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It was 2015. The California Republican Assembly was in the midst of another internal leadership war. Between 2012 and 2014, we had been stripping away fraudulent CRA Chapters that were being used to control and manipulate endorsements. It would be when that effort got close to the CRA Units in Ventura, Santa Clarita and other parts of Northern LA that we triggered a fierce response. None of the chapters we flagged in 2014 exist anymore, but in 2015 the people that controlled them executed a successful Coup.

Tom Hudson was the State President of the CRA when at a May 2015 Board Meeting, the CRA voted 30-13 to expel George and me from the CRA with a lifetime banTom Hudson appointed 17 of the board members who voted that day. I’ve had a few members of the CRA’s Board apologize to me privately later over that incident, I’ve even reconciled with Steve Frank, but not Tom Hudson, despite years of fighting political battles on the same side as him.

One of the main reasons used to expel me from CRA was this blog and that I was too liberal for CRA. I kid you not. I read the manifesto they put together.  It was like Alice in Wonderland, and not dissimilar to the impeachment effort by the Dems in its’ absurdity.

At the time, Kirk Uhler was President of the Placer CRA and I was immediate past President. We had started a PAC for the Placer CRA when I was President, but under Uhler’s watch we were using it regularly. Knowing that the outcome of the CRA’s coup was preordained (just three months after George and I were re-elected to our state board positions, speaking of nullifying an election), Uhler joined with us in the effort to launch the California Impact Republicans.

The CIR was started by a group of 5 CRA Officers. The Coup had also claimed the State President of the CRA John Briscoe, who had defeated Celeste Greig and Steve Frank some years earlier. The CIR has grown to 12 Chapters in 11 counties organically as we have recruited few, if any members from CRA.

Kirk, George and I shut the Placer CRA down and Tom Hudson re-started it with Ed Rowen. It is that simple.

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But, the genesis of the issues between Tom Hudson and Kirk Uhler started in 2015 with the Placer CRA shutdown and the founding of the CIR, which Hudson attempted to thwart.

My expulsion from the CRA for being a moderate, amongst other things, was like being liberated from a leper colony, and I’ve had no shortage of paid political work since. I still call abortion murder.  I still look at the Bible and compare it to what is socially acceptable.  I still resent my tax bills.  But, I created a second Facebook account for politics full of RINO memes in honor of those that called me a RINO or a “moderate” during the insanity of 2010-2015.

Then, we have the small matter of the 2016 election. This is where we welcome Suzanne Jones back to the series when we continue with Part 8

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  One Response to “Another Political History Series: Kirk Uhler, Suzanne Jones and 2 Decades in Placer GOP Politics (Part 7) The Founding of the CIR”

  1. Aaron, I remember it well…the CRA collapse. The last convention that I served as a Sgt at Arms, there was a group that was steaming because you and Gorge had stripped fake units and had too many delegates supporting you. They were not happy….it was not because you were ‘moderate’ it was because they wanted power and they had to force you out to get it. It damn near destroyed the CRA…they almost folded. When they were up to their shenanigans I realize who, in my opinion, the ‘rally leader’ really was…it was Mark Gardner. I hammer him and some of his cohorts in very negative email correspondence. My view Tom Hudson had to choose sides and he choose to try to save the CRA. I know you don’t view it the same…but it was a power grab by those that had lost power… They knew you were not moderate (that was a sham-scam). Bottom Line–Egos were out of control.

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