Mar 242020

Some people are in a wad because we pointed out that Suzanne Jones is (at least at the time of the writing of this blog) the First Vice-Chair of the Placer GOP.

Kirk Uhler has some friends in the Congressman McClintock staff. They warned us that the “McClintock Haters” and “Uhler Haters” had joined forces and that the democrats were doing some sort of organizing for Suzanne Jones.

It started to become crystal clear when Jones was reading off of a script at the League of Women Voters candidate forum, as if she knew the questions in advance of the event. In that event, she talked about “Carbon Footprints” and “Man Made Climate Change” in addition to using other leftist talking points in her campaign.

So here is the first part of an exchange on Ms. Jones campaign page. Then the second part follows:


The problem for anyone on the Placer GOP Central Committee that wants to be upset with Kirk Uhler, is that the above tilt leftward by Ms. Jones was not an isolated incidence. She campaigned on Affordable Housing, Stopping Development and Carbon Footprints. (among other things)

In fact, when we observed ballots at the Placer County Registrar of Voters, Suzanne Jones was winning the samples I saw 70-30 among democrats. She won the very late vote by 12% – suggesting that the move of the Uhler campaign to enlist former Dem Party official Rob Haswell (a long time friend of Uhlers) and former Sheriff Ed Bonner was effective in cutting in to that margin. Based on numbers from the Placer County Registrar -at least 2/3 of the late ballots (turned in on election day or received after election day in the mail) were democrat ballots.

Now contrast Suzanne Jones’ Campaign to this:


You never saw Suzanne Jones ever present herself this way. It is because her top supporters are bay area liberals, anti growth liberals and a handful of loudmouths enraged because something they don’t like was built near their Granite Bay Home. One of the worst features of human nature is the I’ve got mine, you can’t have yours mentality. These people were Jones’ campaign – and she met them in 2018 in her ill-fated run for Assembly.

In addition – take a good look at this photo. This is Kirk Uhler’s family. Jones’ campaign people and she herself (Suzanne, people talk and a few people you met with talked to me in graphic detail about what came out of your mouth) attacked Mr. Uhler’s entire family. We will be getting in to everything in graphic detail so that people can understand the character of Suzanne Jones and what they are in for with her as a supervisor.

Note – the Uhler Campaign did not respond to her in-kind during the campaign. We made a strategic decision not to go negative until the very end, and then only to tell Democrat voters she is a “Republican”. As my Republican readers are going to learn – party affiliation is quite negotiable in the world of Ms. Jones.

One of our mail pieces to Republicans. Democrats out-voted Republicans by 4% in Placer County Sup D4 and Suzanne Jones Won Democrats by at least 60% in the final tally, as our observations showed it to be 70-30 two weeks out from election day.

Mar 232020

I have been sharply critical of decisions being made by California Senate Republican Caucus Strategist Matt Klemin – the issues are two-fold, he is paid $152,000 a year to lose races and number 2 it has been put to me by several people that he makes a lot of decisions in a vacuum which may mean some of my past criticisms permanent minority leader Shannon Grove may have been misplaced. Did I mention that Matt Klemin loses races? SD12, SD14 and SD34 in 2018. (SD-XX = California State Senate District XX)

Only Scott Wilk in SD21 looks like he will be OK, but he is in for a slugfest. However, the problem vexing Scott Wilk is the overlaid CA25 Race. This is the Katie Hill seat and she was the millennial golden girl for the national socialist party. She was taken down when her out of control lifestyle was exposed by Red State Blogger Jennifer Van Laar – the scandal was quick and ferocious. Now the national dems want to assuage their bruised ego.

Relatively unknown businessman Mike Garcia is the GOP Standard-Bearer in CA25. If the DCCC pours money in to CA25, Wilk could be in trouble due to the over-spray. Do note that I am endorsing the nominee of the GOP Mike Garcia in CA-25 in addition to always being a fan of Scott Wilk.

