Nov 122019

This is Bill Brough at a local veterans event, note his enabler up front.

Your intrepid blogger is not sure if Brio had a two for one drink special on 11-10-2019, but Brough looks pretty bad. It is as if Bill Brough was out on Veteran’s Day Eve.

It is a legitimate question to ask if William “Bill” Brough is feeling the pressure of the exposure of his actions. Recent intelligence indicates that Bill Brough may be drinking more than ever and he appears to be miserable. Mr. Brough can end the whole thing if he retires.

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  One Response to “AD-73 Update: William “Bill” Brough Needs to Know There is No Such Thing as a Veteran’s Day Eve…”

  1. Veterans Day Eve is the Marine Corps Birthday…So yes there is a drunken evening event…lol

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