Oct 012019

Let me ask it again. Who in the hell protects women in the OCGOP? Well – Bill Brough, speaking of scumbags, is part of the host committee for an uncoming fundraiser for Gene James. Those two should get along well.

Several people from outside the OCGOP approached your intrepid blogger with concerns about Gene James and they forwarded me documentation about Gene James’ temper and physically violent behavior.

As I wrote previously, James is roughly 6’7″. He towers over the diminutive Pat Bates in the below photo. Your intrepid blogger has been informed of several physical confrontations involving women much smaller than him. We have evidence that Fred Whitaker may well have covered up an incident so as to not interfere with the OCGOP endorsing this bully.

So – what am I referring to? Gene James physically threatening one of his opponents for city council – the accounts are disturbing and graphic. It is the understanding of this blogger that Gene James has been physically threatening people all over San Clemente on his rampage. When confronted with the below, Fred Whitaker did nothing. Note – Whitaker has endorsed this disaster for City Council along with Bill Brough, Pat Bates and a few others.

It is also the understanding of this blogger that Gene James has been physically / verbally violent / abusive with several women and that this pattern goes back years. We have proof that we will be disseminating at a time of our choosing that will show Gene James’ life patterns as there is copious documentation in public records. For Now, let’s go back just a couple months to the Women’s Federated Meeting that Gene James Crashed…

I wanted to write my account of last night’s events for you to make sure that they were relayed directly to you in writing. I was contacted by Randall earlier this morning who is looking into the situation diligently and told him the full story at length.

The actions displayed by Gene James and his supporters were no less than embarrassing and I was shocked to see such harassment of anyone like this at a Central Committee meeting.

I understood the situation between Christina Selter and Gene James and expected emotions to be running high that evening. When I arrived, Christina reported to me that people were harassing her and trying to corner her with video cameras and “gotcha” questions about her actions filing a police report. In minor disbelief, I told her she was fine and I would stick by her to make sure that wouldn’t happen again.

Within a matter of seconds after my comment to her, Gene James walks up to Christina and loudly tells her the Sheriff’s department called him back and said she was lying (whatever that meant). He begins to advance toward her continuing to reiterate his point after myself, (deleted), and Christina all told him that this is not the appropriate venue for such a discussion. 

After about 30 seconds, Christina turned her back to disengage entirely and Gene walked off. It wasn’t long after that two people, one a blonde-haired woman, came up to Christina and began yelling at her and videotaping on their phones asking why she filed a “fake police report”. Christina retreated into the corner a bit and the woman tried to advance but was partially blocked by (deleted) and another lady who were previously speaking with Christina in this tight conversation circle.

It came to pushing and near shoving when (deleted) kindly and firmly asked the blonde-haired woman to give her space and not to push. At first the lady said no and tried to continue exclaiming past (deleted) and the other woman to Christina with force. That’s when Jim & Kellie Bieber came over to join in, but soon (another consultant) came to talk to Jim to diffuse it. As Mike was talking to Jim, (deleted) intervened to diffuse the situation, engaging in conversation with Christina to try to shield her from the others. The situation pretty much diffused after that. The whole incident lasted about 4-5 min.

I walked Christina out of the Central Committee room to (Two political consultants), and that was the last time I saw her that night.

