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As I’ve researched Gene James and Bill Brough – and have seen the actions and reactions of many within the Orange County GOP the these and other issues – I’ve become convinced that the leadership of the OCGOP should look no further than themselves for the reason why Orange County is Blue. Then the most of the “Republican” consultants should hang their heads in shame for their Controlled Failure. When presented with incontrovertible evidence of candidates who are unfit for office either the complaints are stifled, conflict is avoided or worse yet when it smells so bad it can’t be avoided all you get is a limp watered down resolution.

Then we have this:

The democrats are seeking to use this disclosure of Gene James’ issues to promote a 20 Year Old Communist. Jackson Hinkle in his own words says cops Oppress and Kill People, supports legalizing Heroin and Prostitution and took a knee at his high school graduation. I do not think anyone can trust this kid any further than you can throw him. He is acting like the second coming of David Hogg. (speaking of people who are insane) If that isn’t enough, he “celebrated” aka Boycotted the 4th of July at an #OCCUPYICE event.

Who in the Orange County GOP defends women? Do any of these so-called “Fiscal Conservatives” care that one guy has a eight liens and judgments against him and a bonus Misdemeanor Conviction in his lifetime? When you layer in his documented pattern of boorish, bully, physically and verbally abusive behavior no sane rational person could draw any conclusion other than he is a disaster and has no business earning the support of anyone with self-respect. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

CA Civil Judgment – San Diego Court Case #2009-0155167 filed 3/27/2009

Plaintiff Jacqueline James (2nd ex-wife) – judgment against Gene James in the amount of $12,000

My source continues with context for Gene James’ Civil Judgement related to his ex-wife. Note that the Judgement was entered after the divorce.

One year after I was able to break things off with Gene, he married a woman, Jacqueline in Carlsbad, who also had 2 minor children after quickly moving into her home.  She called me after she found a letter to my attorney on the computer that he had given her children to use.  She had witnessed some disturbing behavior but was still in denial.  She called me back about 3-4 months later, told me that everything that I said would happen did and that she had to have Carlsbad PD stand by while he got his stuff out of her houseShe had loaned Gene $33,000 and was desperate to get the money back.  She filed for divorce in 2008, North County San Diego Case# DN15895,  She filed a civil lawsuit and settled for $12000.  Three weeks after her divorce was final, Gene married his current wife…

Note that Gene James incurred a civil judgement, and TWO Tax Liens in 11 months from 3-27-2009 thru 2-19-2010. Who relates to this? This is AFTER two Judgements against him from a former employer, a misdemeanor conviction and a lien in a time period coinciding with his retirement from the Army. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

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CA State Tax Lien – San Diego County, 1600 PCH., San Diego, CA 92101

Court Case# 2009-0627967    Total lien/judgment $34,499 dated 10/30/2009

Gene W. James, 6051 (REDACTED), San Diego, CA 92122

Note – Gene James left Ohio in 2001-2002ish. This means the Ohio Tax Lien was related to fairly old bills at the time and that they had been making several attempts to contact him. Any licensed PI could have found Gene James in a few hours, so it suggests that Mr. James was attempting to ignore this bill in hopes it would go away. You don’t just get a lien out of thin air. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

Ohio State Tax Lien – Trumbull County, 160 High Street NW, Warren, Ohio 44481

Filed 2/19/2010 – Court Case # 2010-JL215226

Judgment/lien against Gene James, (REDACTED), Girard, OH 44420 in the amount of $34,347

Then – you have the final lien. This one is larger than the some total or every prior Judgement and Lien combined. A key point made to me by people that have known the real Gene James is that he does not pay his bills. He received an IRS Tax Lien for 8 years’ worth of Tax Returns. EIGHT. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

IRS Federal Tax Lien – April 19, 2012 – Court Case #2012-0229722

total tax lien in the amount of $299,759 for non-payment of taxes from 2002 – 2009

EIGHT YEARS of not paying Federal Income Taxes. EIGHT!  The best answer the local democrats have (see also Kathy Ward) is a 20 year old cop-hating communist.

The information I have on Gene James suggests only one of the Liens we have written about in Ohio MAY have been released. Given that fact that he is on title to the house that was bought in 2016 and the recent purchase in 2019 – it suggests that he may have been able to pay off the IRS Lien. All that said, based on his past pattern it is not unreasonable to wonder if he was able to avail himself of his current wife’s assets to pay off the IRS Lien.

Gene James has been endorsed by the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce. I will lay odds they are somewhat embarrassed right about now. Regardless of Gene James’ explanations – his LIFE PATTERN of Civil Judgements and Tax Liens suggest that for most of his life he was incapable of managing money.

Regardless of what Gene James may say in response to all of the complaints about his verbally and physically abusive behavior, in order to believe Gene James, you have to discount several complaints from several victims going back 15 years (sounds like Bill Brough, huh?) in order to dismiss the pattern. We’ve got photos, videos, public records and the Orange County GOP is asleep at the switch once again with a still active endorsement of this disaster.

… and the best San Clemente can offer is a 20 year old communist as an alternative?

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