Dec 082019

CA-12 = Pelosi. CA-28 = Schiff CA-43 = Maxine Waters. CA-XX is Congressional District XX

Jennifer Barbosa is reputed to be Omar Navarro’s Current Girlfriend. (She appears to be denying it now post arrest) If Deanna Lorraine is any indication – Barbosa should probably flee the state of California. Barbosa is running as a DTS against Eric Early in CA-28. Deanna Lorraine has been highlighted as a grifter in CA-12 against Republican John Dennis. Omar Navarro is a well known Grifter in CA-34.

It appears at least one and as many as three of the above issues are a Felony if convicted. Accounts, and none first hand at this point, indicate that Omar went to San Francisco sometime yesterday. (After Joe Collins got endorsed by the LAGOP over him) Navarro is said to have tracked down his ex-girlfriend Deanna Lorraine and threatened and confronted her.

Navarro has told me that he has even more stuff on Deanna than what I found or what he has told me. My supposition is that the extortion threat may well have had to do with that. Navarro has maintained that Deanna Lorraine is a coke addict in addition to what I have posted. The only stuff I have posted about Deanna are documents, videos and things I can prove.

Mr. Navarro should tell all the bad stuff (including what the voices in his head are saying) to his therapist in the mental ward of the Jail he is in.

While Deanna is a victim for sure in this case, it does not excuse her unpaid tax liens, criminal convictions, lying about abstinence, businesses that appear to be scams, misrepresenting herself and a variety of other issues we’ve highlighted.

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I am taken aback by how similar Barbosa looks to Deanna Lorraine. Omar is using his social media and email platform in an attempt to help her against Eric Early. Early has been running an extremely aggressive and well-disciplined campaign against Adam Schiff and deserves better than drawing a loser like these two as an opponent.

I am almost 100% sure that Barbosa’s “Relationship” with Navarro is going to end the same way that Deanna Lorraine’s did.

BTW – note to John Dennis, if you are talking to Omar Navarro, stop now. Get away from him as far as you can.

The California GOP deserves better than the crazed Navarro and his bimbo squad.

In CA-12 the GOP has endorsed John Dennis

In CA-28 the GOP has endorsed Eric Early

In CA-43 the GOP has endorsed Joe Collins

Do not be taken in by the grifters that have infested the body politic.

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  3 Responses to “CA-12, CA-28 and CA-43 Grifter Update: Omar Navarro Gets Arrested (four counts) for Stalking Ex (Running for CA-12) While Promoting His Current Running for CA-28!”

  1. Surely there is an intrepid blogger somewhere waiting to ask candidate Navarro….

    “What kind of birds don’t fly”

  2. Hey, I bet Navarro would be welcome in Chad Mayes new party-New Way California….birds of a feather!

  3. vote for Eric Early

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