Dec 192019

The bottom line – there is a McCarthy versus Buck McKeon whizzing match in CA-25. It appears that neither camp is paying attention to the fact that the democrats have an advantage there.

First off Suzette Martinez-Valladares is now the CAGOP Endorsed candidate in AD-38. However, she was originally looking at Congress until team McKeon informed her they had a candidate. The field was apparently cleared in AD-38 and Suzette has picked up all the endorsements that really matter (save a few) in that tilt.

Suzette was not the only viable candidate that was a casualty of the control freak war.

Kevin McCarthy strikes again

I am not a fan of Mike Garcia. I am even less of a fan of retread candidates – such as 4 time loser Suzanne Jones or 5 time loser Tim Donnelly. Until George Papadopoulos entered the Congressional Race, it had all been about the Buck McKeon vs Kevin McCarthy whizzing match. While Steve Knight is only on his first retread, he is a retread nevertheless and as much of a sock puppet as Mike Garcia is.

It is alleged that in 2010 when the “Citizens Re-Districting Commission” was hijacked by the labor unions and the ridiculous congressional districts were drawn that McCarthy killed a lawsuit against the districts because he liked his own district so much. (It is about the only super-safe R seat in California) I remember the conversations with many and I get reminded of this every time I see McCarthy attempt to meddle in a Congressional District Race in California.

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Kevin McCarthy is alleged to have dragged Steve Knight back in to the CA-25 race. Apparently Knight missed the memo that no one remembers his father anymore. Knight lost by over 10 points to scandal marred sex addict (my opinion of her) Katie Hill. Go away Steve all you’re doing is draining resources out of the other viable Republicans.

If Kevin McCarthy actually delivers anything to Steve Knight, it would be the first time I ever saw McCarthy fund a candidate other than himself. (In California that is)

Another well-qualified candidate by the name of Angela Underwood-Jacobs was effectively muscled out by the entry of Steve Knight in to the race. Angela’s campaign people had basically cut a deal with Suzette Martinez-Valladares to get her to roll over to the AD-38 Race earlier only to get Knighted by McCarthy.

Part of the nexus behind Buck McKeon recruiting and backing Mike Garcia is his visceral hatred of Scott Wilk. McKeon and crew were convinced that Scott Wilk was going to bail out of the State Senate and run for Congress – even as Wilk was amassing a warchest.

In the grandest of ironies – the CRA people that introduced me to Wilk when he ran for Assembly and beat the McKeon machine were also the leaders of the Coup in 2015 that ended up with your intrepid blogger being banned from the CRA. They have all moved out of California and I am still here.

I was proud to help Scott Wilk beat the McKeon machine when he got elected to the Assembly in the first place. Unfortunately, Steve Knight is the wrong antedote to the McKeon machine. He is about as inspiring as Capser Milquetoast.

This brings me to George Popadopalous. He has as much name ID as Katie Hill does at this point – and it is about to turn positive as the FBI and DOJ Scandal targeting the President Trump campaign is unfolding. It is likely that President Trump has not endorsed Popadopalous yet because McCarthy is nibbling on his ear to stay out.

Meantime, your democratic field is Christy Smith and Cenk “Fat Brown Buffalo” Uygur. Christy Smith is going to try unsuccessfully to reinvent herself as a moderate, when she is basically a straight faithful version of the far-left millennial poster child Hill. Cenk Uygur is a trainwreck whose multiple on camera incidents will help push the vacuous leadership darling Christy Smith in to the runoff.

Enjoy Cenk talking about legalizing bestiality.

At least we were spared Mike Thernovitch.

Should George Popadopalous make the runoff against the DCCC Puppet Christy Smith it will be cast as Trump vs (Dem nominee). Mike Garcia and Steve Knight have no such history or pedigree as Knight tried to distance himself from Trump in 2018 and Mike Garcia is avoiding the issue even today…

To be continued.

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