Mar 032020

Your Intrepid Blogger Outside Brian Dahle’s Senate Office (SD-01)

Placer County D3 Supervisor, how close to Jim Holmes does Mike Murray Get?

Placer County D4 Supervisor, Kirk Uhler faces a tough re-election against serial candidate Suzanne Jones. This has been one of the nastiest local election races I have ever seen. I will be going in to graphic detail about it later.

Congressional Races: (I have written extensively about CA-03, 08, 10, 12, 50)

CA-01: I endorsed Doug LaMalfa. After some reports of chicanery by some of his staff against other Republican candidates, I decided to do nothing beyond endorse him. His opponent is a Nancy Pelosi lab experiment with $1,000,000 in the bank.

CA-03: Tamika Hamilton – she is the prototypical Republican Recruit who is facing off against one of the most bizarre opponents I have seen in a long time. (Sean Feucht)

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CA-04: Tom McClintock – I have intel that indicates Brynne Kennedy has been organizing for democrats at all levels. Despite my disdain for McClintock, similar to LaMalfa the alternatives are un-viable Republicans or Brynne Kennedy and her nearly $1 Million in rage donations against Trump in her account.

CA-08: Jay Obernolte – Best Resume of any candidate I am supporting. Full Portfolio Republican. Free of personal baggage. Similar to so many other races, fringe Republicans could not help themselves, so a couple filed against him. (Note: Obernolte is a paid advertiser)

CA-09: William Martinek – Another prototypical Republican recruit with a great story. Similar to CA-10, the local political bosses recruited an opponent for him.

CA-10: Ted Howze. He has committed $750K of his own money and raised $250K more. Why the local political bosses put candidates up against him in the primary is befuddling. (Note: Howze is a paid advertiser)

CA-11: Nisha Sharma. She is Hindu and like a lot of people in that community, they are newer Republicans, brought over by President Trump. What a great story for the GOP

CA-12: John Dennis. He is the Chairman of the SFGOP who found himself with a primary challenger. The primary challenger is one of the more vexatious disasters I have seen this side of Tim Donnelly. (Note: John Dennis is a paid advertiser)

CA-45: I took up the cause of hammering Deborah Pauly because she has decided to go on a rampage jihad against Greg Raths. Despite what Don Sedgwick may think, I really don’t care who wins in CA-45, Deborah Pauly just needed to have political therapy.

CA-50: Darrell Issa. Darrell Issa is running in a heavyweight slugfest against Carl DeMaio. DeMaio is a liberal pro-choice, pro-open borders version of Tim Donnelly. I have always liked Issa from the days when his money fueled the recall of Gray Davis, I have never really been a fan of DeMaio especially once I found out how he mistreated Republican Volunteers.

Legislative Races – AD-XX = Assembly District XX and SD-XX = Senate District XX

AD-01: Vote Megan Dahle. She drew a NPP opponent who spent about $500K of his own money on his campaign. It is alleged that some Republican Staff/Operatives were helping the NPP candidate. Dahle, is aggressive and is a tireless worker who has a future in the GOP when not being challenged for no apparent reason.

AD-42: Vote Andrew Kotyuk – this is the classic David vs Goliath race. Chad Mayes in his narcissitic rage to prove how right he was with Cap and Trade bolted the GOP before filing for re-election. The Swamp has been pouring money in to Mayes while the GOP Leadership apparently afraid to cross their donors have done a fraction for Kotyuk what has been done for Mayes. Should Mayes beat Kotyuk – watch AD-35 Jordan Cunningham and AD-72 Tyler Diep at a minimum bolt the GOP.

AD-67: Vote Kelly Seyarto or Jeremy Smith. I have been hammering the Legislative leadership for refusing to honor the endorsement of the CAGOP. Steve Manos, who I have written about a lot was the recipient of $150K from the swamp at the behest of his father while Legislative Leadership has done absolutely nothing at all.

AD-72: Vote Janet Nguyen. It is time to take out the trash. Tyler Diep is corrupt (In My Opinion) and has a voting record Chad Mayes would love. If Tyler survives his primary he will bolt the GOP.

AD-73: This is the William “Bill” Brough seat. Vote for Laurie Davies. The behavior of GOP leadership in the face of the scandals will live in infamy. (Though the OCGOP did indeed draw the right conclusion in November after months of hammering)

AD-74: Vote Diane Dixon. She is the Mayor of Newport Beach. Kelly Ernby is not yet ready for prime-time. Diane is now, Ernby could be tomorrow with more seasoning.

SD-15: This is the race where elites are trying to push Johnny Khamis, the trump-hating NPP over the line. The establishment is alleged to have filed a second Republican to split the vote in order to facilitate Khamis making the runoff. Vote for Robert Howell

SD-23: Vote Lloyd White. I normally would not have cared so much, but with 4 vulnerable Republicans in the State Senate, the party / legislative leadership is pouring their limited resources in to a candidate here. The alleged reason is because they feared a D vs D runoff. Lloyd White is a strong well-known candidate and there has been about $1,000,000 spent against him. This absurdity and stupidity on the part of party bosses needs to be rooted out and eliminated.

SD-28: Vote Melissa Melendez. This is a special election and the result is far from assured.

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