Apr 062020

Marianna Bekhet is a Bay Area Democrat Transplant to Granite Bay. Her Husband Viktor, also a lib-dem turned NPP ran against Kirk in 2016. So why not put out a half-baked lie. Tax Rates are set by the State, not the supervisors. Placer’s appear to be higher than most other counties, because? People want to live here and our property values are higher all things being the same than most other counties! IT gets better, Cheryl Berkema, a democrat herself has opposed new home construction that would bring prices down.

Bekhet and Berkema both circulated nomination petitions for Suzanne Jones – and their fellow democrats created Mello-Roos which was a circumvention of Prop 13. What is Mello-Roos? It is the $300-$400 a month property tax you pay on a new home for infrastructure. Since most of Placer County has been built since Mello-Roos came in to being that also inflates property taxes. Pesky details once again.

It appears that Suzanne Jones is going to have to learn on the fly about how taxes work. Heck, I may even use this attack against her in 2024 as I will rightly be able to jam her for doing nothing to lower property taxes. I just think it is delicious that two known bay-area transplant liberals were helping the first vice-chair of the Placer GOP. Is that a reflection on Suzanne for being a chameleon or a reflection on some (not all as the Placer GOP endorsed Kirk twice) of the Placer GOP Members who call themselves Conservatives that supported Jones.

Don’t worry though, crazy Suzy won’t be on the Placer GOP Committee for very long now that she got what she wants. Who knows if she will stay in the CRA – an organization I am proud to have been banned for life from. (I was expelled for being a RINO among other perceived offenses against Humanity)

If I am Tom McClintock, I’d plan for Suzanne Jones to run against me in the Primary in 2022. It fits her pattern as she has run for office in every cycle since 2008 save 2012.

Aside from getting the cops called on me in the campaign – the second highlight for me personally is when Pro-Life activists called Kirk. They told Kirk flat out they knew he was pro-choice. When Kirk explained to them he has always been pro-life and there is ample public evidence of it, they intimated that they were told Kirk was Pro-Choice by Suzanne Jones. Funny, as I know Jones to be Pro-Choice by her actions not her words when she is trying to get something she wants. She also tries to act Pro-Life when it suits her too.

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When asked directly about her stance on the second amendment, she avoided the question. You will notice this a lot from Suzanne Jones. Having had ample exposure to her in multiple campaigns, aside from the fact that she is a terrible public speaker, she typically does not or can not answer questions.

This is likely why she was speaking off of a script at the League of Women Voter’s Forum with questions planted in the audience.

Also note – Suzanne’s webmaster on the Facebook Page was another democrat turned NPP. The individual applied for a spot on the Granite Bay MAC but was caught in at least 2 inaccuracies on her application and was excoriated publicly for them.

If you think Suzanne Jones is a Trump supporter – think again. Some of her biggest boosters are some of the same people that poured $15 Million in to Antonio Villariagosa’s Governor Campaign.

So democrats and democrats turned NPP were the backbone of Suzanne’s Supervisor Campaign. Man Made Global Warming, Affordable Housing, Anti-Development, Lie About Social Issues – what’s next?

Stay Tuned as the tour-de-Suzanne continues.

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