Oct 232019

So, as your intrepid blogger is doing research on the spoiler candidate #EMPTYERNBY #KELLYEMPTY #4%KELLY take your pick, we are discovering that she is not the conservative her crew says she is.

In fact, it appears to your intrepid blogger that the people pulling her strings care more about the Tony Rackauckas versus Todd Spitzer feud. I live 400 Miles away from the northern edge of Orange County and could care less about turf wars. What I see is an empty shell being manipulated by so-called power brokers whose only function is to drain resources off of the best positioned and qualified candidate in the AD-74 Race. Period.

When Tony Rackauckas’ crew vetted Kelly Ernby, did they understand she is #EMPTYERNBY – or was her apparent lack of principle one of the primary reasons they picked her?

Did they realized that she interned for a Clinton Appointed Social Justice Warrior Judge? That would be like Fred Whitaker being an attorney for Mark Levin or walking precincts for Katie Porter. (Maybe he is, who knows…)

Google Napoleon Jones yourself, you will see that he has a storied history of concocting law from his bench.

So, now we have some more context for the seemingly innocent endorsement of have sex with anything, do drugs libertine lifestyle facebook post that #KELLYEMPTY’s handlers forgot to scrub off of the internet.

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Note: Freedom without responsibility is anarchy.

Kelly Ernby is trying to organize, as her handlers went out and twisted the 21 signatures necessary to institute a lame attempt to block an OCGOP Endorsement of Diane Dixon (as even they know they have zero chance of getting to 2/3). Will the Orange County Republican Party let a trial lawyer that makes thousands, if not hundreds of thousands off the backs of taxpayers suing businesses for a living block an endorsement? That’s right, Ernby brags about her background destroying businesses all over her social media.

Not only is Ernby failing to gain critical endorsements, some of her current endorsers are hedging their bets and she is struggling to gain any traction with institutional donors. It is time for Ernby to drop out.

Kelly Ernby is not ready for Prime-Time.

P.S. As I continue to look for reasons why a candidate that is getting no traction is continuing to fight an uphill battle against a clearly superior foe:

There is a second interesting Sidebar, Vincent Fong has endorsed Kelly Ernby and Shannon Grove has endorsed Diane Dixon. Fong and Grove are both from the “Kevin McCarthy Machine” in Kern County. Right now, Grove is the Senate Permanent Minority leader and Vincent Fong missed being Permanent Minority Leader in the Assembly by a slim margin (possibly Bill Brough’s vote). There is a school of thought that Kevin McCarthy may get run out on a rail if the GOP does not re-take the house – this would be an obvious nexus for a Fong vs Grove proxy war as a congressional seat is about as far as a Republican can go in California. 


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