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There is something called vetting. You vet a candidate. Perhaps candidates pop up out of the political sewer and manifest before the sanitation crew can get to them. There is a reason why Kelly Seyarto is getting the support that matters in AD-67. Kelly Seyarto while not perfect, is clean as far as candidates go about as clean as they get.

Manos? No one I know down there likes him. I went looking for reasons why. (AD-XX = California’s XX Assembly District. ) Worse, several people told me they think he is “Shady”

Steve Manos is a Realtor and A “Businessowner” according to his website. The problem for Manos is there is more than meets the eye. I first suspected something was wrong with Manos’ publicly stated biography when I saw his notation about UCLA. Manos went to UCLA for a year. I went to Fresno State for a Year. I do not mention it so as not to fool people in to thinking I graduated from Fresno State. Given that I was warned Manos has an integrity problem, the UCLA thing went from the usual candidate BS to a huge red flag.

This meme is an oldie but goodie. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I salute the original creator by re-using their work

Your intrepid blogger has learned that Steve Manos has been sued successfully several times. All of the instances appear to be due to Manos being dishonest and getting caught for it.

I’ve also run a business for 22 1/2 years in Insurance. Steve Manos has accomplished something I have never come close to. He’s been sued SUCCESSFULLY twice in “Big Court”, once in small claims court and liened so many times I lost count. Steve Manos can not be trusted to run anything let alone the state of California.

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ERA franchise systems, LLC successfully sued Steve Manos for $86,949. ERA Franchise systems was also known as ERA Real Estate.

It appears that Steve Manos had a franchise with ERA Real Estate, breached his contract and was nailed for $86,949. Whoops. That is not exactly a successful business owner. 

Further research shows that Manos was also Sued successfully by a Trust related to a Real Estate Transaction:

A Family Trust is typically set up for an estate and houses are usually re-titled in to the trust. This suggests that Manos got lit up once again in Court, likely for dishonesty in a real estate transaction. I am sure the court filings will be awesome once I get them. UPDATE: Further research indicates that the Trust was a landlord that sued and evicted Steve Manos over $25,000 worth of bills. 

Now, are you starting to understand what’s wrong with Steve Manos? You can’t trust him. He lied on his biography, embellishing it and when researched shows to be a dishonest realtor and businessman.

Perhaps this dishonesty was also manifest when the Riverside Press-Enterprise had to get a judgement against him for a $3096 advertising bill:

From 2004 – 2008 Steve Manos must have been in court constantly dealing with lawsuits. 

Now, if I am Steve Manos, I would not bother showing up for an interview with the Riverside Press-Enterprise. This is of course assuming Mr. Manos has any remorse for the decisions he has made in his life. It would be awfully brazen to ask a business to endorse you that had to sue you for not paying your bills!

Here is your introduction to Steve Manos:

Successfully Sued for $87K by a former Real Estate Franchisor he had a contract with.

Successfully Sued for $25K by a former Real Estate Landlord

Successfully Sued for $3100 by the Riverside Press Enterprise for not paying his bills.

If Steve Manos ends up in the runoff with a democrat he will get slaughtered. But wait, there’s more… (to be continued…)

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  4 Responses to “AD-67 Update: Today’s Train-wreck, Steve Manos. He Wants to Be Your Assemblyman Yet Gets Liened and Sued and Sued and Sued?”

  1. Wow. What a tool. He must be following in his dad’s footsteps who has had some similar financial issues. I heard there were a bunch of tax liens. I hope you’re able to track them down. Republicans are supposed to be fiscally conservative, not fiscally careless. I look forward to more revelations. Thanks for outing this guy. He has no business being elected to anything and definitely should NOT be promoted to the state Assembly.

  2. He’s already a City Councilman? Amazing how he even got elected any kind of office in the first place! His constituents are to blame as well for rewarding him with a seat.

  3. SMH

  4. Lake Elsinore is crime ridden, has a bad reputation, wonder why? Steve Manos is not a good look for the cities image, much less AD67.

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