Wilk’s strong showing was pretty much because of his efforts and relationships. He got token support from Matt Klemin and the Senate Caucus – while outside interests came in strong for him.

Remember – Matt Klemin is paid $152,000 a year from the State Senate Caucus (even though it shows up on the CAGOP’s financial report – see the end of the post for why that is) to get the Senate Caucus shrunk from 15-10 members over the last decade. I could hire people from the rescue mission and get the same result.

You will see that Matt Klemin decided that pumping $150,000 in to SD05 candidate Jesus Andrade was a great idea. Andrade is in 4th place and that result is unlikely to change. In fact, Klemin’s decision could have cost the GOP a candidate in the runoff. Now Andrade is replaced with a democrat on the Stockton City Council.

It gets better – Both Ling Ling Chang and John Moorlach received tepid support from the Senate GOP Caucus – again at the direction of Matt Klemin:

Both of these incumbent State Senators are in clear and present danger. When the incumbent is held under 50 (remember there is no 50+1 provision) regardless of the unique rules of Prop 14, it is a signal of danger. In this case, both Moorlach and Ling Ling received less support than the 4th place finisher Jesus Andrade.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Matt Klemin will be overseeing the loss of two more State Senators. I’d love very much to be able to write something different. The ray of hope for Ling Ling Chang is that CA-39 is going to be competitive in the fall with Young Kim running strong against Lotto Boy. That will be a $10Million Race for Congress almost certainly. Will Michael Bloomberg take all those employees he lied to (he laid his political staff off after promising them jobs through november) and send them in to Orange County like he did in 2018?

Similar to how CA-25 could affect Scott Wilk, so will CA-39 affect Ling Ling Ling Chang.

John Moorlach has no such help in CA-45 as Don Sedgwick ran in to a political brick wall and Greg Raths finished second. Raths is noted for not being a good fundraiser and the NRCC appears to have pulled back from CA-45.

This leads us to the $1.5 Million Golden Girl Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh. On paper, she looks like a strong candidate. In the primary, I lit her up good largely because of my frustration over the jam down of party endorsements and the coronation of her by political insiders.

The lie that was being told was that the money had to go in to Rosilicie because Lloyd White was going to split the GOP vote up causing a D vs D runoff in SD23. That became a proven lie as on election night Lloyd White was in first place. This means that absent $1Million in attacks, Lloyd White finishes first in the SD23 Primary. Based on my knowledge of the situation, I am of the belief that lie was largely propagated by Matt Klemin. Despite my frustrations with Shannon Grove, I do not see her as a bald-faced liar.

Before you celebrate the 9.5% differential between Republicans and Democrats – remember the $1.5 Million poured in to Rosilicie. Will another $1.5 Million be there in the fall – AND – how much do the dems pour in to Abigail Medina? $5Million? They have money to burn.

Also note that the dems spent very little on Medina in the primary. This fact alone should give everyone pause. Since Bogh herself was not responsible for the actions of the party people around her, and despite my real reservations about the situation in general, I do want her to win the SD23 Election. I may at some point get her side of the story and write a piece about the merits of Bogh. (if Bogh’s campaign wants to reach out is the place)

There is also the matter of the SD-28 special election. Klemin and crew did finally engage late, but not nearly enough to life Melissa Melendez over the 50% threshold. It remains to be seen if the democrats mount a serious effort. They (the dems) did put a goat on the ballot, John Schwab who was a lifelong democrat and re-registered Republican specifically to split votes off of Melendez. He has also refused to endorse Melendez post primary. The net effect is this is going to cost the Senate GOP Caucus a lot of money to deal with a potential onslaught from said dems. Then layer on persistent rumors that Shannon Grove does not like Melissa Melendez very much and you understand my concern even though I think Melendez will hammer any dem challenger.

This is the state of things on the GOP Senate side as I see them.

