Oct 212019

And Kelly Ernby shows why she is #KELLYEMPTY…

This was sent to me as I live a long way from the area. What did Ernby do? Exactly what you expect from a candidate that is untrained and undisciplined.

Whining post major endorsement is common. Attacking the group is also common. What is not common is the candidate attacking the group themselves – especially a group like the Lincoln Club that could bundle a lot of money post primary should #EMPTYERNBY somehow pull it out.

I doubt that will happen now. #EPICFAIL #4%KELLY.

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  One Response to “AD74 Update: Orange County Lincoln Club Endorses Diane Dixon in Major Repudiation of Kelly Ernby”

  1. When the Lincoln Club of Orange County supports “lowbrow” candidates like Fred Whitaker, Patricia Bates, Gene James and Bill and Stephanie Brough, malfeasance is what they get. We need real leadership in the Republican Party, and we are not getting it from these folks.

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