Dec 122019

(CA-12 = Nancy Pelosi, CA-43 = maxine watters. Deanna is a grifter candidate against Pelosi and the Crazed Omar Navarro is running against Waters)

Deanna Lorraine – you may have blocked me on twitter, but you look like an idiot for trying to Blame your political opponents for the behavior of a madman. If Mrs. Tesoriero was really a relationship expert she would not have been communicating with Navarro nor would she be playing the victim. If she was a relationship expert she’d have seen how unstable Navarro was and stayed away.

I’ve had a theory that she was attracted to Omar because she saw him as a means to an end. Now, she has an embarrassing disaster on her hands.

Omar Navarro appears to have snapped. He was already reputed to be unstable, now he is cooling his heels in San Francisco Jail on a psych eval. Mr. Navarro was booked on a couple of Misdemeanors in Riverside County (or simply just ticketed) for violating a restraining order and disorderly conduct. Then, last week he was arrested on three felonies and a Misdemeanor related to stalking Deanna Lorraine.

Ms. Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) has been attempting to smear John Dennis and your intrepid blogger because we’ve both spoken to Omar. By her logic (similar to Nadler and Schiff with the President’s staff) because we’ve spoken to Omar we are guilty of the things he did. This is a clear indicator that Ms. Tesoriero may be as nuts as Omar.

Omar Navarro needs to go somewhere far, far away as does Ms. Deanna Lorraine. No one should take either one of them seriously, ever.

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A check of the Superior Court of SF shows an active case for Omar Navarro but nothing at the jail. This would be consistent with Psych ward stuff as that is not public record. It would also be consistent for an open and active case being prosecuted.

For those of you wondering about the Gateway Pundit Article that hit some 4 hours after I broke the news about Omar’s arrest – the blogger from the Gateway Pundit is pictured here. Note that the female is the same female I had on video partying with Ms. Tesoriero in Florida. (Note that it is a different dude in this picture that is licking her versus the party video and photos)

The blogger from the Gateway Pundit (Jacob Engles) is reputedly Gay. So I doubt that Tesoriero was doing anything more than partying with him.

Now you know how the Gateway Pundit got the story so quickly and of course the other obvious questions is why is Ms. Make Love Great Again in Florida so much instead of being in San Francisco (where she does not live by the way) campaigning.

Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero owes John Dennis an apology for smearing him with the actions of a madman. The voters of CA-12 and frankly anywhere deserve better than her.

Make love great again. Good Lord.

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