Note – The “One Ask” program is where the CAGOP Chair, Senate Caucus Leader and/or the Assembly Caucus Leader make fundraising calls and the money raised is split in thirds between the caucuses. In the case of the Senate – you see a lot of their expenditures (including Klemin’s Salary of $152,000 a year to lose races) come out of the CAGOP’s State Account. This arrangement has existed for years and is perfectly legal. 

Also note that SD-XX = California State Senate District XX

Mar 182020

The Country is in a state of panic. Conspiracy Theorists are running amok. Democrats across America are practically declaring Martial Law, the Stock Market is down 30%. A Recession has been created literally overnight. You’d think that the State Party Leadership would be cognizant of the dynamic.

Yup. Got a solicitation from the State Party Today. This was sent in the last 3-5 days.

You’d think the CAGOP would stop fundraising activity? The number of annoying emails I am getting from candidates has gone backwards considerably.

Now – this is where my very public criticism of Party Leaders (which are different from the feckless Assembly and State Senate Leaders – but related), comes in. We’ve detailed how high their salaries and consulting fees are. We deserve better for our money.

Then there is this:

I am sure that Madam Chairman / Chairwoman / Jeff Randle / David Stafford Reade / Andy Gimmecandy / (fill in name of $100K+ year consultant here) get that 50% of the delegates to the CAGOP (including the ones they harvest proxy votes from) are over Age 60? Perhaps they are OK continuing with the convention because there will be less people in attendance making the outcome easier to control? (See also the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure)

The CAGOP Could Pay me $2500 a month and I’d save them $1 Million a year in consulting fees and disabuse them of these kinds of blunders. I am sure the CADEMS are laughing hysterically right now as they prepare to use these mistakes in voter registration drives.

The party had to send the above out after sending a survey the previous day making a big deal out of the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman Elections that are supposed to occur at our convention. Both of these people get to vote on the Nominee of the GOP Nationally, so it is a big deal. However when you see the next…

This was the survey question that caused several recipients of the email to believe that the CAGOP’s staff was soliciting opponents to Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel.

I have been convinced more than ever that the CAGOP is a shell that exists to help about 15-20 people live comfortably. It has been years since I have seen actual work in the field on fundamentals. There have been effective board members (such as Harmeet Dhillon or Jim Brulte), but largely due to the almost psychotic level of control executed by a handful of people that try to hide in the shadows there is no room for innovation or vision.

Regardless of the culprit(s) – This sort of mixed message and confusion is not a good look for the CAGOP. Continuing to fund-raise at this moment is also not a good look for the CAGOP. But, remember we were supposed to support the current regime because Travis Allen would have been a disaster for the CAGOP.

Please also note – there is a technical issue that has precluded the CAGOP from sending to the account I have used for 20 years, it has yet to be fixed as I have not been getting their emails for over 3 months now. The above emails were forwarded to me.

It is the opinion of this blogger that we deserve better from our State Party. This needs to stop.

P.S. This email from the Tea Party California Caucus I 100% agree with and endorse:

Dear California Republican Activist:

You may have received a survey from the California Republican Party, asking if the May 1-3 convention should be postponed, cancelled or handled as a conference call.  It is suggested that it could be held in “Summer” of 2020.  That means it could be held between June 20 and September 22.

One issue mentioned is how do we endorse, or oppose ballot measures for the November ballot.  Actually, by holding a convention May 1-3, we could NOT be discussing and taking a position on November issues, since the Secretary of State will not finalize the ballot measures until sometime in August.  Remember, the CRP did NOT take a stand on Prop. 13, nor did the Board of Directors make a recommendation.  In fact the September convention never agenized the endorsement of President Trump, and the Board of Directors NEVER took a vote to endorse him.  Instead, at the last minute, someone listed on the CRP voter guide that President Trump was endorsed.  Yet NO vote was ever taken.

We urge you to send an email to the California Republican Party, to the Chair, saying you want a real convention, in September, when we can have a real discussion of our positions on the ballot measures.

