Oct 272019

Note – I am not alleging illegal activity, or that Andy Garakhani is doing anything wrong.

What I am pointing out is that the big prize when a chairman is elected is the consultant that gets to run the delegation drill. Since California’s delegation is the largest to the Republican National Convention, the entire cost of the drill is in the millions. A consultant running said drill usually gets 17-20% of the take. This suggests then that Mr. Garakhani is going to do quite well for himself in 2020.

The issue I have is not with Garakhani earning a reputed $500K a year in total compensation for running campaigns, serving as executive director for the new Majority and the like – it is that he is a reputed #NEVERTRUMPER and was also reputed to have been interviewing with at least one primary challenger to President Trump. (it was alleged to be William Weld)

In addition, when the current Chair of the CAGOP appointed committees, anyone that supported Steve Frank or Travis Allen for Chair (save 2 exceptions) were left off. It is widely and well known that David Reade and Andy Garakhani are the top advisors to Jessica Patterson. It is not a stretch then to suggest that they were responsible for the retaliation against conservative dissenters to the majority of the delegates of the CAGOP that are staffers, consultants and staffers of consultants. A fake coalition of people under the direct control of donors and elected Republicans.

It is under their tutelage that some of the absurdities we see are occurring – such as calling on CA-25 Dem Congressman Katie Hill to resign while steadfastly ignoring the scandals around AD-73 Republican Assemblyman Bill Brough. This is what happens when the paradigm is controlling an outcome and earning a living without accountability.

I’d suggest that anyone wanting to be a delegate to the 2020 RNC Convention apply, but don’t hold your breath unless you are part of the cool kid’s table or have a pre-existing relationship with the Trump Team.

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Note that the Delegation has its’ own separate designation and PAC ID. This is how the control agents cash in. The long link following is to the delegation form. I also took a screenshot of the OCGOP’s email as I have received copies of several county parties’ emails.


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  2 Responses to “CAGOP Update: The Spoils of War. Nevertrumper Andy Garakhani Controlling RNC Delegation and Cashing In”

  1. Andy Garakhani, Ex Director, New Majority—Political Director Tom Ross of Meridian Pacific (That is ‘Rexroad and Company’)… Those that have been around the CAGOP knows what that means!!!

  2. Also they need to not be as picky because we are likely going to face a situation where some congressional districts will have difficulties filling a full delegate slate in our state. If someone was able to pay for one of the president’s recent fundraisers or has made a deep impact for their county party they should be considered.

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