Dec 132019

We profiled Brynne Kennedy in a previous post. She has been elevated from suicide bomber to combatant with the entry of Julianne Benzel in to CA-04.

CA-04 Update: Get to know the next Dem Suicide Bomber Running Against Tom McClintock

Here’s the next one – Julienne Benzel who got a few minutes of fame challenging state mandates of education.

So ya get ya a campaign Van or Bus wrapped. It looks really cool and you park it in the Sam’s Club Walmart Parking lot in Roseville. This is Where people preoccupied with their cars full of items drive by it and don’t notice it is there. Only an eagle-eyed blogger looking for a target would roll up on that. (At that, I passed it and had to loop back around to see it)

How many of you remember Rob Matthews for Assembly? I just caught a photo of his bus. It is about all anyone remembers of him. I have not seen or heard from him since 2011 when he ran and lost.

I’ve never seen a lower level candidate that gets a large wrapped vehicle engaged in their campaign to be a winner.

Benzel got her 15 minutes of fame for challenging some school walkout day designed to brainwash kids against guns. She got fired, for this and other issues in her employment file. (and she had several issues according to sources)

Conservative Mugs 970×250

After the media attention, Her first move was to run for US Senate, tried to Run for President and she then filed for Placer GOP Central Committe. When that was beneath her, she bailed. And here we are with Julianne Benzel for Congress. (Note – the Placer GOP endorsed Tom McClintock unanimously)

Sigh. As Republicans we are left with a choice of Julianne Benzel or Tom McClintock. I just voted to endorse McClintock at the Placer GOP meeting so Julianne makes the grifter list as she has met 6 of the criteria including shopping for as many offices as Ted Gaines.

P.S. My favorite campaign bus of all time: (Get to work Julianne…)

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