Jan 202020

So this was in my feed.

Then after seeing Mzzz Kennedy’s ad about her campaign (featuring other local democrat leaders) – I was treated to this (Speaking of being all partisan and stuff):

Apparently, Brynne loves high tax California and is upset that the feds are no longer subsidizing our Income and Property Tax Burdens.

Housing costs are artificially high and California’s Income Tax is top 5 out of the 50 states. One of the insidious things Bill Clinton did with his massive tax increase in 1993 was shift some of the burden from high-tax states to low tax states by giving a federal write off for state-level taxes thus mitigating the advantage of states with low or no property and income taxes.

Brynne Kennedy is getting a ton of liberal bay area money for her campaign, whenever you see a candidate talk about putting partisanship aside, that should be a gigantic red flag. It means “I am trying to trick you”.

Now, Mzzz Kennedy supports Impeachment, Abortion up until the moment of birth, opposed killing the terrorist leader and everything else required to be part of the rage-infested national democrat intelligentsia.

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Let’s contrast her deception with Tom McClintock, her opponent:

Now that is pretty clear and unambiguous.

I write this blog as someone who is not a huge fan of Tom McClintock – but at least he is telling the truth in his campaign. Mzzz suicide bomber should probably dress up in a hammer and sickle outfit to show her true colors.

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