Apparently, Gene James felt the need to physically threaten one of his opponents for calling the cops on him related to another incident. Got it? It also appears that Jim Bieber, Gene’s campaign manager was involved in the altercation. Five Women came forward regarding this incident in total. All five are members of the local Women’s Federated where the scene occurred. I have all the complaints but am posting the above and below as they sum it up.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Last night we were standing around a table and I noticed two people, a male and a female calling Christina a liar and accusing her of filing a false police report against Gene James. The woman was doing the talking and the man was video taping it with his cell phone. I interfered by placing my hand in front of his phone as he was recording. He would raise the phone to continue taping and I would raise my hand to keep blocking his phone. This continued for approximately 5 minutes. At one point the man with the phone hit you (XXXX XXXXX) in the head with the phone.I said that was nice hitting a woman in a wheel chair in the head. The woman who I believe was the same one standing in for Bill Brough also argued with (name deleted), (deleted), and (deleted). I overhead (deleted) saying this is harassment. At that point I saw Christina’s campaign manager and asked him to intervene. He came over and got involved in the altercation. During that time I asked that woman if she was a Democrat. I told her that she certainly acted like one. Republicans do not act this way. Then I preceded to get into an argument with Gene. He was saying Christina was a liar and that she filed a false police report against  him. I said I heard that he threatened to physically assault her and that made him extremely angry. He was asking me my name. He was going through text messages trying to find one saying that proved what he said was taken out of context. That other lady said if he threatened to assault her why didn’t the DA file charges. I told them both to leave me alone.

There is something key here – the disruptive woman that started the altercation is reputed to be the same one that attempted to disrupt the OCGOP meeting where they adopted the “retire bill brough” resolution. The other thing is the common talking point amongst Bill Brough siccophants of “why didn’t the women file charges”. Other than that refrain being deceptive BS, It sure looks like Christina Stelter asked the local authorities for help.

There is something severely wrong with San Clemente.

Once again, it was made clear to me by several sources that Fred Whitaker dispensed with the complaints and may well have suppressed the information as it was not widely known at the time Gene James was endorsed that indeed the cops had been called on him or that he had physically confronted one of his opponents at a Women’s Fed Meeting.

Fred Whitaker is also reputed to have told people that he and Jim Bieber (Gene James’ Campaign Manager) are college buddies. I do not know the context of the statement but it certainly gives a nexus for why the complaints about the incident were dispatched so quickly.

What is clear is that the OCGOP is a mess. What is also clear is that the Gene James endorsement is an embarrassment.

There are more stories to be told about Gene James out of control behavior. Stay tuned.

P.S. Mr James, I am 5’10”, 230-235 LBS. I suggest if you ever meet me in public that you keep your distance from me and nothing will happen, if you attempt to physically confront me and yell at me / push me like you have others I won’t respond like they did. Unlike the OCGOP Leadership, I don’t put up with Bullies.

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  13 Responses to “San Clemente Gene James Update: So He Bullied Women In Front of the Women’s Federated and OC GOP Chair Fred Whitaker (you guessed it) Did Nothing!”

  1. In reference to the DA not filing charges in this matter, the cops are obligated to investigate and are obligated to arrest, but the DA’s office is not obligated to prosecute. Additionally, the DA’s office has multiple cases submitted to them on a daily basis and they have to determine how their limited resources are expended. A lot of times minor crimes are handled “administratively” where the DA sends what is referred to as a “Knock it off” letter to the suspect. Or the DA may say this does not rise to the level of a crime that they can go forward with (aka unlikely to obtain a conviction), but that is a judgement call, and very risky on the part of the DA handling the matter. But what really concerns me is how Gene James is responding to this because he is responding to this matter just like criminals do, blaming others and threatening witnesses. Although the victim is not under a subpoena, she could still report this harassment, and all those idiots that confronted her could subsequently be interviewed by the cops, and have their cell phones confiscated as evidence if they took video of the incident where Gene James confronted his victim (just a thought).

  2. Hey, this idiot Gene James may be a godsend to Bill and Stephanie Brough’s political problems. If everyone in the GOP concerns themselves with Gene James’ unlawful and unstable behavior, that takes the heat off of the Brough’s. And it would be a smart move on Bill and Stephanie to capitalize on the misfortunes of Gene James and his unpredictable conduct in public.

    But the real question for the GOP is, “Do we really want someone like Gene James representing us in public office when he has emotional breakdowns in a public political forum?” But for these cretins to harass a victim is unacceptable, and they all deserve what they get.

    Let’s see how loyal Gene James will be to his supporters when the cops start asking questions. They should all go to jail. And if the DA does nothing, he should be the next one featured on this blog.

