Oct 292019

San Clemente is an insane asylum. The Voice of OC detailed how communist insurgent Jackson Hinkle is under investigation from the OCDA for abusing the Firefighter Endorsement.

Remember, Hinkle has a long history of extreme left win activism despite only being 20. I am not sure the OC Firefighters thought their endorsement through.

Your intrepid blogger is in receipt of documents from several other cities with their invites from the OC Firefighters and a cease and desist letter the OCFA was forced to send Jackson Hinkle after he broke the law:

Subsequently, the OC Sheriff’s dropped $10,000 in to Gene James. It appears that the Sheriff’s Deputies are equally as disturbed by Jackson Hinkle’s anti-cop rants and the abuse of goodwill.

We’ve hammered the OCGOP for their endorsement of the deeply flawed Gene James. Then, the OCGOP outdid themselves:

Note the medal they tout as part of Gene James’ military service. They had to know that Jackson Hinkle has top democrat operatives helping his campaign. Within a day of this independent expenditure dropping, Jackson Hinkle’s campaign had a copy of Gene James’ DD214 which was missing a reference to the claimed award. (The Legion of Merit)

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The only conclusion I can draw is that the OCGOP and their vendor did not do due diligence on their mailer. There has to be some sort of record or website somewhere showing Gene James falsely claiming to have won that award, or that Gene James told people he did. Note – the mailer was not done by the Gene James campaign, so the near hysterical claims of Jackson Hinkle are less provable than Hinkle’s violation of the law with regard to the fire uniform.

It is also ironic that the cop-hating Jackson Hinkle suddenly becomes pro-military.

Gene James’ campaign response to the stolen valor issue was terrible, giving more credence to the fact that he may well have been the source of the erroneous information. The OCGOP failed a basic test of doing political communication… when extolling the virtues of a candidate you’d better have proof and be able to defend anything specific. The media and the left have a pattern of saddling up on one issue in order to invalidate everything in campaign communication. This happens while the media covers up multiple lies by the candidates of the left – or in the case of Katie Hill, attacks the people whose accurate reporting brought her down. This is the double-standard set up by a media and educational establishment that would make Josef Stalin proud.

Fred Whitaker and the OCGOP stepped on a rake yet again. Between their terrible and weak handling of the Bill Brough issue and now this stolen valor mailer – the leadership of the OCGOP should be purged and replaced.

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  4 Responses to “San Clemente Update: Jackson Hinkle’s OCDA Investigation For Abusing FireFighter Endorsement and OCGOP’s Stolen Valor Mailer on Behalf of Gene James”

  1. I agree, the people of Orange County need to “drain the swamp” of the likes of Fred Whitaker, Patricia Bates, Bill Brough and Gene James. But what’s concerning to me, and a lot of my Republican compatriots is the fact that Fred Whitaker is a managing partner in a law firm in Newport Beach that specializes in corporate and business counsel, real estate and estate planning. So my question is, if Fred Whitaker has been so negligent in vetting the candidates he endorses, I question his competency in his vocation. Maybe the real reason Bill Brough and Gene James got the endorsement from the chairman of the Republican Party (Fred Whitaker) is because Stephanie Brough is also an attorney, so you have the classic “One attorney washing the hands of another attorney.” I just wonder if the officers on the board agree with Fred Whitaker’s selection for public office?

  2. I’m sickened by Mr. James response to getting caught. He gets caught, waits a week, lets the stolen valor issue work on the absentee voters, then comes forward blaming all of this on others.

    Wither he knew, or should have known, and is not running a competent organization— ALL bad signs….

    Blogger’s note: The correct villain here is the OCGOP. Be sick all you want, but stick to blaming Gene James for things he actually did.

  3. The correct villain here is Gene. Any veteran who saw his medals misrepresented would have immediately done a press release, put a disclaimer on his website, sent out an email blast disavowing this false claim. ANYTHING! Gene did NOTHING, hoping that it would all go away. That is what he actually did. Folks missed the claim on an earlier mailer of his where he claimed to have received the “Medal of Merit”, which he also did not, and he hoped they would miss it again. When he knew he was caught, he made up the “it wasn’t me Mommy” story. I don’t think he learned the “blame other people” style of leadership in the US Army. He’s a disgrace to the uniform.

  4. The long odd history of James makes him unfit to serve in any public capacity. The pictures and witness statements of his gassing the homeless folks at the train station, the history of civil cases, the stolen valor stuff, I’m done with this guy— he’s a kook. If you found out these things in a job interview you’d never hire him……

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