Feb 172020

So this NPP guy that Brenda Haynes and Erin Ryan got accused of supporting? Yup, he looks like a complete fraud. Note – he dropped stuff off at Shasta GOP HQ and they discarded it but not before being seen with it. Haynes and Ryan also told him he was not welcome at the local GOP dinner.

You can read the court documents here: PK 1 PK 2 PK 3

The court documents indicate the PK Dhanuka has some questionable business practices. The name of the business is Redding Endoscopy Center.

The allegations in the lawsuit are as follows:

Dhanuka was slipshod and did not spend enough time with patients. The implication was that they were running a surgery mill in order to generate bills for services to Medicare.

The document details multiple instances of improperly documented healthcare procedures. This is a huge no-no, this would be like me writing insurance and having no application or inspection information in my files.

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In addition, they claimed repeatedly that their healthcare was fully compliant. It apparently was not.

The business’ own internal documents shows that one of their growth strategies was to “Perform more procedures”. The suggestion here is that they were cutting corners in order to do more surgeries.

It appears that their practice was billing the government over $3 Million a year and the lawsuit goes on to straight out allege fraud. This means that the whistleblower claimed knowledge that PK Dhanuka was billing the government for services never rendered.

The employees that blew the whistle on the slipshod business practices that may well have been fraudulent were terminated and then sued in federal court.

This is not a good scene for the good doctor at all.

This does however inform us all of the deceptive nature of his campaign as deception appears to be a familiar concept in his life.

Dhanuka also has worse problems than the Right on Daily Blog. He is getting lit up for this and other issues to the tune of $135,000. people all over Northern California are hearing radio and TV advertisements about Dhanuka’s maladies.

Given that Dhanuka came out of the gate attacking Megan Dahle, it appears he has reaped a whirlwind. I guess he should have stuck to endoscopy, because now he is getting political proctology.

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  One Response to “AD-01 Update: PK Dahnuka Involved in Medicare Fraud Caper? Look at the lawsuit. Ouch. Overbilling, Slipshod Paperwork, Retaliation Against Whistleblower?”

  1. The lawsuit was dismissed May 30,2017 The television ads conveniently do not mention this! It appears to me that it is the Dahle’s who are running a dirty smear campaign.

    As for Dhanuka not being welcome at the Republican campaign head quarter, they are not allowed to promote any candidates other than anyone with and “R” after their name even if they are Rhinos.

    Louise Gliatto, RN
    Conservative Republican

    Blogger’s Note: Why didn’t PK register Republican if he is so Conservative? Also, ask him how many times he has been sued and for the details surrounding the “dismissal”.

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