Mar 022020

📝 From the Desk of Ray Johnston

Dear Kirk,

I just got back in town and had to write to let you know of my love and support for you. I know that politics can be a contact sport. But that should be focused on issues and performance and I’ve been surprised by some of the personal attacks on you and your character. That’s why I am writing.

We have been friends for a long time. I have great memories including marrying you to the love of your life – and just like me you married way out of your league!

You and your parents meant more to me than you would know when you all jumped in early to help us launch Bayside Church. Without your Family and especially your mom Cindy I don’t think this church exists.

All of that to say I was saddened after witnessing the recent personal attacks against you. I’ve read the reports and heard the claims. There are plenty of people with whom I disagree on policy, but I would never assail their character. Our country is getting very tired of the personal attacks during elections rather than intelligent conversations about issues.

Not only am I sorry that you are experiencing this I want you to know that you have my support! For 30 years I have watched you serve our community and live with integrity.

And by the way you have my permission share this with whoever you want.

Ray Johnston – Senior Pastor, Bayside Church

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Kirk Uhler led efforts to fix the I80-CA65 Interchange.
Only Placer Supervisor to oppose Sanctuary State (2018 action)
Led efforts to stop commercial marijuana grows in Placer County
Stopped proposed 27% rate increase for pioneer energy
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