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SJ County Supervisor Bob Elliott has some explaining to do. Over $200,000 in annual compensation and a haul of gifts fit for a king?!

Elliott needs to answer more than the obvious question of why he at his age and after 10 years as a Supervisor is wanting to run for State Senate then Congress.

Your intrepid blogger wants to know who airbrushed this photo.

I will give the folks in Bob Elliott’s camp credit for truth in advertising. Bob Elliott does know politics. Bob Elliott is earning $134,000 a year off of the government + benefits. Health Insurance alone for a man his age is easily $24,000 a year.

Beyond the roughly $175,000 total value of all of Elliott’s compensation from the taxpayers of San Joaquin, he gets another $4K a year in stipends from various boards he sits on.

On top of this, Elliott is accruing a third pension courtesy of his service as a San Joaquin County Supervisor. He has a pension from prior federal government service and from General Electric.

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Got all that?

$134,000 base salary
$40,000 in Benefits* (estimated value)
$4,000 in stipends

AND – a Pension guaranteed for life and automatic as of assuming office. My estimate is that at 2.5% x 10 years of service, Elliott would receive $33,500 a year from the taxpayers of San Joaquin County for the rest of his life.

Is Bob Elliott bored? Is he having a later in life crisis?

This is likely the best job Elliott has ever had. He is literally getting over $200,000 a year (equivalent value) from the Taxpayers of San Joaquin County, what a massive haul from government.

It gets better – a look at Bob Elliott’s Form 700 Financial Disclosures from his (2013 Form 700) and (2014 Form 700) show that Mr. Elliott was getting a ton of Free Meals, Booze and Event Tickets.

Mr. Elliott got 62 Gifts in 2013 that he reported and 61 more in 2014. That is 123 Gifts in just two years! Is Bob Elliott abusing the public trust due to the frequency with which he accepts gifts from people? Did those gifts come with any strings attached?

What were all those gifts? About half were gifts of meals and/or wine. It looks like enough wine to make Pete Buttgeig or Elizabeth “Pocahantas” Warren Blush. The total number of meals reminds me of scandal-riddled AD73 incumbent Bill Brough who likely just paid for his excesses out of his campaign account because there are strict limits on gifts for legislators. The parallels between Bob Elliott and Bill Brough are clear.

Another large chunk of Elliott’s gifts were event tickets – at least 40 in total. It must be nice to be a supervisor and never have to pay your own way to anything.

This works out to 5 free meals / bottles of wine / “gifts” a month for Bob Elliott. This is a problem.

Since the incumbent in CA-10 Josh Harder is all about Impeachment, fanciful violations of non-existent laws and late-night paranoid fantasies about President Trump’s tax returns – imagine what he’d do should Bob Elliott make the runoff! Imagine what Josh Harder’s cheerleaders in the local rag would do with this information?

Dear Modesto Newspaper – Dinner is served

Elliott reports getting Flowers for his wife 5 times and there is a reference to a Necklace and a scarf given to his wife as well. I suppose the positive spin would be that Elliott is enlisting his donors to bolster his home life as well. Perhaps the Nativity scene he accepted as a gift would also fall in to that genre’?

Bob Elliott attempted to use his military title on the ballot and was slammed by the Local Registrar of Voters who informed him that was not allowed. When Elliott was separated from service, he was given a briefing about not abusing his title in private life. It appears that Elliott forgot the briefing 123 times in 2013-2014 and again in 2019 when he filed his candidate paperwork.

Your intrepid blogger may well avail himself of more of Mr. Elliott’s Form 700’s given the 123(!) gifts he took as a sitting supervisor in just two years as this appears to be a top story of the 2020 CA-10 Race.

End note = CA-10 refers to California’s 10th Congressional District. It is currently infested by Democrat Josh Harder. It includes some of San Joaquin County and all of Stanislaus County in Central CA

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  2 Responses to “CA-10 Update: Disturbing Details From Bob Elliott’s Public Records Reveal Potential Abuses of Office and a Massive Haul Off of the Taxpayers”

  1. Elliot was one of the “political establishment” delegates who voted against the Tea Party and Trump coalitions during the CAGOP Convention in attempting to endorse overturning the Top Two. Elliot is establishment and supports the Top Two. We need independent thinkers willing to fight to overturn the rapid downturn our party sees itself in.

  2. I have no respect for a man that lays a plan, starts down a path that has merit and purpose and then switches course and undermines a very capable candidate in Ted Howze. Ted has been a responsible Veterinarian business man for years. He knows the needs of all of district 10’s farmers and citizens. I supported Ted from the beginning and will continue to do so.
    Wayne Brown
    Feb. 29, 2020

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