In the survey sent by the California Republican Party, it was noted that the Executive Committee could take positions, without the delegates being heard.  In fact, the bylaws mandate certain people to be appointed to the Executive Committee.  But, the by-laws also allow the Chair, one person, to choose a majority of the members of the Executive Committee.  In other words, one person will be deciding our position on up to fifteen November ballot measures.

There was also a question as to the election of national Committeewoman and Man.  As the question itself states, if we do not, then the delegates to the GOP National Convention can do so.  We are a little more than forty days before the May 1 convention—and yet, there are no opponents to the incumbents.  This is a non issue as to the calling of a convention and the date.

We are a political Party.  Not endorsing Donald Trump for re-election, not taking a position on Prop. 13—which lost due to grassroots opposition, both Republicans and Democrats, shows the need for a fully run convention.

Please send emails to the Party asking for an early September convention.  Otherwise, imagine the California Republican Party will not have a meeting for almost eighteen months—September, 2019 till February 2021—almost makes delegates irrelevant.

Please send me a copy of your email to the CRP.  We will win in November, both elected offices and ballot measures if we are unified.  Unity comes from everyone having a seat at the table.  Losing is because a few people make the decisions.  Are we winners or losers?


Randall Jordan, Chairman Tea Party California Caucus.

Mar 182020

Take a look at Tyler Diep how is now about 1,000 votes down. We wrote about him on Monday 3-16-2020. If I am DieDre Nguyen, I am not looking forward to what is in store for me. Janet Nguyen is one of the few Politicians that I respect for their willingness to kick some tail. (This is an EXCEEDINGLY RARE commodity on the R side of the aisle)

William Bill Brough is burnt toast. Let’s soon see that report on him from the assembly working committee about his maladies with women, Ok? Now that there is no political advantage to be gained for Anthony Rendon sitting on it, it is time for the Report which we know was finished in early February to come out.

IN AD74 – I proudly helped Diane Dixon, but the incumbent is sitting on 52% of the vote. Cottie Petrie-Norris-Norris is going to be a tough target.

Earlier, We detailed how William “Bill” Brough’s TOP 2 supporters – the crazed on-again and off-again Republican Art Sanchez and Sex Robot Shawn got less than 3% of the vote in their efforts for OCGOP Central Committee in AD73… we have NEW and exciting news to report:

DUI Debbie wrapped herself around a political telephone pole. She is down 199 votes with next to no ballots left in Orange County to tally. Remember, because of the dispersion of votes in a vote for 6 race, 199 Votes may as well be 1,000.

The OCGOP dodged a major bullet and barring some idiot elected appointing her as an alternate, SHE GONE. The members of the OCGOP will get some peace from her six-page emails and unhinged rants.

Mar 182020

The employees who filed the grievances are carrying the weight and taking the risk.   The great majority of the employees are afraid they will lose their jobs, or be demoted, or harassed, or ostracized, etc., if they breathe a word that it is not enthusiastically supportive of Wilson and co.

As of right now, we have 6 Candidates for Placer County DA. As of right now, I’ve spoken to 10 current/former employees whose lives/careers have been adversely affected by the rampage of Jeff Wilson. I’ve received several more emails.

I was told that there was an emergency closed-door (called Closed Session) meeting of the Placer County Board of Supervisors on 3-9-2020 the day before the disturbed Jeff Wilson was “walked out”. Being “Walked Out” means you’ve screwed up so bad that even in the culture of covering up malfeasance by public servants your conduct is so bad that the bureaucracy is going to fire you. (90% of people “walked out” get terminated)

Wilson’s application for DA is still pending as of this time. He has not withdrawn it, but he has no support on the Placer County Board of Supervisors to take over as DA.

Jeff Wilson appears to have run a reign of terror. His two henchmen were reputedly Doug Van Breemen and Jennifer Miszkewycz. The sad irony is with the devastating revelations about Wilson, the County Administrator placed Miszkewycz in charge until the appointment is complete.

