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It looks like we have a disease in the body politic in 2020. It is the backside of Make America Great Again. Unqualified candidates with stars in their eyes are coming out of the woodwork like laboratory rats. Because, MAGA.

The King of the Grifters – Grifter of the Decade Tim Donnelly is running for Congress for a 3rd time. He’s also run for State Senate and Governor too. He can’t even get a majority of the local tea party anymore. This is CA-08. If you value sanity, Pick Jay Obernolte. (Note: Jay Obernolte is a Paid Advertiser on Right on Daily)

Congrats Tim Donnelly, you are the Right on Daily Grifter of the Decade 2010-2019

In CA-43 we have the runner up for Grifter of the Decade, Omar Navarro. The crazed Omar Navarro was recently sitting in Jail in San Francisco and has an arraignment on 12-23-2019 for stalking another Grifter Candidate for Congress. Navarro was second only to Donnelly because Donnelly has a longer and more thorough history of being a disaster. Unlike Donnelly, Omar raised a ton of money. (Like $1,000,000!)

Damn, Omar.

In CA-43 the alternatives are Joe Collins (an aspiring Grifter who is living large off of his campaign cash) and Mad Maxine Watters. Ouch. If I lived there, I would conscientiously object to voting.

Conservative Shirts 2 970×350

In CA-12, Ms. “Make Love Great Again” Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero is running for Congress. Her campaign was likely launched via her 8 month long relationship with the Crazed Omar Navarro. We’ve been lambasting her for being a complete fraud and a charlatan. She campaigns on God by Day and goes to nightclubs partying like a rockstar by night. Add in her active financial issues and you can draw the conclusion she is running to pay bills. She also lives some 350 miles from San Francisco.

That’s Deanna (not the Woman with the flower) looking higher than a U-2

Your Choice in CA-12 (Pelosi) is John Dennis.

In CA-03, a different kind of Grifter is running. He is a musician that appears to be trying to channel the PTL Club. He is part of a well-known Church in Redding, which is easily 140 Miles from the population center of CA-03 and at least 50 from the extreme northern border of CA-03.

Who said the PTL Club is dead… Sean Feucht ladies and gentlemen

More will be written about Feucht later as he has a nice long trail of stuff too. But, he is giving Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero a run for the title of Grifter of the Year 2020.

Your Choice in CA-03 is Tamika Hamilton. (CA-03 is John Garamendi) Note: Tamika has the endorsement of The Lake, Solano, Yolo, Sacramento and Glenn GOP – Feucht has none, a sign that people in the district are on to his game.

In CA-28 (Schiff), another one of Omar’s Girls is running. Jennifer Barbosa could not even figure out how to register Republican. She is all over Omar Navarro’s FEC Filings as a payee for services rendered. Yikes.

Your choice in CA-28 is Eric Early.

Special Bonus – Before Moving to TX-32, CA-28 was graced with the presence of John Hollis.

One of my favorite opposition research finds of all time (Hollis is in the Blue)

IN CA-09 and CA-10 we have been graced with some marginal players who are within the standard of a Grifter. Marla “Trump Hater” Livengood is a candidate that ran for CA-09 in 2018 and is running for CA-10 in 2020. Her campaign is managed by a Trump-Hating political boss in San Joaquin County. In CA-10 we also have a sad sack, San Joaquin County Supervisor Bob Elliott. Note that CA-10 Candidate Ted Howze is an advertiser on Right On Daily and has nearly raised $1,000,000 for his campaign.

Bob Elliott folks.

CA-09 features a 70-something 4 time retread who was recruited by the same political boss as retribution for William Martinek and campaign not kissing his ring. Tony Amador has the multiple failed runs covered, but lacks the criminal record or financial issues usually associated with Grifter Status.

Your Choices are William Martinek for CA-09 and Ted Howze for CA-10.

The San Joaquin political bosses have spoken, so has Right on Daily. Choose well

One thing is certain, Right On Daily will identify more grifters as time goes on and 2020 is the year of the Grifter. Consider yourselves warned…

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  8 Responses to “Our Last Post of the 2010’s: Right On Daily Declares 2020 “The Year of the Grifter””

  1. To sum it up:
    CA-3: A non resident and member of the infamous Redding-based Bethel Church who violates campaign laws and spends spurts of time outside the country.
    CA-4: Some nobody with a van, down by the river.
    CA-8: A bungling ex-Assemblyman trying to get money to pay back his debts.
    CA-9: A senile perennial loser.
    CA-10: A Never-Trump harpy.
    CA-12: A non resident, tax dodging party girl with no real job experience who acts as a tunnel for the Proud Boys Express.
    CA-25: A douchebag ex-Congressman.
    CA-28: Some gawky looking nobody running as an independent.
    CA-43: A mentally ill doughy faced fraud with connections to other grifters.

  2. Aaron Park deleted my rebuttal defending Tim Donnelly

  3. Let’s try the rebuttal again and see what happens.


    I will be interested in seeing whether this comment remains on Aaron Park’s website.


