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At least I think she is a scam artist and by the time I am done writing about her, everyone reading this blog will also.

Pictured is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero, with Omar Navarro, who is a candidate for Congress against Maxine Watters. They were an item while Navarro was in the process of raising an astounding $1,000,000+ against Maxine Waters. Navarro got smoked in the D+40 district. I do think her pose (note the closed posture) in the photo is a little odd given that Navarro and her were at the time quite the item. (Photo Credit: Reddit) Also note Navarro still has his wedding ring on in the photo as well.

Deanna Lorraine, as she calls herself holds herself out as a relationship coach. This apparently includes pursuing married men like Omar Navarro (who is now divorced).

I made an indirect reference to the nascent Candidate for Congress and relationship guru in a previous post. She was being paraded around at the California Republican Party Convention by former CAGOP Chairman Tom Del Bacardi. While I did not mention her by name, I received the following comment:

Hi, this is DeAnna Lorraine. I am mentioned in this article. I need this author, Aaron Park to contact me immediately and retract your statements that are defamation. You did not bother to contact me and ask me to verify any information that you printed here, which is irresponsible journalism. I am NOT Tom Del Beccaro’s “girlfriend.” I have never been his girlfriend. Tom is a friend of mine, nothing more. He has been a good friend to me especially while Omar Navarro has been constantly harassing me. He wanted to introduce me to some people at the conference and make me feel comfortable as a platonic friend as it was my first time attending this conference. Please get your facts straight. Also the reason why Omar was removed from the conference is because he continued to violate his restraining order and was also apparently harassing other people at the conference and they had had enough. Please get your facts straight, do honest journalism and contact the sources. Revise this statement or retract the article immediately, I already have my legal team ready.

I responded to Deanna and basically told her to go to hell. She replied with some sort of apology, I suppose the above and the apology are part of the services she offers as a relationship coach. Given the way Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero was behaving at convention, basically everyone there thought she and Del Bacardi were an item.

I have several eyewitness accounts that indicate other issues contrary to the above screed and was told about some sort of press release she sent alleging that Omar had 5 warrants for his arrest. Unfortunately for Deanna, Omar Navarro is a delegate to the CAGOP and for as much is I have grown weary of Navarro, he had a legitimate right to be at the CAGOP Convention. What Navarro does not have a legitimate right to is to act out or be a nutbag. In fact, Omar, if you’re reading this – go somewhere far far away from politics and get help for your issues.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

It seems that Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero were quite the pair. Perhaps a revision to “Make Love Great Again” (her book, don’t you know) will be forthcoming, maybe something about “how to recognize a nutbag” and “Why Dating Married Men is a Bad Idea” would be great titles for chapters in version 2 of said book.

It appears that Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero is also attempting to smear other people with Navarro’s behavior at the convention. (I’ve only been told about the smears I have not seen them yet) Perhaps this sort of projection or straw man tactic is another service she offers. From her website:


  • I am fully “Red-Pilled” and give you only the 100% no-fluff truth that gets you RESULTS

  • I give my clients the knowledge, breakthroughs, strategies & skills that have them seriously WINNING in their love lives and achieving Great Love

  • My vast levels of expertise and certifications include:

    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

    • Energy / ThetaHealin

    • Success Coaching

    • Timeline Therapy

    • Law of Attraction

    • Psychology, Communication, Relationship, Dating & Attraction 

    •  I am also a naturally gifted Intuitive, with what I can only describe as a God-given “6th sense” that I use on all my clients

Missing in the list of services: affairs with married men causing or contributing to divorces.

Here at RightonDaily we offer one service: bulls–t remediation. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero , Welcome to Right on Daily.

P.S. for only $6,000 Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero can find YOU, yes YOU a wifey. Oh, and you can have an enormously personalized experience too… #FACEPALM

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  549 Responses to “CA-12 Update: (Pelosi) Meet Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) The Latest Scam Artist Candidate”

  1. Ah, yes she claims to be.. I remember Deanna “suddenly” marketed herself as one.

  2. I’m shadow banned in YouTube.. if I comment, the comments turn up so others can’t read was either Arica it that Christian coach’s doing.

  3. i would know Arica would do that, but mellanie? Don’t know why she would do that. Arica had a video called “3 types of people who will drain your energy.” In the comment section were 4 commenters, who showed links to hookup sites, which I found funny.

