May 292020

Marie Waldron has gone full Chad Mayes.

That’s right – Marie Waldron signed onto Gavin Newsom’s Bailout demand.

Marie Waldron is also advocating for letting felons out of prison en masse along with her new buddy Van Jones. (Remember him?)

In addition, when your intrepid blogger was trying to help several abused women get closure from the things William “Bill” Brough did to them, Waldron was a major stumbling block. It has been alleged by several that Waldron is so weak she did not want to do anything because she was still afraid of what life would be like with that monster still in the legislature for the remainder of his term.

Now that Bill Brough has been proven to be a pig and an abuser – democrat Assembly Leader Anthony Rendon had to do what Waldron refused to do, remove Bill Brough from all his legislative committees.

However, Bill Brough still has his party office. This is the same office where the famous “Burbon Barrel” is located and were more than one alleged incident of Sexual assault/harassment occurred.

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Republican Leader Waldron Statement On Findings Of Brough Investigation

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron issued the following statement on Wednesday in response to the findings of the investigation into conduct by Assemblyman Bill Brough:

“I respect the outcome of the Workplace Conduct Unit’s investigation,” Waldron said. “The process seems to have worked as it was designed to allow all parties to come forward in a safe environment. The behavior outlined in the investigation cannot be tolerated. Mr. Brough has been removed from his positions on Assembly committees and I am working with the Speaker on next steps.”

Oh Good Lord.

This lukewarm statement from Waldron would be hysterically funny if I had not talked to the victims and knew their pain. Including the woman carrying 30+ years of scares due to what happened in High School, Lisa Bartlett, the Lobbyist, the Capitol Staffer and the other victims that have yet to speak to me.

(Note: the contact on the Press Release was one of the same dudes defending Tyler Diep – Matt Fleming, cozy)

Waldron’s weakness has emboldened Bill Brough to the point where the monster said this:

Brough continues to deny the allegations and say they are politically motivated. In a statement Wednesday he also said that he’s considering legal action.

“I disagree with the findings and the politically motivated process,” he said.

When you respond to a monster with weakness this kind of stuff happens. Marie Waldron as a woman herself should be ashamed of the way she conducted herself and when juxtaposed with her support of “sentencing reform” has abdicated any moral platform of leadership and should resign now. We deserve better.

P.S. if you’d like an example of how to respond to something like this, let’s defer to the OCGOP:

Statement on State Legislative Investigation Report into Assemblyman Bill Brough 

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Hon. Fred M. Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, released the following statement:

“On September 16th, the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee overwhelmingly passed a resolution asking Republican Assemblyman Bill Brough not to seek reelection due to several credible claims of sexual harassment by women in our party.

As an organization we did our due diligence in this matter. We spoke with the accusers and the accused before making this decision. We then endorsed Mayor Laurie Davies instead of the incumbent Assemblyman and the voters made their decision. Laurie Davies is our nominee for the 73rd Assembly District. We are confident the 73rd Assembly District will remain a Republican seat because we made the hard call and did the right thing.

Today the State Legislative Workplace Conduct Unit released the results of the investigation into the accusations of sexual harassment. As a result Assemblyman Brough will be stripped of all committee assignments and will face mandatory sexual harassment training as well as retaliation prevention training.

While the findings vindicated our decision there are no winners when it comes to sexual harassment. We applaud the women who stood up to intimidation, risking humiliation, so that others would not experience what they did.

Every member of our party should feel safe and respected. I am proud that unlike our Democrat counterparts who remain silent when credible accusations of sexual harassment and assault have been made against their own members even a local party officer, the Republican Party stood for what was right and not what was politically convenient.”

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