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With the dust settled on last night’s Placer GOP Meeting, allow your intrepid blogger to lay out some facts and tell some of the back story behind Thomas N Hudson’s attempted lynching of Kirk Uhler last night.

Tami Uhler is Kirk’s wife. One of the more disgusting attacks from the classless pseudo-conservative Suzanne Jones and the crazed deluded Thomas N Hudson has been surrounding Tami’s employment. Tami Uhler is an assistant DA for Placer County. She prosecutes White Collar Crime and has some others that she supervises. This is who Hudson and Jones are attacking. Note: both Jones and Hudson are attorneys, perhaps they are jealous of the fact that Mrs. Uhler actually makes a real impact in her law practice. Note that the recent pay raise was given to all employees in that department and the vote was 4-0. Why was it 4-0? Because Kirk did not vote on it. Those facts were avoided by Mr. Hudson and Mrs. Jones.

Their dishonesty alone should disqualify both of them from further service on the Placer GOP Central Committee, but wait there’s more from their nearly 10 minutes of base personal attacks on the character of Uhler in their coordinated, clearly pre-planned stunt they pulled last night. I will continue after we go through just the facts…

Here’s the recap on the Tour-de-Uhler vs Suzanne Jones.

Kirk Uhler’s record:

Stopped numerous proposed county fee increases – including dump fees and car assessments
Pro-Growth Vote
Pro-Law Enforcement Vote
Helped get CA-65 Improvements Funded
Has been addressing homelessness for a decade or more
Has dealt with shortages during the recession and maintained solvency for the county
Opposed runaway spending, built strong reserve
Lone vote against Sanctuary State at board of supervisors
Recruited Bonnie Gore to run for Supervisor against Jack Duran
Led Fight Against 27% Pioneer Energy Rate Increase, getting it slashed by more than half
Provided material aid and support to the Informed Parents of Rocklin

Kirk Uhler also raised money used to take out Rene Aguilera, David Larson and Jack Duran from local office – three activist liberal democrats

And the Tour-De-Suzanne:

2008 – Ran for Congress (Then CA-01) Against McClintock and Ose, finishing 3rd ahead of only Theodore Terbolizard in the GOP Primary (Lost)
2010 – Ran for Assembly (AD-05) Against Andy Pugno in the GOP Primary. (Lost)
2010 – Elected to Placer County Office of Education
2012 – only regular election in last 12 years Suzanne Jones was not on the ballot
2014 – Re-Elected to Placer County Office of Education (briefly ran for US Senate earlier in the year)
2016 – Ran for AD-06 against Kevin Kiley and Bill Halldin (Lost)
2018 – Re-Elected to Placer County Office of Education
2020 – Running against Kirk Uhler for Supervisor

Bonus: 2017 – applied for vacancy on San Juan Water Board. Does this count as another lost election?

While Suzanne Jones has spent over a decade shopping various offices, Kirk Uhler has been making a difference in Placer County.

Everyone in Local Government will verify that Kirk Uhler was the prime mover behind Bonnie Gore challenging Jack Duran. He helped her raise a ton of money as well as raising the money I spent attacking Jack Duran in 2018.

Thomas N Hudson’s divorce has been going on for 7 years. This is my opinion based on What I know of the situation and because I believe Thomas N Hudson is truly insane. The only thing that matters to him is trying to keep Carlene, his soon to be ex from getting half of the marital estate. He appears to be making more and more filings specifically to delay the court process until he bankrupts Carlene and her family in an attempt to “win”. I do believe that the only thing Hudson likes more than the Box Wine in his refrigerator is money. What a sad, empty life.

That was on display last night as I sat through what I believed to be some pretty raw hatred.

Having had my wife attacked several times by political cowards because they know they can’t get to me – seeing Thomas N Hudson accuse Uhler and the County of Placer of Sleaze and Corruption was rather pointed. Having watched Thomas N Hudson spiral in to alcoholic delusion in the last 7-10 years and having been there at one point in my life made watching the flame out last night a stark reminder of what I left behind more than 17 years ago. I feel very little sympathy for Thomas N Hudson’s life because he knows better than to live and behave like he is behaving.

Kirk had nothing to do with his wife’s job. He has had nothing to do with her pay raise (she’s only gotten one in the last ten years by the way).

Hudson also brought up the machinations of a campaign for assembly from 24 years ago. That campaign was so long ago that I still lived in Scottsdale Arizona when it happened. I was not even a registered voter then as well. That’s correct, Hudson was venting a grudge from a generation ago and at that – his recollection of the events was grossly inaccurate.

He brought up some internal CRA fights from 2015 and invoked the name of a former member of the Cent Com and former candidate for Roseville City Council in an outright lie over the course of events.

The only two things Hudson was semi-accurate about was the full time supervisor initiative and the Measure E 1/2-cent Transportation Sales Tax. Again, however Hudson’s paranoid fantasies of conspiracies overtook the handful of legitimate criticisms one may have of the two items.

Suzanne Jones for her measure must have been quite rattled after I spoke. (I spoke for a few minutes on Kirk’s behalf after Hudson’s 10 minute character attack) I did not need to bring notes with me like Hudson and Jones did. I spoke off the cuff about everything I remembered that Kirk has done in recent years (see the above list). It must have been devastating because Suzanne Jones’ response was to read two anonymous emails that were sent to Mark Wright the chairman of the placer GOP.

Apparently the authors of the emails did not exist in the voter registration database – but Suzanne Jones seemed to know who they both were. She identified two well-known anti-growth NIMBY groups that they were affiliated with. Apparently, they could not handle being dressed down for their BANANA or NIMBY – based stupidity and decided a semi-anonymous attack would assuage their bruised egos.

All Suzanne Jones did was look like a jerk by reading the letters.

She is the sitting 1st Vice Chair of the Placer GOP and should be resign from that position. She could not even get her own committee to endorse her campaign. If you are the second in command of a group and you can’t gain the trust and confidence of that group for a run for office that’s the ballgame.

As one member put it to me, she is not a conservative, does not inspire and said nothing about why to vote for her.

It is clear that Hudson and Jones orchestrated a sneak attack and took advantage of Mark Wright by violating parliamentary procedure and decorum in what they did last night.

Thomas N Hudson solicited a motion to Reconsider. It needed 2/3 to pass. It barely got 1/3. Kirk Uhler was basically endorsed a second time after the vile smears of Thomas N Hudson.

If any of you want to know what Hudson’s ex-Wife is going through – multiply last night by the 15ish years they were married and together and the 7 years of the divorce being dragged out.

I was proud to defend my friend and political ally of many years Kirk Uhler. Anyone reading this blog – especially people on the Placer GOP Cent Com should really evaluate what you saw last night and ask yourself if you can trust Thomas N Hudson as parliamentarian or Suzanne Jones as First Vice Chair. (Let alone Jones anywhere near office)

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  1. If people mislead, they are not worthy our support, and it sure seems Kirk’s foes aren’t. But this recital is equally troubling. You can call somebody out for gutter politics without joining them in it.

    Chris – gutter politics is lying. Unfortunately the accounts in this post are true. Thanks for reading.

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