Dec 202019

Your Intrepid Blogger has detailed how Tony Amador has run for office and lost several times.

Several weeks ago, we covered how the San Joaquin GOP stiffed Republican Tom Patti for Supervisor, and endorsed an un-funded Trump-Hater for Congress in CA-10. We believe it had a nexus with the paying clients that the local political boss is running for election.

Here is your recruit for CA-09, He hasn’t posted in over 1,150 Days as of the writing of this blog.

So was Tony Amador pulled in to CA-09 by Tammany Hall in Stockton to punish William Martinek? Or is Tony Amador a career foil to help re-elect Jerry McNerney?

Take a look at the candidate snubbed by Stockton’s Tammany Hall? William Martinek. Check out Martinek’s website and read his story. It is pretty cool and represents a candidate with youth and potential. Tony Amador is 75, twice Martinek’s age.

Note: Only 115 Likes and note the website address.

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Tony Amador has a pattern, he pulls candidate papers very late. In all of the past races I have detailed, he is filed late when there have been other more qualified Republican Candidates on the Ballot. He then wins the primary and folds up his tent in the general election. This pattern has repeated several times.

One has to wonder if Amador is a foil to clear out more aggressive and qualified Republican Candidates – winning on his ballot title (Retired US Marshall) – then laying down for McNerney three different times.

At Age 75, Amador is going after his fourth defeat.

In case you have any doubt as to weather Tony Amador should be taken seriously? Look at Amador 4 Congress, baby: baby. The good news is that Amador can call the local political boss – he can get Peter Kuo to translate it for him!

Large and in charge in San Joaquin County baby! (I do miss the old-fashioned McDonald’s plain cookies though…)

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