Nov 052019

What was #KELLYEMPTY thinking? (or was she)

She is the conservative in the race. Just ask the small crew of supporters she has, they will tell you. Note that the dude wearing the cake is male.

As a Republican Candidate for office Ernby happily poses with 3 iconic liberal justices. For those of you not familiar with the folks in the Cardboard Cutout – that is Sonia Sotomayor who is as hard left as Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the middle. Those two represent the vote left on everything and every time caucus. The third is Elena Kagan – all three of these Supreme Court Justices are part of the crew that legalized Gay Marriage (which apparently Ernby supports) and votes to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. Why you’d pose for this photo as a Republican Candidate for anything is beyond me.

Why as a candidate for office, Ernby did not pull the below photo off of her Social Media is also beyond me:

We call this vetting in political parlance and #EMPTYERNBY is failing. Miserably.

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