  3. Maybe the DA should have investigators attend the next GOP meeting so they could take their own video of Gene James and his goon supporters threatening people. But I am not a fan of Gene James’ idiot opponent either because he is supporting the building of a homeless camp adjacent to the brand new San Clemente Outlets, which would generate nothing but criminal activity. Please don’t get me wrong on this, I do feel for the homeless, but what do you think will happen if the homeless camp ends up by the outlets. Businesses will leave, the outlets will become vacant and the homeless will move in and take over the outdoor shopping mall.

  4. William C. Owen, who are you referring to that supports building a camp by the outlets. With all due respect, I think you may have misinformation. I follow closely homelessness related issues, and no of no one who supports what you suggest. In fact, ironically, GJ was supportive of the camp that is now near the outlets.

    Adding, unrelated, I look forward to the other truths about GJ coming out. He and his bully supporters are a disease in SC.

  5. Mr Owen seems to lie every bit as much as “Mean Gene” bullies people. No current candidate has called for a homeless camp by the failing San Clemente Outlets. That is a lie!
    “Mean Gene” is a tax cheat and a thug. The Republican Party should be ashamed of what they’re doing.

  6. So many OC-connected idealogs posting! None of you belong to San Clemente and know the truth that belies your outsider misinformed politically motivated posts. The blogger is a tool in general and a tool of the OC beall-Ites. And any who argue for status quo for those in any encampment or who advocate only for free housing are complicit in the misery and even early deaths of those who stay enabled to stay stuck in their current addicted or mentally-Ill fueled death-spirals MM. talk to the families of those who you seek to enable for the real truth. If you lived here and could comment from first hand experience and knew the truth you’d not soil yourselves with such lies.

    Blogger’s Note: Mr. Ellis, fasten your seat belt. Your hero Gene James is about ready to get exposed for the piece of garbage he is.

  7. It’s sad that good qualified people will not seek a seat in local government because of this SC lunatic fringe. Residents are be stalked and harrassed and its clear now why Ms Selter was absent at the last forum.

  8. I bet there is a lot more disturbing things you can find on this guy!!!

  9. I heard when “Mean Gene” the Bully moved, his old neighbors had a going away party… and he wasn’t invited! They were so happy to see his large rear end and mouth ‘outta there.

    “Mean Gene” James’ Campaign Manager- Jim Brieber has made well over $100,000 as a Toll Road consultant. Does that stink!

    The Republican Party should be ashamed of what they’re doing. Watch for a letter in the SC Times explaining how the OCGOP is bought and paid for by the failing Outlets Mall owner that wants the Toll Road rammed thru SC.

    Blogger’s Note: I know the Toll Road is the only issue most people in San Clemente care about – but it is a separate issue from how Gene James got endorsed. San Clemente has paid Harvey Englander $100,000 that we know of to fight the toll road – so in essence he and Jim Bieber are doing the same thing. Do not be a hypocrite, Bieber has as much a right make a living as Englander does.

  10. Blogger…foolish comment by you —-> ” I know the Toll Road is the only issue most people in San Clemente care about”.

    We had more voter referendums than any city in California in 2007 – 2016. Open Space + North Beach + Overide City Council

    You sound like a Briber plant…He’s “Mean Gene” James’ campaign manager for crying out loud!

    As far as the other guy you mentioned…that proves you are a phony + paid for hack

    Show us where —-> “San Clemente has paid Harvey Englander”

    We’re waiting for proof and please no crap!

    5′ 10 phony – “Mean Gene” James is a jerk but he’d kick your fanny!

  11. Bieber’s status as making money from the TCA is relevant to the issue because he is (supposedly) GJ’s campaign manager, (and friend) and GJ reports that he is adamantly opposed to the toll road. Who, what might GJ be beholden to if he were elected?

  12. It is a tangled web in politics isn’t it.

  13. Not a tangled web, actually quite simple if you follow the OCGOP & Lincoln Club money.

    – TCA wants a longer road
    – Failing Outlet Mall wants more traffic
    – North OC developers want to build more in San Clemente

    “Mean Gene” the “Bully Machine” is their candidate.

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