    This is an incomplete and misleading statement. As a Cabinet member of the “local tea party,” the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, I report from firsthand knowledge. It is true that Jay Obernolte won the straw poll at our November 7 meeting with 67%. However, Aaron Park failed to ask any of our cabinet members about the meeting or Redlands Tea Party Patriots’ position on the race.

    Here is my report and summary of what the candidates said the meeting that also included the candidates for Senate District 23.
    [The only correction or objection from any of the candidates was from state senate candidate Lloyd White who advised me that Rosilicie Bogh correctly answered one of my questions and not him.]

    RTPP’s voter guide recommends voting for Tim Donnelly or Jay Obernolte. Our voter guide reports that the Cabinet recommends Tim Donnelly 5-1, and Jay Obernolte won the straw poll at our November meeting with 67%.

    At our candidate forum on November 7, Tim Donnelly did not have his best performance. That day, he flew back to California from a business trip in the eastern United States. His flight was delayed and came straight to our candidate forum from the airport.

    Jay Obernolte brought his people to the meeting, and this helped him win the straw poll. Tim Donnelly unwisely did not turn out his supporters.

    Why didn’t Aaron Park ask any of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots Cabinet about the candidate forum or Redlands Tea Party Patriots’ position on the race?


    **A. ~40 years ago, Tim Donnelly broke into a fellow student’s dorm room a took a stereo aka “THE FELONY.”


    **B. Trying to carry a gun through airport security.

    Tim Donnelly is either incredibly stupid or he told the truth that he did not know the gun was in the bag he used for that trip.

    That prosecutors accepted a misdemeanor plea strongly suggests they believed it was an accident.

    **C. “Scammed a senior.”

    This allegation comes up everytime Tim runs for office. However, if that is true, why has there been no civil or criminal action against Tim Donnelly regarding the matter? Why has law enforcement never even contacted Tim Donnelly regarding the matter?

    **D. Alleged DUI.

    Arrest and conviction/guilt are not the same. Perhaps the blood alcohol test came in under the legal limit.

    **E. “Stealing guns.”

    Possession items from the residence one shares with one’s spouse is not really “stealing.”

    Again, there was no criminal case brought against Tim Donnelly for stealing or illegally possessing guns.

    While Tim Donnelly and his wife may have had a rough patch in their marriage, they are still together, and his wife fully supports Tim.

    **F. Who are the anonymous creators of the “Dirty Donnelly” website that Aaron Park has been helping?

    Your readers would be interested in know that.

    Why are they hiding their identities?


    Tim Donnelly won his first assembly race with very little money and a lot of walking area. While in the assembly, Tim Donnelly remained a true conservative and was a constant thorn in the side of the Rep Party establishment. Tim Donnelly had a 100% Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association rating.

    In 2014, Tim Donnelly ran for governor. With little money and a lot of traveling around the state, the electrified the Rep Party base.

    That year, Tim spoke at the first meeting of the California Tea Party Caucus. Tim electrified the audience. The room was packed beyond capacity, standing room only, with more people outside the door wanting to get in.

    Coming into the June primary, Tim was well ahead of the establishment choice and “sacrificial lamb,” Neel Kashkari. Shortly before the June election, the establishment carpet-bombed Tim Donnelly with negative ads allowing Kashkari to get second place. Kashkari ran a low-energy lackluster campaign and then accepted Obama’s appointment to the Federal Reserve Bank in Minnesota.

    Tim ran twice against incumbent Paul Cook in 2016 and 2018. Both times Redlands Tea Party Patriots strongly supported Tim.

    It is hard to beat an incumbent of the same party, who has the support of the establishment and a lot more money. In 2016, Munger contributed to a Dem candidate in the primary to keep Tim Donnelly from getting second-place and advancing to the November election.


    Tim Donnelly is the most antiestablishment Rep there is. Tim is to the Rep Party establishment what a cross is to a vampire.

    Tim Donnelly was on the border opposing #IllegalImmigration long before Donald Trump came on the scene. Tim Donnelly was the tea party long before there was a tea party. Tim Donnelly was Donald Trump long before Donald Trump ran for president.

    Prior to the RTPP candidate forum on November 7, we offered the CD8 and SD23 candidates three opportunities for extra credit.

    **Attend a #SchoolChoice Townhall and post their attendance and support for #SchoolChoice on their Facebook pages. Only Tim Donnelly and Lloyd White did so.

    **Attend a #40DaysForLife prayer vigil outside the #PlannedParenthood abortion mill in San Bernardino and post that to their Facebook page. Only Tim Donnelly did so.

    **Post their opposition to #SeXXXEd on their Facebook pages. Only Tim Donnelly and Lloyd White did so.

    We will never have to worry how Tim Donnelly will vote in Congress. That is not so of Jay Obernolte as explained below. For example, Paul Cook for voted for the #DemParty’s latest #Amnesty bill. We will not worry for a tenth of second whether Tim Donnelly will vote for #Amnesty. Jay Obernolte?