  4. I’ve had comments disappear from Melannies before. If you mention redpoll, mgtow or incels, that usually happens with her.I did notice that Arica seems to get the most hookup spam links out of all the coaches.

  5. Wonder if the spammers are trying to tell her something?

  6. I remember some ppl tried to get into Aricas website/videos, so.itbwoulrntbsurprise me.

  7. She did say a few months ago that hackers were trying to get into her site.

  8. Wonder if BStained knew of that lol. I remember that happened to Deanna, if you went to her site it would redirect the user to porn images haha.

    I found an interesting definition of NAWALT on Urban Dictionary, written by the same guy who defined “dating coach”…

    word often used by women claiming they are “anti-feminist” in order to gain man’s trust and pressure them into rushing out and getting married, mostly against the man’s will . Frequently used by advocates of unmarried women who complain they can’t find a husband.
    “Go find yourself a nice woman to marry…NAWALT”
    by Not a Mangina August 26, 2017

  9. It’s pretty clear what Arica is doing. All of her latest videos are aimed towards getting men to run out and fall over themselves simping, despite what she may label it as.

  10. She always says don’t be a nice guy or a simp, yet she encourages that behavior. She had a new video about finding love again, after being widowed. I left a comment about what my brother went though, after his wife died, but she never answered me. Yep, she’s giving me the silent treatment, but so what. She has a video coming tomorrow, about building confidence in dating. Why would she do this? After all, she did say in the past that dating sucked, right? I have told her dating is dead. Check out a site called Tribe Of Men, on YT. He explains, like other men’s sites about MGTOW, and other topics.

  11. I did leave a message in that chat for the “Confidence in dating” but it sems to have vanished. What she is saying when she says “confidence in dating, don’t be afraid to take risks” etc is “go out and approach women”

  12. Lol@this on her “Why you need to take risks” short.

    Sam Paige
    Sam Paige
    1 day ago
    I’m taking a risk watching/commenting on Arica’s videos LOL

  13. I saw that, and said I took a risk commenting on one of Arica’s videos, got deleted, and lost. The video in question is about confidence in dating. I said I don’t date and don’t want relationships, only FWB, and it was deleted. I posted another comment later on which was about the speed dating event video Better Bachelor posted. No men showed up, by the way, and just like Joker, i said women hate us now. We get it and we are walking away. I will check back to her channel to see if it is still up.

  14. I looked at Arica’s videos just now, didn’t see any comment about women hating us etc, she must have wiped it.

    A Gloria Jeans coffee shop here had a “speed dating” thing very recently. Two whole people showed up.

  15. I think she must have you on shadow ban, I know she does with me.

  16. Arica made a video called “Relationships after trauma.” I commented in response to a commenter; “I help men take their red pills and go MGTOW.”

  17. I saw that video, both my comment and yours aren’t there. Shes been deleting again. The same on her latest video “stop checking your ex’s social media”, lot of comments gone.

  18. I just checked her last two videos. My comments are still posted.

  19. That’s weird, I don’t see them. I’ll have to triple check.

  20. Can you see PlagueCEL’s comments (on her social media stalking video) ? Arica has hearted both.

  21. Actually, he agreed with Arica. I posted a reply to one of his comments about jealousy and possessiveness.

  22. Hmm, odd, regurlarly posts on mgtow/imcel vids. Reason I broght that up is him and another dude, “Denied Existence” are both known to dislike Arica.

    That aside,it’s no wonder men walk away from dating when people like Arica make it out to be a neverending, tiresome chore. She is grooming men to be obsessed; have simping on the mind 24/7 etc. I saw one of her shorts where she said “giving up pursuing love is not an option”. Scary shit.

  23. Hmm, odd, regurlarly posts on mgtow/imcel vids. Reason I broght that up is him and another dude, “Denied Existence” are both known to dislike Arica.

    That aside,it’s no wonder men walk away from dating when people like Arica make it out to be a neverending, tiresome chore. She is grooming men to be obsessed; have simping on the mind 24/7 etc. I saw one of her shorts where she said “giving up pursuing love is not an option”. Scary shit.

