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Since it appears to be all about Jenine who resigned after board rejected her first attempted 17% Rate Increase (which later reappeared as a 25% rate increase), Jenine Windeshausen quit her position as executive director of Pioneer Energy. Yet, she is still there.

In her rampage to win at all costs, she tried three different ways to get her rate increase approved. It is the opinion of this blogger based on research that Jenine has enjoyed the attention she has been getting in local media publications and her grand ideas for new government programs were part of her vision for massive rate hikes at Pioneer Energy.

Here is the current lay of the land. Jenine Windeshausen has been playing games with the agenda, typically waiting until the absolute last minute to post it. If she sticks to her pattern, the agenda for the 10-6-2019 meeting will be posted at about 4PM Friday 10-4-2019.

Here is what the board did after her latest stunt to try and backdoor a massive rate increase:

Instead of paying off the debt by the end of the 2019-2020 Fiscal year. The Board adopted a policy of paying it off by FY 2023.

The board agreed to increase the set aside for a margin account from $6.1MM to $10MM. This is cash kept in a trust account as the electric companies front the electricity and give pioneer a chance to collect monthly bills from ratepayers to pay the companies back. Sometimes due to emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances Pioneer has to pay the utility quickly as they can “Margin Call” the bill. This is what the Margin Account is for.

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Lastly, rather than filling a $30MM reserve within a year (Jenine’s demand) they voted to do a ramp up to a $30MM in reserves by 2023.

Jenine was attempting to accomplish all of the above in one year – which was the excuse for the 25% rate increase. There was never a plan to lower rates back down once the goals were met – which buttresses my theory that all the big government ideas Jenine had been getting lauded for in local “Business” publications were in her long term plans at the expense of pioneer’s ratepayers.

A couple of key notes – #1 Supervisor Jim Holmes after voting several times to jack rates through the ceiling, voted for the above policy. #2 The intransigent Lincoln Councilmember Peter Gilbert voiced support for massive rate hikes and then voted with Kirk Uhler and Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson to adopt the above policy. Knowing that the majority of population was voting for the above, the far left Loomis Towncouncilman Jeff Duncan, DTS Colfax Councilmember Kim Douglas and Republican Auburn Councilmember Cheryl Maki could do nothing to force the rate increase to they acquiesced to the above.


Jenine has to now come up with a rate structure consistent with the above objectives. This means she still has it within her purview to propose rate increases that are far out of line with reality. Since it has been clear that she was enraged by being told no, and that she has attempted no less than three times hence to force through the massive rate increases, it is not outside the realm of possibility that she slips through a ridiculous budget proposal at 4PM on Friday. (With the meeting being in a different location once again in an attempt to minimize public participation)

Do not let off and make sure you plan flexibility in your 10-7-2019 schedule to make sure Peter Gilbert and others on that board keep Jenine in check and adopt a reasonable rate structure.

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