Feb 292020

IT is always nice when a couple of older party stalwarts step up and tell me an unsolicited story about a candidate. In this case it was Carl being Carl and raging on the LAGOP. (Don’t feel bad Issa Staff you are not unique)

P.S. South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

CA-50 Update: That Time When Carl DeMaio Raged on the LAGOP on the John and Ken Show. (Not exactly a way to pass Prop 6)

Then of course DeMaio is raging on Issa Staff too and talking openly about leaving the GOP if he loses. Start packing Carl.

CA-50 Update: Carl DeMaio is coming apart at the seams late in a campaign again. Also, has said in private conversations he is leaving the GOP

Public polls are showing that Carl is going down in flames

CA-50 Update: Why it Sucks to be Carl DeMaio. Reputable Public Poll Shows Him Flaming Out, Crashing and Burning, Biting the Big One, take your pick…

And of course we know why Carl DeMaio is trying to brand himself as a Conservative – because his life and his record are not even close.

CA-50 Update: Carl DeMaio in his own words: Called the National Border Patrol Council “the Swamp”, Supports Amnesty

CA-50 Update: Far Left and Trump Hating Republican Groups Pouring Money in to Carl DeMaio

What a disaster. Good bye Carl, please take your drama out of the GOP.

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  3 Responses to “CA-50 Update: I would not want to be Carl DeMaio right now. With only 4 days left in the GOP before he meets his fate, it really sucks to be him”

  1. Darrell Issa is not perfect.

    But he did endorse Donald Trump, and did not run away from the President during the general election in 2016.

    I totally support Issa for CD-50!

  2. Thank you Arthur

  3. De Maio also used his political power to bring in John Cox, an outsider, a political loser, and a Democrat turned Republican pushing for him to fill the seat of Governor of California against a fine man, Travis Allen who would have been a perfect fit for California. Time to lose this loser.

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