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If there’s one type of person you don’t want to trust, it’s a grifter: someone who cheats others out of money. Grifters are also known as chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers, swindlers, and flim-flam men. Selling a bridge and starting a Ponzi scheme are things a grifter might do. The difference between a grifter and a thief is a grifter tricks you out of money through lies, while the thief takes it by force. The end result is the same.

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Grifter of the year nominee Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero (CA-12)

(Note: CA-XX, references Congressional District XX)

Here are some ways YOU can get yourself highlighted as a Grifter by the Right on Daily Blog:

Prerequisite requirement – you must have few if any endorsements and limited if any personal resources with which to start a campaign.

  1. Talk about God by day and party and/or sleep around by night.
  2. Use religious manipulation to get support
  3. Live in Your District for 5 years or less.
  4. Not Live in your district at all
  5. Not own any real property in your name while running for major office
  6. Have Criminal Convictions related to not paying your bills or any criminal conviction less than 10 years old
  7. Have active liens or judgments
  8. Have a limited or fabricated resume
  9. Be divorced more than once (aka on Marriage 3 or more) or be in your late 30’s (or older) single, never married
  10. Be a Registered Republican 5 years or less running for major office
  11. Run your entire campaign using trigger words or sound-bytes dropped by others to conceal your lack of knowledge
  12. Spend significant sums of campaign cash for out-of-district events
  13. Be gone from your district for extended periods of time during the campaign season
  14. Act like an entitled primadonna when you have not earned it
  15. Get caught in lies frequently

Grifter of the decade nominee Tim Donnelly (CA-08) is guilty of more than 10 items on the grifter list

Conservative Mugs 970×250

If you and’or your campaign is guilty of 7+ items on the above list, you are a chronic grifter that needs the therapy only Right on Daily can bring. You should terminate your campaign now and work on the systemic issues in your life that are causing you to want to run for office to overcompensate. It may be possible to run for office later once issues have been resolved.

If you and/or your campaign is guilty of 6 or less – you may be redeemable sooner rather than later.

As such, AD-74 train-wreck Kelly Ernby is just an unqualified candidate, not a Grifter. Bob Elliott in CA-10 is an unqualified candidate, but is far from a Grifter. Bill Brough (AD-73) is a scumbag, but not a grifter by this definition, he has different issues. The point here is that Grifter status is for a special class of candidate, the unqualified with no chance of winning who will disappear as quickly as they came.

Bizarre Grifter Campaign of the Year Nominee Sean Feucht (CA-03) Jesus told him to run

In simple terms, grifter candidates run in lopsided districts with little hope of winning. They are usually undisciplined, manipulative, get caught in lies, treat people who don’t fall in line poorly, have little money (sometimes hiring on line fundraiser firms to compensate), have to run their campaign on social media and the like. It is also typical that on further examination that their life up until running for office demonstrates several potentially disturbing patterns.

As much as I detest true squishes/liberals (not people I chide as squishes) and their unclear values and compromise, I despise grifters who make a mockery of conservative values. This is why I am harder on Conservatives than any other breed, I expect squishes to compromise and demonstrate unclear values, I expect liberals to wreck America – but Conservatives that manipulate and lie to well meaning people to finance a scam campaign deserve more RightonDaily than the others.

To be continued…

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