Jan 212020

Mike Garcia has a few problems. He has no name ID. He also has a T-Word Problem. I’ve looked at his social media and about a dozen campaign emails, not a single mention of President Trump by name. He is a Republican Refusenik.

Perhaps his consultants were taking cues from the Trump-Hating Steve Knight whose idiotic strategy in 2018 helped increase his margin of defeat. (ahem, even leftist polls show 95% GOP support of the President)

Allow your intrepid blogger to provide some unsoliticted advice.

Trying to look like a democrat when you are a Republican is idiotic. Democrats know who the real thing is (even if the democrat is a brainless marionette of leadership)

I am not so sure if in today’s world this is a wise move to advertise in one’s campaign. Perhaps Buck McKeon (Garcia’s top booster) has a Mitt Romney Complex?

John McCain has been outed as the conduit who sent the infamous dossier to the media once the corrupt FBI decided even they could not use it against PRESIDENT Trump. (say it Mike, I know you can do it)

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Now – allow your intrepid blogger to give you two real world examples of Republican Leaders who understand the significance of 95% approval within the GOP.

If you look at Congressman LaMalfa’s social media, it has a lot of mentions of PRESIDENT TRUMP by name. (CA-01)

And here is Congressman McClintock (CA-04) with PRESIDENT TRUMP.

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  2 Responses to “CA-25 Update: Anointed One Mike Garcia’s “T”-Word Problem. It Seems Absurd, but Mike Garcia is Running as A Republican Refusenik”

  1. My guess is that because CA-25 is a suburban district that Hillary won by at least 5 points, Mike doesn’t want to offend the prissy millennial white housewives who think that socialism is an inoffensive, cuddly, moderate ideology. These are the same type of voters who throw a fit over Trumps tweets.

  2. Aaron, love your site but you have been misled on Garcia. I have been at several of his fund raisers and when questions come up about President Trump he is 100% supportive of Trump and does not hesitate to say so.
    In recent conversations with him he has indicated items involving him and Trump are forth. IMO has.
    I sense your comment were generated because of influence from other bloggers or friends that are working on Popodupolis campaign.
    I would urge you to reach out to Mike Garcia directly and correct your mis information.

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