Area liberal money sitting in her campaign account. She also has leftist moonbats consumed with rage towards the President motivated by nothing more than #TDS helping her.

If Kennedy actually wakes McClintock up to the point where he engages, it is not going to end well for her because she will find out that the 4th Congressional District dislikes China, the lockdown and thinks massive government spending is bad. (Despite what her polling says)

Note the way the questions are asked.

That’s right Brynne – I got your poll and screenshotted the whole thing. And – I sent it to Congressman McClintock so he’d know how you’re planning on attacking him.

Coming next in our #CA04 series – the ways that Brynne Kennedy was investigating in order to attack Congressman McClintock. In order to run a good democrat campaign you have to use half-baked lies and emotional manipulation. Your intrepid blogger is going to lay that out for you.

P.S. I am not getting paid to write these posts about #CA04. I am just tired of Bay Area Liberals moving to well-run Conservative areas and trying to turn them in to cesspools.

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