Mar 242020

Some people are in a wad because we pointed out that Suzanne Jones is (at least at the time of the writing of this blog) the First Vice-Chair of the Placer GOP.

Kirk Uhler has some friends in the Congressman McClintock staff. They warned us that the “McClintock Haters” and “Uhler Haters” had joined forces and that the democrats were doing some sort of organizing for Suzanne Jones.

It started to become crystal clear when Jones was reading off of a script at the League of Women Voters candidate forum, as if she knew the questions in advance of the event. In that event, she talked about “Carbon Footprints” and “Man Made Climate Change” in addition to using other leftist talking points in her campaign.

So here is the first part of an exchange on Ms. Jones campaign page. Then the second part follows:


The problem for anyone on the Placer GOP Central Committee that wants to be upset with Kirk Uhler, is that the above tilt leftward by Ms. Jones was not an isolated incidence. She campaigned on Affordable Housing, Stopping Development and Carbon Footprints. (among other things)

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In fact, when we observed ballots at the Placer County Registrar of Voters, Suzanne Jones was winning the samples I saw 70-30 among democrats. She won the very late vote by 12% – suggesting that the move of the Uhler campaign to enlist former Dem Party official Rob Haswell (a long time friend of Uhlers) and former Sheriff Ed Bonner was effective in cutting in to that margin. Based on numbers from the Placer County Registrar -at least 2/3 of the late ballots (turned in on election day or received after election day in the mail) were democrat ballots.

Now contrast Suzanne Jones’ Campaign to this:


You never saw Suzanne Jones ever present herself this way. It is because her top supporters are bay area liberals, anti growth liberals and a handful of loudmouths enraged because something they don’t like was built near their Granite Bay Home. One of the worst features of human nature is the I’ve got mine, you can’t have yours mentality. These people were Jones’ campaign – and she met them in 2018 in her ill-fated run for Assembly.

In addition – take a good look at this photo. This is Kirk Uhler’s family. Jones’ campaign people and she herself (Suzanne, people talk and a few people you met with talked to me in graphic detail about what came out of your mouth) attacked Mr. Uhler’s entire family. We will be getting in to everything in graphic detail so that people can understand the character of Suzanne Jones and what they are in for with her as a supervisor.

Note – the Uhler Campaign did not respond to her in-kind during the campaign. We made a strategic decision not to go negative until the very end, and then only to tell Democrat voters she is a “Republican”. As my Republican readers are going to learn – party affiliation is quite negotiable in the world of Ms. Jones.

One of our mail pieces to Republicans. Democrats out-voted Republicans by 4% in Placer County Sup D4 and Suzanne Jones Won Democrats by at least 60% in the final tally, as our observations showed it to be 70-30 two weeks out from election day.

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