  24. Did I hear Arica say “I just went to Amsterdam to see my girlfriend”?


  25. I saw at the end of her livechat a link to her “coaching”. I gather they aren’t selling very well.

  26. I don’t know which of her shorts, where she said that. Even scarier is a video, on BitChute, by Redonkulas called; “Corrupt Courts/ Gruntspeak Shorts.” This is by Popp and Blake. And women wonder why we give up on them, and walk away. Casual Bachelor had yet another video TAA day.

  27. This is the short:

    I just watched Casual Bachelor’s vid on Bulldog Mindset. I can’t stand BM.

  28. I was watching her live chat with some others, all it was was just one big ad for her “emotional warrior” course, she said “make sure you get this course” like a dozen times.

  29. I just saw that. Her financial bottom line must be bottoming out. And she is living in France, of all places. Europe is very expensive to live in right now. I don’t know what she will do when winter comes. Russia has cut off all oil and gas shipments to the EU.

  30. I saw CB talk about Bulldog. Nevertheless, the comments were not kind to BM. Some even said MGTOW would threaten his profits. Arica did say don’t quit. Rest but quitting is not an option. Jessica J had a short about what women tell other women about a man they just dated. Some vulgar stuff there, but as for myself, I don’t mind that.

  31. I remember a Facebook group where the women would all make up stories about men they dated, all for the purpose of making men in general all out to be bad. There was also a lot of ..explicit vulgar stuff about what they should do to men, and surprisingly the group wasn’t removed from FB at the time.

    I posted on Arica’s video saying that her videos are designed for two things: getting men to pay for her BS courses, and to groom men into going out and simping (under the belief that her “advice” will work). That got taken down quick fast. MGTOW threatens Arica’s business, that is half she rants about them. There was another comment asking if she was MTF trans, again, that isn’t there either.

    Jessica J is as cringe as one can be. Her voice as well.

  32. Her latest stream was dead, LOL

  33. Arica did seem worn out on her last stream. I haven’t heard her talk about MGTOW in a while. She completely ignores that. She had a video called four stages of a breakup. I added a comment in response to someone who asked, 4 stages?

  34. You seen that “Goddess of Love” that comments there, she sounds like a real nut sometimes…goes on about star signs in dating etc and how astrology can fix your relationship..

  35. I have added Plague on Discord. I asked about the comment on Arca’s 4 stages after breakup and apparently the skull emoji was to say “does Cringelo ever have anything good to say about dating; she seems to make it out to be more and more a chore and for only bad to come frm t”…I somewhat agree here.

    This is yet another reason men aren’t interested, we are expected to run around making it a compulsory prioritized chore, and for what? “Four stages after breakup”? Being a beta provider to pedestal women? Send her thousands for scammy “:emotional warrior” simp courses?

  36. I think Arica has you on that shadow block that makes your comments invisible to others. She’s done that to me a few times.

  37. I saw her latest livechat. Penguin is still one of her shills I see.

  38. Marni the wing girl did a video and in it she was going on about MGTOW and blackpill. again. Lol.

  39. I will check out the Marni video.

  40. Arica’s latest short “scared to be in a relationship” is just one big shame tactic to get men running around simping.

  41. Marni did mention MGTOW, but she blamed social media for the problem. I left some comments there. Arica’s short video talked about risk, and I left comments there, too. I saw your comment on her short. I think that Ninjawolf character may be a shill, too. Goddes of Love is a strange one, and there are those who have links to porn and hookup sites.

  42. I noticed that with “Goddess of Love”. Arica seems very fond of her, too.Well Arica is very pro-female.

    You know Joyanima, wtf is is this: that’s the worst array of “advice” I’ve seen…this month.

  43. I’m not sure why she is agreeing/hearting all my comments…

  44. I posted a lengthy comment on a Courtney Ryan video (still have the screenshot), but I see it didn’t last long.

  45. Which Courtney Ryan video was that? Arica never hearts my comments, even if I agree with her on some points.

  46. The video was “Rise of Lonely, single man”.What a LOL vid that was.

  47. Ok I think Alpha M and Marni have reached an all time desperation..

  48. I did see that video by Courtney. All of these coaches, including Arica, are getting nervous, now.

  49. I’d agree that they are getting nervous, as well as desperate. They’ll have to come up with new ways to groom and fleece men. Simps are declining somewhat. Arica is still pushing her emotional warrior jive.

  50. You see Joyanima’s latest “Girls lust over guys doing this” video, that’s just stupid.

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