Mar 182020

The employees who filed the grievances are carrying the weight and taking the risk.   The great majority of the employees are afraid they will lose their jobs, or be demoted, or harassed, or ostracized, etc., if they breathe a word that it is not enthusiastically supportive of Wilson and co.

As of right now, we have 6 Candidates for Placer County DA. As of right now, I’ve spoken to 10 current/former employees whose lives/careers have been adversely affected by the rampage of Jeff Wilson. I’ve received several more emails.

I was told that there was an emergency closed-door (called Closed Session) meeting of the Placer County Board of Supervisors on 3-9-2020 the day before the disturbed Jeff Wilson was “walked out”. Being “Walked Out” means you’ve screwed up so bad that even in the culture of covering up malfeasance by public servants your conduct is so bad that the bureaucracy is going to fire you. (90% of people “walked out” get terminated)

Wilson’s application for DA is still pending as of this time. He has not withdrawn it, but he has no support on the Placer County Board of Supervisors to take over as DA.

Jeff Wilson appears to have run a reign of terror. His two henchmen were reputedly Doug Van Breemen and Jennifer Miszkewycz. The sad irony is with the devastating revelations about Wilson, the County Administrator placed Miszkewycz in charge until the appointment is complete.

This is why I pasted the above comment at the beginning of the blog. Even though Jeff Wilson is in trouble – Jennifer Miszkewycz who I refer to as Drucilla is in charge and the whistle-blowers who have been strung out to dry repeatedly fear loss of their careers all over again.

I’ve basically heard it all. Employees were being cyber-stalked on social media, followed, people were put in cubicles near undesirables to monitor them, employees were written up for being 45 seconds late for work (while people like Misckewycz were able to show up as much as an hour late with no repercussions according to two sources). Wilson had mastered the procedures for circumventing civil service protections in order to make life hell for anyone that was not part of his crew – typical Narcissistic Control. Wilson of course, promoted friends – but discarded Dave Tellman in December of 2018 when he chose Van Breemen and Misckewycz over him for the #3 slots.

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I am aware that there may be several re-submitted HR complaints that were blown off in the past. Most people that complained suffered almost immediate retribution. The Karin Bjork case lays bare that Wilson berated people, used profanity and bullied people regularly. It is likely that Doug Van Breemen and Miszkewycz did it as well and were complicit in the cover up of any repercussions from it. I’ve been told that “County Whistleblower” could not be bothered actually investigating cases and that the Union Rep was useless in assisting union members that were getting hammered by Wilson and crew.

It has all come out in public now. Note – no local news source has covered this mess. They are fixated on ginning Coronavirus in to a national panic in order to tank the economy because the Russia-did-it-lie and impeachment did not work. The Sacramento Bee, a joke of a newspaper and a shell of its’ former self has had dozens of articles about Coronavirus but nothing about the rampant abuses in the Placer County DA’s office despite multiple contacts from multiple people.

This is why Right on Daily exists, because someone has to report the news. I used to think highly of Scott Owens, but I no longer do. His legacy is in smoldering embers as Jeff Wilson’s reign of terror was created and enabled by Owens’ laziness and benign neglect of his duties as Placer County District Attorney. I am aware there may be underlying personal issues as well, since I have no proof and only my opinion I will stop there.

Your DA Candidates:

Jeff Wilson. Get lost.

Dave Tellman: It appears most in the department like him. Tellman needs to answer for his years as one of Jeff Wilson’s management crew. Why was his name on the Karin Bjork items leading to the $2.9 Million loss to the county? Why is his name all over the Brady Listing of two innocent officers? Why didn’t he speak up? What did he do to deal with Wilson’s reign of terror? What could we expect of him as Placer County DA? I know nothing of Tellman’s political leanings – two Law Enforcement Unions have now endorsed him.

David Broady: He was shoved in the cooler in Auburn several years ago by Jeff Wilson. People that know him like him, but he has been largely isolated from the DA’s office because of the “freeway therapy” foisted upon him by Wilson. Broady is also a social liberal near as I can tell, I am not sure how that would affect him on law enforcement issues. Sources tell me that Broady may well have connected me to a few of my sources – if true, Broady deserves a medal for initiating the process that nailed Jeff Wilson.

