Jan 292020

Dear Sheriff Chad – Drain the Swamp, please.

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  5 Responses to “Riverside Sheriff’s Office Update: The Ghosts of Stan Sniff CSO Karla Steffany Perez Gets Employee of the Month Following Drunken Pepper Spray Incident?”

  1. Good for her. She took a bad incident and came out of it stronger. I believe sometimes it’s takes a hard fall to get you back on track. I don’t know her but wish her nothing but the best. As for S/Sniff I wish nothing but misery because he’s too far gone and did too much damage to right his evil nature. Maybe with Sheriff Bianco becoming the leader and instilling ethics and professionalism into the department people want to wash the Sniff stink off and feel proud again. I’m memory of Kobe Bryant, his work ethic and absolute winning attitude, people will talk and try and knock you down if your good, get better and shut them up.

    Blogger’s Note – well put. I hope your characterization of the subject of this post is correct. I fear, due to established patterns it is not.

  2. I’m going to have to agree with Done Wrong. I’m going to assume she earned it after the incident. But I will somewhat agree with the Bloggers Note: if she’s still latched on to that idiot she was arrested with, I see continued embarrassing events in her future.

  3. @done wrong: Dang Glenn, you just can’t let go can you? It’s been a few years now, move on with your life dude.

  4. @all and initial post : I believe yes you can try to make up for your actions but there will always be a consequence for those poor choices you make. So with that said cheerleaders cheer for those they like and support. There is bias …. facts are steffany Karla Perez DECIDED to be a bad influence and should be removed from mentoring young boys and maybe some young girls in the SHERIFF explore program …. period. would you leave your own daughter in her hands as a mentor? Would your wives let you? Hell no! Of course not. …. who sees this post ? Probably workers only that are consumed with Steffany because they have a personal relationship with her… wow … maybe we can post this thread in a more Social media known to a lot of viewers about this subject.
    What do you think?

  5. Dear Abby, I agree with you … I would never have any of my kids with that unprofessional example of a so called leader…where can we share this thred ? I’m willing to post it…

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