    While there were no direct questions at the Redlands Tea Party Patriots candidate forum, only Tim Donnelly mentioned protecting religious freedom and our Second Amendment rights.

    I have known Tim Donnelly since 2014 when he ran for governor. From all of my interactions with Tim, I am confident Tim is a man of character and principle.

    I enthusiastically support Tim Donnelly for Congress.


    Jay Obernolte is not a terrible choice. He also has a 100% Howard Jarvis Tax Payers Association rating. [But so did Marc Steinorth until he voted for the massive #CapAndTrade tax increase. More about #CapAndTrade below. ]

    If Tim Donnelly was not running, and, at least prior to the additional information we received regarding Jay Obernolte after making our endorsement decisions, Redlands Tea Party Patriots would have endorsed Jay Obernolte. Redlands Tea Party Patriots also supported Jay Obernolte in his assembly races.

    **Jay Obernolte is the establishment choice.

    I have heard from multiple sources that Jay Obernolte was a possible “yes” vote on the massive #CapAndTrade tax. At the candidate forum, Jay Obernolte denied this.

    However, Jay Obernolte said he would have voted for the massive #CapAndTrade tax if the money was returned to the taxpayers. The #CapAndTrade tax is intended to advance the #GlobalWarming scam by forcing the working men and women of California to drive less. [JAY OBERNOLTE SUPPORTS THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM.]

    Tim Donnelly said we cannot trust the government to actually return the money to the taxpayers.

    This is important because some Reps have pushed a supposedly “refundable” carbon tax to fight #GlobalWarming. Would Congressman Jay Obernolte vote for a refundable carbon tax?

    **Jay Obernolte did not take any of the opportunities for extra credit regarding #SchoolChoice, pro life, and #SeXXXEd.

    **#Immigration and #Amnesty.
    Paul Cook endorsed Jay Obernolte. Would Jay Obernolte vote for the recent #Amnesty bill as Paul Cook did?

    We are 100% sure Tim Donnelly will not vote amnesty.

    **Chad Mayes
    At the candidate forum, Jay Obernolte said he helped remove Chad Mayes as assembly leader, but that was only after the fact, after Chad Mayes led six other “Reps” to vote for the #DemParty’s massive #CapAndTrade tax. Even though it was well-publicized that Chad Mayes was negotiating his sell out to Dems on #CapAndTrade, none of the assembly Reps did anything to remove Chad Mayes before he sold out and helped the Dems pass their #CapAndTrade tax increase.

    In addition to supporting #CapAndTrade, Chad Mayes supports #Amnesty and opposes Donald Trump, including tweeting earlier this year that Christians need to choose between Jesus and Donald Trump.

    BTW, before Chad Mayes officially left the #RepParty, Jay Obernolte listed Chad Mayes’ endorsement on his website. Why?

    **Supporting Donald Trump.
    Tim Donnelly stated at the candidate form that you will have Donald Trump’s back. Jay Obernolte said he was a delegate for Donald Trump. After the candidate forum, Tim Donnelly posted billboards urging people to pray for Donald Trump. Jay Obernolte did not.

    Based on my interactions with Jay Obernolte, I believe he is a smart politician who generally leans our way. I would certainly support him over any neo-Marxist Dem.

    **New Info on Jay Obernolte.
    After making our endorsement decisions, Redlands Tea Party Patriots learned additional info on Jay Obernolte.

    Jay Obernolte cosponsored Muslim Appreciation Month. Did Jay Obernolte cosponsor or support “Christian appreciation month,” “Jewish appreciation month,” “Hindu appreciation month,” “Buddhist appreciation month,” or “Sehk appreciation month”?

    At the end of the last legislative session, Jay Obernolte did not vote on ACR 99, which tells pastors how they should pastor on homosexual issues. That Jay Obernolte was unwilling to stand up to the Gay lobby and stand up for religious freedom says a lot.

    No voting for religious freedom may have been a smart political decision, but it was not the decision of a warrior for the cause of freedom.

    BTW, other Reps not voting on ACR 99 were Shannon Grove and Ling Ling Chang.


    I and four of five other Cabinet members of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots urge everyone to send a fearless warrior for freedom to Congress by voting for Tim Donnelly.

  4. You also post a picture of Ali Mazarei’s campaign bus without any discussion.

    Ali is a great freedom loving, America loving American that the “local tea party” also supports.

  5. Bingo.

  6. Ali has more issues than a Sigmund Freud book.

  7. Suggestion – posting the same comment multiple times will cause all of your comments to be marked as spam.

  8. Aaron, I can not agree with you on 3CD. I have met both candidates (have you?) One is raising money, the other is not…one is an excellent public speaker….the other is not… One might actually defeat Garamendi…the other really has no chance. I am 100% supporting Sean Feucht.

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