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I’ve now been told by 5 different capitol insiders that Marie Waldron is muzzling CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson. I have alluded to it in previous posts – so now I am going to spell it out.

What the hell does Trump have to do with this? A core belief among pretty much everyone in “Leadership” and their consultants believe that Donald Trump was a #YUGE factor in the shellacking in 2018. It is a level of denial and projection that may well be clinical.

I spoke repeatedly to one insider after another (some of whom are not Republicans anymore and have moved on to lobbying jobs, etc) that said it was all about Trump. So while trying to soft-peddle the President in 2018, they alienated even more voters than were already allegedly alienated. (Remember the oft-used canard of the suburban woman voter that abandoned the GOP in 2018?) Nowhere in their paradigm is a discussion of the nearly $3 Billion poured in by rage-filled old white guys (Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer) and the fixation on Ballot Harvesting was also short lived.

In a previous post I called on Marie Waldron to resign over her intransigence related to Bill Brough. I’ll back off my call a bit as it relates to Jessica Patterson as I am now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marie Waldron is protecting the monster Bill Brough and is keeping Jessica Patterson Muzzled.

First off, it is clear that Jessica Patterson is upset over the behavior of Bill Brough and wants to go public with her disdain for it.

Secondly, it has been put to me by people in various parts of the state that once I started writing about Sean Doherty, that Jessica Patterson became very interested in who Doherty might have been talking to about political work in California so she could make sure Sean did not get hired. The parallels between the abuse that Doherty was allowed to commit over time and the abuse that has recently been exposed regarding Bill Brough are undeniable.

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Third, I have confirmed more than once that the tiny Assembly GOP Caucus is divided 10-9 in favor of Marie being Permanent Minority Leader. Bill Brough is vote #10. Never, EVER underestimate the self-interest of a “leader”.

Fourth, and this is key. The Assembly and Senate members, all 30 of them, are still angry with the “little people” rising up against Chad Mayes.

Remember the county parties taking resolutions that led to votes of more committees and then a vote at the CAGOP’s Board of 13-7 calling on Mayes to step down as leader?  When you are dealing with egos that defy normal explanation and you cross in to that realm, it can get sticky. Generally, activists step on the toes of the officeholders, it is what we are supposed to do. The officeholders resent us for doing it as well. 

Jessica Patterson is in a place where she is going to have to make a choice quickly as the scandal-riddled Bill Brough and Duncan Hunter are going to need to be escorted out of their respective areas. The longer these radioactive candidates last as a political factor in their district – they will damage those around them. It is time for Patterson to break the leadership veil and call out the serial abuser/harasser Bill Brough.

You see, the “Orange Man’s” Ascension had a lot to do with Republican Leaders like these. His very existence exposes their moral bankruptcy. With few exceptions in the Republican Caucuses it is on display as our registration numbers plummet.

Duncan Hunter could Take Assemblyman Randy Voepel out with him. Brough’s AD-73 has pieces (or proximity to) three congressional districts, one is Michelle Park Steel, another is CA45 and the last is the feckless Bryan Maryott in CA49. All get affected by Bill Brough. It has been made clear to your intrepid blogger that our party chair is not in favor of keeping Bill Brough office any longer. Just Marie Waldron and Pat Bates stand in the way. The subject of Pat Bates’ intransigence is going to be looked at in a bit… and we again call on Marie Waldron to resign over the moral failure of protecting a monster like Bill Brough.

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  4 Responses to “California Republican “Leadership” Update: RESPECT MUH AUTHORITAH! ORANGE MAN BAAAAAD MMMMKAY? (Why Marie Waldron is Protecting Bill Brough and Muzzling Jessica Patterson)”

  1. I see this in corporate America.”Fred harassed and assaulted. He is a bad guy and must go.” Then Fred’s powerful friends including HR (they like everyone else align with the powerful) move to minimize, ignore and even lie for Fred. (The NBC scandal) Later a non powerful employee does the same and is fired with everyone bragging of their high morals and HR parading around feeling smug they got a scalp. It is never the “what” (seriousness of the offense) it is The Who. Will firing this person disrupt our social order?

  2. Optically – and as a women, if Jessica Patterson cant see past the weeds.
    Well for me this is a deal breaker. She’s in control.. right? Rooting for her to get past the fresh paint on dead wood… only time will tell.
    In the meantime I will focus my energies on Trump 2020

  3. I have never once worked with or for a woman that was “pro woman.” Either they are not into identity politics and judge the merits by a case by case basis.” Or more often than not, They will align with the most popular opinion and stick with their clan. They do not form an opinion based on what’s legal, moral or right.

  4. I worked for a female Executive Staff Member, and she was anything but fair. In business most female managers or directors are usually the “Queen Bee” and do not like other younger, or more attractive female employees because they view them as “competitors” for her position. But this female Executive staff member was all about promoting females to positions of authority. Now some females staff members promoted by her I had respect for, but others were nothing but “Political Appointees” and not worthy of the promotion.

    Now for those that doubt me, a female supervisor where I worked was promoted to mid-level manager and became pregnant and claimed incapacity (with a doctor’s note), so she was out for almost a year. So when she came back, she worked for a very short time and was promoted to manager (without proving herself at the mid-level manager position). And this was all because of the female executive staff member.

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