Feb 192020

I am not sure why the Leadership in the CAGOP care so much about trying to save this guy. This has to be another one of those “We can’t let “Them” take out one of our members things.

I got something emailed to me after I started blasting Tyler Diep. I knew Diep was a disaster, but have a look at this:


AB 277 McCarty

Early felony release from parole

AYE    Assm Public Safety             3/12/2019


AB 964 Medina

Mandates in-person visitation rights for county inmates, without regard to facility design, space, staff, or cost to construct.

AYE    Assm Public Safety             4/2/2019


AB 1215 Ting

Ban on facial recognition used with body camera recordings

AYE    Assm Public Safety             4/23/2019

AYE    Assm Floor                            5/9/2019

AYE    Assm Concurrence              9/12/2019


SB 136 Wiener

Eliminates one-year sentence enhancement for repeat, violent felons.  This will now apply to about 10,000 habitual, violent inmates. Another early release bill.

AYE    Assm Approps                      8/302019

AYE    Assm Floor                            9/12/2019


SB 42 Skinner

Requires the sheriff to allow the person to stay in jail or offer a safe place to stay if the inmate declines release during evening and early morning hours.  Such a mandate creates space and cost challenges that would likely need to avoid keeping this population away from persons not free to leave. SB 42 requires the sheriff to provide free transportation to a location of the person’s choosing within the county or within a 100-mile radius, whichever is further.  For geographically large counties, small or rural counties with staffing limitations, and counties that release a significant number of inmates on a daily basis, this unfunded mandate will cripple the provision of other services and turn peace officers and sheriffs’ staff into drivers who will spend their days traversing the county at the whim of recently released inmates. This bill was so onerous that even Gov. Newsom found it objectionable and he vetoed the bill.

AYE    Assm Approps                      8/30/2019

AYE    Assm Floor                            9/12/2019


There is a reason why I believe that Tyler Diep bolts the GOP – he is rightly being held accountable for these and other horrendous decisions. His campaign account is full of extreme left wing donations and the Nurses Union (as far left as the SEIU) are pouring money in an attempt to save him.

Anyone that cares about public safety and the ability of cops to do their job should reject Tyler Diep post-haste.

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