Oct 142019

San Clemente has gone insane. Please note, there are other candidates besides the cop-hating left-wing anarchist Jackson Hinkle and the flawed abusive Gene James. It is time to take a look at them.

Jackson Hinkle obviously thinks he is the second coming of Josef Stalin or David Hogg. He bragged on his social media (since scrubbed) about taking a knee at graduation.

Internet archives are a beautiful thing. Little Jacky is trying to reinvent himself as a moderate. When you are only 20 years old (just turned, by the way) your rants at age 16,17,18 are very much relevant.

Jackson Hinkle makes a misleading at best and outright lie at worst post – he implies that he never kneeled at his graduation. However, his own words and a partial photo we got tell a different story:

Note the gap between students, that is where young Mr. Hinkle is taking a knee. As a military veteran, I find this offensive.

Once again, I will state clearly that I could care less about the Toll Road. What I care about is a mush-brained 20 year old communist or a fossilized bully being in elective office. The lefties that have glommed on to Jackson have no clue what they are getting themselves in to – kids this young have a tendency to go on ego-fueled rampages once they get too much attention and feel important. They see him as a third vote to install social justice in San Clemente, yet don’t realize that Hinkle will roll on them too when it suits him.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Jackson’s handlers have taken great pains to cover up his extreme left wing social media as well. The democrat socialists tried to make the teenager look older in their communist propaganda channelling endorsement of him.

The San Clemente OC Firefighters appear to have betrayed the OC Sheriff’s Department (who contracts service in San Clemente) by supporting a communist who hates cops. There were and still are other options than the pinko kid. The Firefightres must think the kid will give away the store to them.

I’d like to take the time to remind people that there are other candidates than Gene James and Jackson Hinkle running for San Clemente City Council.

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  2 Responses to “San Clemente Jackson Hinkle Update: Stop Lying Kid – In Your Own Words, You Took a Knee At Your Graduation and You Hate Cops #TAKEAKNEE at High School Graduation”

  1. To quote the Nobel Prize recipient F.A. Hayak,”If socialists understood economics, they would not be socialists.” I guess little Jackson must have been asleep during his high school economics class, and I blame his teachers for Jackson’s lack of understanding of the world we live in.

    Now with Gene James, he has no one to blame but himself, same thing with Bill and Stephanie Brough. San Clemente needs to wake up and dump these Philistines. The O.C. GOP, the Lincoln Club and the Chamber or Commerce also needs to get a grip on reality and start supporting candidates with substance. The leaders of these institutions can be replaced a lot easier than elected officials.

  2. No better candidate than Hinkle! The only lies being told are the ones being told by TCA supporters, and developers who want a clear path to over development. Dan Bane and Laura “what drug are you on” Fergusen wants the Marriott and other big developments in San Clemente. The only thing holding them back from rapid development is Gene James getting elected. San Clemente needs to wake up to the Gene James train.

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