Mar 182020

The Country is in a state of panic. Conspiracy Theorists are running amok. Democrats across America are practically declaring Martial Law, the Stock Market is down 30%. A Recession has been created literally overnight. You’d think that the State Party Leadership would be cognizant of the dynamic.

Yup. Got a solicitation from the State Party Today. This was sent in the last 3-5 days.

You’d think the CAGOP would stop fundraising activity? The number of annoying emails I am getting from candidates has gone backwards considerably.

Now – this is where my very public criticism of Party Leaders (which are different from the feckless Assembly and State Senate Leaders – but related), comes in. We’ve detailed how high their salaries and consulting fees are. We deserve better for our money.

Then there is this:

I am sure that Madam Chairman / Chairwoman / Jeff Randle / David Stafford Reade / Andy Gimmecandy / (fill in name of $100K+ year consultant here) get that 50% of the delegates to the CAGOP (including the ones they harvest proxy votes from) are over Age 60? Perhaps they are OK continuing with the convention because there will be less people in attendance making the outcome easier to control? (See also the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure)

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The CAGOP Could Pay me $2500 a month and I’d save them $1 Million a year in consulting fees and disabuse them of these kinds of blunders. I am sure the CADEMS are laughing hysterically right now as they prepare to use these mistakes in voter registration drives.

The party had to send the above out after sending a survey the previous day making a big deal out of the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman Elections that are supposed to occur at our convention. Both of these people get to vote on the Nominee of the GOP Nationally, so it is a big deal. However when you see the next…

This was the survey question that caused several recipients of the email to believe that the CAGOP’s staff was soliciting opponents to Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel.

I have been convinced more than ever that the CAGOP is a shell that exists to help about 15-20 people live comfortably. It has been years since I have seen actual work in the field on fundamentals. There have been effective board members (such as Harmeet Dhillon or Jim Brulte), but largely due to the almost psychotic level of control executed by a handful of people that try to hide in the shadows there is no room for innovation or vision.

Regardless of the culprit(s) – This sort of mixed message and confusion is not a good look for the CAGOP. Continuing to fund-raise at this moment is also not a good look for the CAGOP. But, remember we were supposed to support the current regime because Travis Allen would have been a disaster for the CAGOP.

Please also note – there is a technical issue that has precluded the CAGOP from sending to the account I have used for 20 years, it has yet to be fixed as I have not been getting their emails for over 3 months now. The above emails were forwarded to me.

It is the opinion of this blogger that we deserve better from our State Party. This needs to stop.

P.S. This email from the Tea Party California Caucus I 100% agree with and endorse:

Dear California Republican Activist:

You may have received a survey from the California Republican Party, asking if the May 1-3 convention should be postponed, cancelled or handled as a conference call.  It is suggested that it could be held in “Summer” of 2020.  That means it could be held between June 20 and September 22.

One issue mentioned is how do we endorse, or oppose ballot measures for the November ballot.  Actually, by holding a convention May 1-3, we could NOT be discussing and taking a position on November issues, since the Secretary of State will not finalize the ballot measures until sometime in August.  Remember, the CRP did NOT take a stand on Prop. 13, nor did the Board of Directors make a recommendation.  In fact the September convention never agenized the endorsement of President Trump, and the Board of Directors NEVER took a vote to endorse him.  Instead, at the last minute, someone listed on the CRP voter guide that President Trump was endorsed.  Yet NO vote was ever taken.

We urge you to send an email to the California Republican Party, to the Chair, saying you want a real convention, in September, when we can have a real discussion of our positions on the ballot measures.

In the survey sent by the California Republican Party, it was noted that the Executive Committee could take positions, without the delegates being heard.  In fact, the bylaws mandate certain people to be appointed to the Executive Committee.  But, the by-laws also allow the Chair, one person, to choose a majority of the members of the Executive Committee.  In other words, one person will be deciding our position on up to fifteen November ballot measures.

There was also a question as to the election of national Committeewoman and Man.  As the question itself states, if we do not, then the delegates to the GOP National Convention can do so.  We are a little more than forty days before the May 1 convention—and yet, there are no opponents to the incumbents.  This is a non issue as to the calling of a convention and the date.

We are a political Party.  Not endorsing Donald Trump for re-election, not taking a position on Prop. 13—which lost due to grassroots opposition, both Republicans and Democrats, shows the need for a fully run convention.

Please send emails to the Party asking for an early September convention.  Otherwise, imagine the California Republican Party will not have a meeting for almost eighteen months—September, 2019 till February 2021—almost makes delegates irrelevant.

Please send me a copy of your email to the CRP.  We will win in November, both elected offices and ballot measures if we are unified.  Unity comes from everyone having a seat at the table.  Losing is because a few people make the decisions.  Are we winners or losers?


Randall Jordan, Chairman Tea Party California Caucus.

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