Mar 172020

I was Kirk Uhler’s Campaign Manager and this campaign had a lot of similar patterns I had seen in past campaigns. However, there was a key first. Suzanne Jones called the cops on me. (At least that is what the Deputy Sheriff told me) For that, she is going to receive the Beth Gaines treatment from Right on Daily for the life of her tenure as a Placer County Supervisor.

This is the young man that showed up at my house after Suzanne Jones called the Sheriff’s Office

It is also going to be important for people in Placer County Government – who are reading this blog in record numbers to understand who just won election. She is a chameleon and will say anything to get what she thinks she wants.

This is the business card that was left on my door on 2-14-2020. That was my 49th Birthday and apparently Mrs. Jones felt it was a good idea to call the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and accuse me of stealing her signs. (Mind you, about 100 of Kirk’s signs disappeared with no calls to the police)

Also note, someone else called the police on 2-19-2020 on Jones’ behalf in an attempt to abuse the local police for political gain as I had a police blotter forwarded to me.

Well, it turns out that a developer that Suzanne Jones tried to screw out of developing his land was the culprit. Jones and crew illegally placed signs on a few parcels of the man’s land. Then they compounded their actions by calling the cops on your intrepid blogger. Mrs. Jones is going to regret having done that for a variety of reasons.

Conservative Mugs 970Ă—250

To Suzanne Jones and/or the campaign staff:

Your campaign signs have been placed without permission on two of my clients’ properties and this email is 24 hour notice to remove those signs or they will be removed for you. These two properties are located in Granite Bay:

South side of Douglas at Seeno (1 large sign)

NW corner of East Roseville Parkway and Barton Road (3 small signs)

Additionally, at least 1 sign has been placed in the median at Golf Club Drive and East Roseville Parkway. These are unsafe and I understand that they are also in conflict with Placer County campaign rules. I removed one of these already, but it was replaced the following day, presumably by one of your volunteers.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this.

dc email signature

Dave Cook



Consulting Services, LLC

Note: Suzanne Jones ignored this email. Mr. Cook picked up the signs himself – leading to Suzanne Jones calling the cops on both myself and Mr. Cook.

Mr. Cook is going to have worse problems than Suzanne Jones violating his private property rights. He is going to have a MAC full of NIMBY’s and enviro nut democrats, appointed by Suzanne Jones. Oh wait, you didn’t know that Suzanne Jones’ top supporters were leftist liberal democrats? You thought she was he first vice chair of the Placer GOP? While the second statement is true, so is the first. And, wait until you see what she campaigned on and what issues mattered to her…

Buckle Up as there is a lot to unpack as we tell the story of the 8 time candidate Suzanne Jones who was in the right place at the right time finally.

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