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Take a look at this map. This is one of the four finalists and in my opinion is the front-runner for adoption. Note how District 1 and District 2 are missing a whole bunch of houses and streets? This is because this map is based on 2010.

It has been put to me by several people that Dominick Casey, the City Manager of Roseville says he fears a lawsuit by the social justice warriors more than the one Myself and others are threatening. This is likely due to Mr. Casey having tunnel vision and being a leftist himself – thus placing higher value on the opinions of fellow liberals. Mr. Casey should ask the members of the Roseville City Council who know me, or either supervisor that represent Roseville about my history. I don’t bluff.

It’s too bad that Mr. Casey wants to cost the city tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and punitive damages because of political tunnel vision.

Look at District 1 and 2. Both of those districts stand to be significantly higher in population than the other three districts in the city. This is a voting rights violation.

Also note that I had posited that two of the prime movers behind this all too early push for districts are obsessed with becoming mayor. Primarily, Scott Alvord who lives out in the West End of what would become District 2.

Several people I know have presented the idea of a Mayor elected city-wide, but those fixated on becoming mayor are having none of it. The City of Roseville has it’s charter written up so that the Mayor is chosen by being the top vote-getter in the prior election.

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Note – the 3 odd districts are in one election and the 2 evens in the other according to plans I have heard.

There are a few other questions – given that the city has a spending limit that is a function of population, how is that resolved? The City limits campaign spending to $1.50 per registered voter. If Scott Alvord’s district is 30% larger how is that not against voting rights law for him to be able to spend more than the others?

Given that Pauline Roccucci and Scott Alvord appear to be fixated on the Mayor slot (according to multiple people present for city council meetings and Roseville Chamber Meetings) it appears to be another violation of the law to select a mayor from a district whose population is some 30% more than the others.

Why not elect a mayor citywide?

It is time for the Council-members to come clear to everyone about their personal agendas and it is time for Dominic Casey to stop minimizing those of us calling for sanity in the redistricting process. The social justice warriors have not even sent Roseville a letter yet (but they have sent one to Lincoln). There are not enough non-white people in Roseville to create a nexus for a false discrimination narrative that is the nexus for the threatened lawsuits against other cities.

Come clear about the agenda.

Slow Down.

Take those of us on the west side of town who actually live here seriously.

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  One Response to “City of Roseville Update: Apparently the City Manager Dominick Casey Thinks I and Others Are Not Going to Sue the City of Roseville, Note the District Plan Being Pushed has no Mayor Elected Citywide”

  1. Aaron–This plan is dumb and a bad idea. I have always felt that district elections are always a bad idea for cities, unless they are much (500,000+) bigger. It will lead to inequities within the cities and unfair representation on the council. I have a couple of alternative ideas if you wish to discuss them. Keep fighting. Jeff

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