Dec 072019

Bill Brough’s world is collapsing rapidly. Similar to someone in a downward spiral due to self-destructive behavior, Brough is blaming everyone else for his maladies.

Your Intrepid Blogger obtained a copy of William “Bill” Brough’s candidate statement for his re-election attempt. It is clinical – similar to the narcissistic-rage rampage of Chad Mayes, Bill Brough’s spiral is a classic pattern of an addict. Chad Mayes will engage in a series of self-destructive acts to prove once and for all he is right and everyone else is wrong. Bill Brough so desperately wants to keep his frat party lifestyle that he is in a similar trap of calling everyone around him a liar and using a political issue as a straw-man.

All clinical diagnosis aside –  Bill Brough’s Ballot Statement is a disaster.

#1 The tone of the ballot statement is angry and defensive. It sounds like it was written in a drunken pity party while Brough was thinking about all the meanies doing mean things to him.

#2 A discerning reader would compare paragraph 2 to paragraph 5 and realize that out of the list of stuff in Paragraph 5 was not accomplished, only the two items referenced in paragraph 2. Brough just handed his opponents fodder to call him a failure. (In addition to crooked and/or a pig)

#3 There are a few grammatical errors in the statement. Definitely an #EPICFAIL for an incumbent.

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#4 There are also two easy to prove outright lies in Brough’s Ballot Statement as well. I am not sure if he will be forced to correct them before publishing or not – but we will detail those lies in later posts.

#5 He focuses on an issue that appears to only matter in 1/3 of his district, and makes it the straw man for everything that has befallen him. No Professional Consultant would ever allow this in a ballot statement. However, when the bottle is your best friend, it does not lend itself to rational thought.

#6 He mentions the scandals that have befallen him. This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a ballot statement. In 22 years in politics I’ve never seen this done before…

… It appears that Andrei Popov or Viatchaslav Smirnoff is William “Bill” Brough’s campaign manager.

This morning the OCGOP endorsed Laurie Davies for Assembly. The vote was 37-6. The 6 votes were refuseniks, not Bill Brough supporters. Bill Brough did not get a single vote for endorsement from the OCGOP, on the heels of getting humiliated unanimously by the OC Lincoln Club – who also endorsed Laurie Davies.

The OCGOP just abandoned an incumbent, something completely unheard of.

I can not understate what a political earthquake this is. Your intrepid blogger is 6 months in to blasting Bill Brough, and it has taken until the last month or so to see real movement from the political leaders. I can not understate how proud I am of the women who stood up to intimidation and came out publicly behind their claims. These brave women gave a human face to what the Right on Daily Blog was writing about William “Bill” Brough. 

I feel like I was doing my part to protect them when I turned in over 200 pages of evidence to back up a multi-faceted FPPC claim against Brough. I’ve written about a dozen posts about Bill Brough’s financial maladies, and a refresher course on the dirty dealings may well be on the docket shortly.

For Bill Brough, no on the Job Training IS necessary, just a political Beer Truck with his name on it is barreling down the 241 Freeway towards his rented home in Dana Point…

Bill Brough getting things done with Gavin…

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