This is why I pasted the above comment at the beginning of the blog. Even though Jeff Wilson is in trouble – Jennifer Miszkewycz who I refer to as Drucilla is in charge and the whistle-blowers who have been strung out to dry repeatedly fear loss of their careers all over again.

I’ve basically heard it all. Employees were being cyber-stalked on social media, followed, people were put in cubicles near undesirables to monitor them, employees were written up for being 45 seconds late for work (while people like Misckewycz were able to show up as much as an hour late with no repercussions according to two sources). Wilson had mastered the procedures for circumventing civil service protections in order to make life hell for anyone that was not part of his crew – typical Narcissistic Control. Wilson of course, promoted friends – but discarded Dave Tellman in December of 2018 when he chose Van Breemen and Misckewycz over him for the #3 slots.

I am aware that there may be several re-submitted HR complaints that were blown off in the past. Most people that complained suffered almost immediate retribution. The Karin Bjork case lays bare that Wilson berated people, used profanity and bullied people regularly. It is likely that Doug Van Breemen and Miszkewycz did it as well and were complicit in the cover up of any repercussions from it. I’ve been told that “County Whistleblower” could not be bothered actually investigating cases and that the Union Rep was useless in assisting union members that were getting hammered by Wilson and crew.

It has all come out in public now. Note – no local news source has covered this mess. They are fixated on ginning Coronavirus in to a national panic in order to tank the economy because the Russia-did-it-lie and impeachment did not work. The Sacramento Bee, a joke of a newspaper and a shell of its’ former self has had dozens of articles about Coronavirus but nothing about the rampant abuses in the Placer County DA’s office despite multiple contacts from multiple people.

This is why Right on Daily exists, because someone has to report the news. I used to think highly of Scott Owens, but I no longer do. His legacy is in smoldering embers as Jeff Wilson’s reign of terror was created and enabled by Owens’ laziness and benign neglect of his duties as Placer County District Attorney. I am aware there may be underlying personal issues as well, since I have no proof and only my opinion I will stop there.

Your DA Candidates:

Jeff Wilson. Get lost.

Dave Tellman: It appears most in the department like him. Tellman needs to answer for his years as one of Jeff Wilson’s management crew. Why was his name on the Karin Bjork items leading to the $2.9 Million loss to the county? Why is his name all over the Brady Listing of two innocent officers? Why didn’t he speak up? What did he do to deal with Wilson’s reign of terror? What could we expect of him as Placer County DA? I know nothing of Tellman’s political leanings – two Law Enforcement Unions have now endorsed him.

David Broady: He was shoved in the cooler in Auburn several years ago by Jeff Wilson. People that know him like him, but he has been largely isolated from the DA’s office because of the “freeway therapy” foisted upon him by Wilson. Broady is also a social liberal near as I can tell, I am not sure how that would affect him on law enforcement issues. Sources tell me that Broady may well have connected me to a few of my sources – if true, Broady deserves a medal for initiating the process that nailed Jeff Wilson.

Scott Triplett: Does he even get the right time of day from the Board of Supervisors? He was a rumored opponent to Scott Owens in a past election. I know Triplett to be a Conservative Republican.

Morgan Gire. His family are all conservative through and through. He was endorsed by the Placer GOP. He is in the #3 Slot in Sacramento County’s DA office. Gire and Tellman reportedly told the Placer County DSA and the Roseville POA (unions) that if appointed the other would become the #2. I am not sure I am comfortable with that until I can understand what, if anything Tellman’s role in the Wilson rampage was. By all indications, Gire is completely qualified for the job.

The last candidate I only know by the name Nina. She is also a current employee of the Placer County DA’s office. The one report I heard about her was glowing.

I am going to continue until I confirm Jeff Wilson has been removed from the Gene Pool and I can get answers about Mr. Tellman.