Scott Triplett: Does he even get the right time of day from the Board of Supervisors? He was a rumored opponent to Scott Owens in a past election. I know Triplett to be a Conservative Republican.

Morgan Gire. His family are all conservative through and through. He was endorsed by the Placer GOP. He is in the #3 Slot in Sacramento County’s DA office. Gire and Tellman reportedly told the Placer County DSA and the Roseville POA (unions) that if appointed the other would become the #2. I am not sure I am comfortable with that until I can understand what, if anything Tellman’s role in the Wilson rampage was. By all indications, Gire is completely qualified for the job.

The last candidate I only know by the name Nina. She is also a current employee of the Placer County DA’s office. The one report I heard about her was glowing.

I am going to continue until I confirm Jeff Wilson has been removed from the Gene Pool and I can get answers about Mr. Tellman.

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  5 Responses to “Placer County DA Update: Here’s Where we Stand as of 3-18-2020, Scott Owens’ Legacy and the 5 Remaining Candidates for the Vacancy.”

  1. Thanks for this information!

  2. Great article Aaron as usual. I wanted to add that Nina Bessleman is who we need in that DA seat. She started Crime Victims United, has a tough on crime record and is a fierce advocate for victims rights and criminal justice reform not only in Placer County but up and down the state. She also has several community, law enforcement and associations backing and endorsing her. I’ve known Nina for over 20 years. I know her record and accomplishments. I’d be happy sit with you and tell you more about Nina or where you could go to hear it from others like me.

  3. With termination, does Wilson still ride on the taxpayers’ back for pension and benefits ? If so, he gets off scott (no pun intended) free while those harassed and discriminated against continue to work in an intimidating and fearful environment. Guess that’s how government operates.

    Consider adding to your list of questions for Tellman. What did he do to help those being harassed ?

    Lastly, add to the list of ‘Do Nothings’ like the Sac Bee, Human Resources, Union Reps, and Office staff, the County Board of Supervisors are equally culpable in making massive liability payouts and not holding this ” good ol’ boys club” accountable at all. Call that leadership?

    Thanx for doing what you do in giving these women a voice.

  4. Blogger’s Note: we have spoken to 15 employees in the DA’s office. Facts are facts – this commenter obviously is one of the people that we have written about specifically.

    We were just informed that Gina Nargie is one of Jeff Wilson’s favorites and is in line for a promotion.


    I hesitate to even acknowledge the venom you are spewing. I know this fundamental truth about our office…everyone who works in it believes in serving their community. This blog hurts everyone who is coming to work and trying to get through all of this. Especially today when 78 people were packed into one courtroom and in others departments defendants remained entitled to hearings and we were there. Your venom in a time of crisis hurts everyone committed to the mission of this office. That includes our support staff! You made the accusation so let’s insert some truth. Placer County Administration has the ability to know when and how much all DA staff work. Why? We have alarm codes and key pads. They know when we are in the building after hours. To say generally one personal was written up for being 45 seconds late and not another doesn’t take into account all the facts. Is this an apples to apples comparison or not? I didn’t conduct your interviews so I can’t say who or what specific instances/time frames you are talking about and you didn’t specify. You have a blog and can say what you want, which clearly includes name calling. Maybe before you name people viciously, despite your attempt to lesson your distain by referencing negative Disney characters, you should have the facts about the hours she worked or works. General comments don’t take into account, what an attorney may have going on…a Grand Jury Indictment on a murder case? An attorney whose trial court is dark after having working nights and weekend for 3+ weeks? I don’t know because you don’t specify. Maybe you should know the hours, for both camps, that are put in. But that’s the things about blogs…it’s an open mic. Everyone can Monday Monday quarter back.

  5. It is probably best that I don’t say too much about my personal experience in that office. I will say this, I was written up for being late and I never made a comment about what time Jennifer M. comes into work. I did say that certain support staff were able to come in whenever they wanted and they were not reprimanded. I know from my experience that the FOB system only kept track of when you came into the building not when you left.
    The bottom line is this … If Jeff Wilson didn’t want you in that office you were gone. He would find what your weakness was and make sure he humiliated you. For the people on his good side they were always rewarded with promotions etc…
    I don’t think there would be so many people coming forward if there wasn’t a problem. This is just based on MY own personal experience.

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